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Changes to Fordingbridge car park

Information about the improvements to Fordingbridge Car Park following consultation in September 2018

4 March 2019:

Work will start on improvements to the Roundhills car park in Fordingbridge on 11 March 2019.

The car park will remain open throughout most of the work, which is expected to last 12 weeks, although significant areas will be closed for a few days towards the end of the scheme to allow for resurfacing. There will be signs in the car park advising. 

Every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum, including no significant noise pollution before 8am.

The nearest alternative parking is at the A338 slip road car park. Public toilets, the library and Co-Op will remain open as usual.

Any queries can be directed to    

February 2019:

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Fordingbridge Car Park consultation which looked at suggested improvements.   We received a wide range of comments, from varying perspectives, and all were considered as part of our plans for the car park. The most workable suggestions have been incorporated into the plans, which are intended to improve accessibility and safety.

The plans (and an image) are shown below:

New speed ramps will be introduced, as proposed in the consultation, to smooth traffic flow for the safety of all pedestrians and vehicle users.

The number of short and long stay parking spaces will remain largely unchanged which include disability parking, new parent and child and electric car charging spaces

We are maintaining the standard-sized parking bay sizes as increasing them would result in fewer parking spaces.

We feel the introduction of electric car charging bays will fulfil current demand; this provision will be re-addressed if there is a change in demand.

In response to the consultation feedback, we have reviewed our original new parent and child parking allocation and agree the parking bays would benefit from relocating nearer to Fordingbridge's immediate amenities. Relocating these parking spaces will also assist families with safe access through the car park.

In line with national car parking recommendations, disability parking will be provided for and will remain the standard size.

Long stay spaces will be continually provided with additional provision available at the Long Stay A338 Slip Road Car Park. 

Motorcycle parking, a coach parking bay, and a designated taxi drop off / pickup area will be provided.

There will be improved car park drainage to tackle surface water issues.  Survey works have been done to ensure existing surface water drainage systems are functioning efficiently.*

Pedestrian and car park access - we will maintain the Round Hill entrance along with the other two car park entrances at Shaftesbury Street and The Bartons.  Existing pedestrian routes will remain the same but will be developed to improve safety and access.

Recycling banks will be relocated to the Long Stay A338 Slip Road Car Park to ease HGV congestion within the car park and town centre.**

* Any flooding or drainage issues on the surrounding Highways roads should be reported to Hampshire County Council

** New Forest District council Provide a household and trade glass collection service for residents and businesses. For further information please refer to our website

adobe icon Fordingbridge car park improvements plan 2019 [663kb]


September 2018 - this consultation has now closed:

We are modernising the Roundhills car park in Fordingbridge and would like to know what you think of our plans. Please read about the suggested improvements and look at the plan, and then give us your comments (by 9 October 2018) 

The changes we are suggesting include a different layout that includes an improved traffic flow, better pedestrian access, and enhanced planting.

car park sign

teal bullet  Some speed ramps are proposed to control traffic speeds within the car park. 

teal bullet Under these plans, the numbers of overall spaces would remain largely unchanged (and at standard width) and include short and long stay spaces, parking for people with disabilities, and new parent and child spaces and electric car charging spaces.  Motorcycle parking (not yet fully detailed on plan) will be included as well as a designated taxi drop off/pick up area.    

teal bullet We are proposing to improve the drainage to address surface water issues that occur at certain times of the year.  

teal bullet Car parking ticket prices would not change as a result of these improvements and would remain consistent with car parking charges across the District.

teal bullet The three ticket machines, as there are now, will remain. 

teal bullet Vehicle access continues to be from The Bartons and Shaftesbury Street but the proposals suggest that the Round Hill access is closed to vehicles to improve pedestrian safety.    All other pedestrian access points are proposed to remain the same.

teal bullet The proposal includes relocating the recycle banks to the car park on the A338 slip road) and the retaining of a coach parking bay (these changes have been suggested following consultation with the town council and local business)

Please have a look at the plan adobe icon Fordingbridge car park proposed changes plan [335kb] and then you can give us your views by emailing (with the subject line 'Fordingbridge')



Updated: 5 Mar 2019
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