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Cycle lanes and routes

Cycle Routes are principally indicated by signs and markings. They may be either on the carriageway, on footways either shared with or segregated from pedestrians, or specially designated cycle paths.

Toucan Signals

These are special traffic signals, similar to pelican crossings - they have a red man and green man to show when it is safe to cross - but they also have an extra signal, a green cycle. This means that cyclists need not dismount, but can cross over at the same time as pedestrians.

Advanced Cycle Stop Lines

Within ordinary traffic signalled junctions, there are two sets of stop lines on each approach. The one further from the signals is for general traffic, and the one nearer to the signals is for cyclists. This is to give space for cyclists wishing to turn right to safely change from the nearside to the offside.

Contra-Flow Cycle Lanes

A contra-flow cycle lane lets a cyclist travel against the direction of flow of the one-way street in safety and offers a more convenient and direct route.

The problem is that for a safe contra flow lane, the cyclists must be segregated at each end from the oncoming traffic by a traffic island. This can only be done if the road is wide enough. It may also need to have a parking ban throughout the length of the contra flow lane. This can be difficult in some residential areas with limited off-street parking.

"Plug" No Entry

This is where a road is two way throughout its length except for a short length of one-way working at one end. This means that entry into the road is banned at one end and traffic is only allowed to exit. To assist cyclists, a short gap allows cyclist to travel past the no-entry signs.

Traffic Signage

A full catalogue of traffic signage and road markings can be found on the Highway Code website, which includes those that are applicable to cyclists.

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Updated: 28 Oct 2014
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