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Environmental Health Fees and Charges 2019/2020

This page is designed as a guide only and fees included may be subject to amendment at the Council's discretion from time to time.

Food Safety

Request for Food Hygiene Re-inspection


Export Heath Certificates

£88 for issue of first certificate (including site visit), £37 for subsequent certificates issued if a site visit is not required.


Animal Welfare (As of 25 October 2018)


Fee for Licence

Additional Costs to applicant

Application Fee / Enforcement Fee

Pet Shops




Dog Breeding


Fee for vet inspection


Animal Boarding (Dog or Cat)




Home Boarding for Dogs




Dog Day Care




Horse Riding Establishment (0-9 horses)


Fee for vet inspection on application and yearly throughout licence term.


Horse Riding Establishment (10-19 horses)



Horse Riding Establishment (20+ horses)



Selling Animals as Pets




Keeping Animals for Exhibition




Dangerous Wild Animals


Vet's fees



Actual Cost



Please note that the total licence fee should be paid on application. In circumstances where the Council refuses to issue a licence, the compliance portion of the total fee will be refunded.


Combination of Activities

This is generally the sum of the fees for each activity. However, in the case of dog or cat boarding, home dog boarding and dog day care the fee is the highest fee, plus £87.00 for each additional activity. For example, an operator undertaking dog boarding and cat boarding would be charged £291, plus £87; a total of £378. Plus

Vet's fees where required (see above)

Request for re-rating




Licence Variation

£30.00 minimum

+ £40/hr for additional work as agreed.





Charge for a site visit associated with an unsuccessful appeal.


Skin Piercing (Electrolysis, Acupuncture, tattooing, body piercing, semi permanent skin colouring)

Premises Registration


Practitioner Registration


Application to include additional activities


Re-issue of Registration Certificate



Health and Safety Service Charges

Accident Reports (Provision of Accident Reports to Solicitors and other interested groups)

Actual cost

Training (Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace)



Relevant Protected Caravan Site Licence Fees

Application for a New Single Licensed Site:


Application for a New Multiple Licensed Site:


Multiple Licensed Site Annual Fee due 1 September

£10.70 per permitted caravan

Transfer of Site Licence


Alteration of Conditions Attached to an Existing Site Licence


Depositing Site Rules


Updated: 4 Mar 2020
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