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Transport policy

Transport Policy

The Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy, adopted in 2009, sets the planning strategy for the area up until 2026. The Local Plan Part 2: Sites and Development Management, adopted in April 2014, sets out more detailed polices including identifying specific sites for new development.  Policies CS23 and CS24 in particular relate to transportation.

The following documents are particularly useful in relation to Transport Policy.

Parking Standards
The Council adopted a Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document, on 3rd October 2012, which sets out guidance to developers and others on the provision of car parking space in new developments covering all development types.

Hampshire Local Transport Plan
Hampshire's Local Transport Plan (LTP3) has now been formally adopted. The vision for LTP3 is 'safe, efficient and reliable ways to get around a prospering and sustainable Hampshire'.

Particularly relevant to NFDC are the Central Hampshire area strategy which includes the New Forest area and market towns, and the 'Transport for South Hampshire (TfSH)' area, which includes Totton and the Waterside. Chapter 6 details the area strategy for the Central Hampshire area and sets out a number of challenges relevant to the New Forest District. Chapter 7 covers Totton and the Waterside. The vision for this area is "A resilient, cost effective, fully-integrated sub-regional transport network, enabling economic growth whilst protecting and enhancing health, quality of life and environment". 

The LTP will also comprise a three year rolling programme Implementation Plan. This is to be updated regularly and will contain broad categories of spending, rather than a detailed schemes list, to ensure that the delivery component of the LTP is flexible and can adapt to changing circumstances.

Ringwood Town Access Plan
The Ringwood Town Access Plan sets out how access to facilities and services within the town can be improved. It will guide transport infrastructure development within Ringwood over the next 20 years. 

Manual for Streets
The Manual for Streets, published by the DfT in March 2007, gives advice for the design of residential streets.

Community Transport 
Supporting Hampshire's Rural Communities - Community Transport is jointly funded by HCC and NFDC
TfSH 'Towards Delivery'.
TfSH Freight Strategy.
School Travel Plans.
HCC's Passenger Transport.
Ringwood Walkabouts.


Updated: 19 Jun 2017
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