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New Forest District Council - Coat of Arms

New Forest District Council

New Forest District Council Crest

The New Forest District Council was formed in 1974 with the merging of the New Forest and Fordingbridge and Ringwood Rural District and the Lymington Borough Councils.

The Coat of Arms, granted to the Council in 1976, shows the union of the Forest and the seaside.

This is achieved by using elements from the shields of earlier authorities which became part of the larger New Forest District Council.

From the former New Forest Rural District Council comes the head of the stag royal, arrow and stirrup, all in gold, while the ancient ship is taken from the arms of Lymington. The azure sea-lion, resting a paw on a golden anchor, is also from Lymington's crest, as is the white boar with golden hooves, tusks and bristles.

The oak tree at the top is from the arms of Ringwood and Fordingbridge, as are the sprigs of broom which decorate the shoulders of the boar and the pony, also taken from the Ringwood crest.

The logo of the New Forest District Council is a stylised version of the council's seal and takes its colour from the colour azure granted by the College of Arms.

Our motto is: 'Old yet ever new'.

Updated: 26 Nov 2014
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