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Annual Financial Report

Statement of Account The Council is required to publish an Annual Financial Report in a format which is prescribed by CIPFA (The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting).  The accounts show how money has been spent in the financial year.

In accordance with Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2015 the Public Notice in regards to inspecting, questioning or objecting to the Council's Annual Financial Report, adobe icon Audit of Accounts Public Notice [112kb] is available.

The accounts for each financial year are subject to external audit, after which the Audit Results Report is received,

In accordance with  The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, the adobe icon Completion of the Audit of Accounts - Notice of Public Rights [66kb] is also available.  This enables any local Government elector to inspect, copy or be sent the annual financial report or historic statement of accounts prepared by New Forest District Council. You can print and circulate the annual financial report or statement of accounts subject to copyright limitations.

adobe icon Annual Financial Report 2018/19 [1Mb]adobe icon Annual Financial Report 2012/13 [511kb]
adobe icon Annual Financial Report 2017/18 [684kb]adobe icon Annual Financial Report 2011/12 [484kb]
adobe icon Annual Financial Report 2016/17 [732kb]adobe icon Statement of Accounts 2010/11 [520kb]
adobe icon Annual Financial Report 2015/16 [604kb]adobe icon Statement of Accounts 2009/10 [1Mb]
adobe icon Annual Financial Report 2014/15 [713kb]adobe icon Statement of Accounts 2008/09 [4Mb]
adobe icon Annual Financial Report 2013/14 [933kb]adobe icon Statement of Accounts 2007/08 [297kb]
Updated: 30 Jul 2019
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