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Pest Control

Pests carry diseases and can contaminate foods.

You should therefore -

  1. Examine on a regular basis, all food handling and storage areas to establish if an infestation exists - including rats, mice, birds, cockroaches and other insect pests.
  2. On discovering an infestation take the appropriate action to eradicate it. A variety of methods are available from specialist companies. Persons using poisons must be competent, (advice is always available on Pest Control from Environmental Health Services).

Ensure pests are prevented from entering buildings by the use of close fitting windows, doors and vents. Fit fly screens over doors and opening windows.

Prevent pests from feeding by covering open food, storing food and waste in secure containers and cleaning up spills immediately.

Install an electrically operated fly killer and lay rodent bait boxes as a precaution.


Make a record of the areas to be examined and the date undertaken. Note the finding and action taken.

Verify the record with the signature of the person completing the examination and any necessary treatment. A contractor should provide a report for your records.

Updated: 24 Mar 2015
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