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Information for Low Risk Food Businesses

Alternative enforcement strategy for low risk food businesses

We inspect all new businesses registering in the New Forest District in accordance with the requirements of the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013.The information gathered is used to ensure that the business meets food safety law, and also to determine how often the business needs to be inspected. The lowest risk businesses are not routinely inspected subsequently; however, you must provide us with specific information about your businesses to help us to decide if it a high or low risk business.

The types of businesses which may be low risk include home caterers, newsagents, some mobile caterers, market stalls, community groups, cricket clubs and childminders etc.

We will contact such businesses about every 3 years, and ask them to complete a questionnaire. If there have been no significant changes to the business or ownership, we will not need to carry out an inspection, and no further action is needed by you. If the circumstances have changed, we may need to carry out an inspection.


Received a 'your next food safety inspection is due' letter or email?

Please follow the link to open our self assessment low risk food business safety questionnaire.

The Questionnaire should not take more than 5 minutes to complete, and, if there have no substantial changes to your business, we will not need to contact you for another 3 years.

As mentioned previously we legally require the information from you. If we have not heard back from you by the required response time we may need to visit your business to carry out the inspection, and there may be implications on the rating applied to your business.


Updated: 6 Dec 2019
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