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Top tips that could save you up to £50 a year

Make full use of daylight - keep windows clean and furniture away from windows

A room decorated with pale colours needs less light than darkly coloured rooms

Defrost your freezer regularly - the more ice the more electricity it uses

A fridge is most efficient when it is three quarters full

Dry washing outside when you can

Don't overfill pans or kettles - it wastes water and wastes energy

A microwave uses 70% - 90% less electricity than an electric oven

A chest freezer is more efficient than an fridge/freezer

Reduce heat loss by closing curtains at dusk

Only heat water you will actually use

Run the washing machine with full loads and keep temperatures low

Switch lights off in empty rooms

Don't leave your TV on standby it is costing you money


Updated: 1 Nov 2018
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