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Selling to the Council Guide

This Guide has been prepared to help you understand how the Council goes about buying the services that it needs, to encourage as wide a supply market as possible and to introduce you to a potential new market.

New Forest District Council is a large organisation delivering a wide range of services to the public and has a combined revenue and capital spend of over £68m per annum. This means that the Council has a demand for the supply of goods and services ranging from building contracts, the supply of vehicles, ICT hardware and software, energy and consultancy services, down to smaller items such as stationery, building materials, equipment and tools to provide cost-effective services for New Forest District Council.

This guide aims to help potential suppliers understand how we do business and what opportunities are available to work with us.

The prime objective is to obtain the most economically advantageous price whilst providing equitable opportunities to a diverse range of suppliers.  This means having regard to a number of factors which can include price, quality, service, delivery and whole life costs (encompassing amongst other things maintenance, running and disposal costs.)  The Council is moving it's emphasis in favour of longer term contracts which will mean fewer tenders each year of larger size to minimise costs and obtain the benefits of strategic relationships.  In addition, greater use will be made of pre-tendered catalogues available through government and other electronic marketplaces.  NFDC are members of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Procurement Group to take advantage of other collaborative opportunities.

New Forest District Council follows the UK and EU Public Procurement Regulations 2015. In order to achieve this the Council has well defined procedures and guidelines for officers. These are described in the following sections:

Suppliers looking for business opportunities should register on the Southeast Business Portal


Updated: 21 Mar 2016
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