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Income and Capital

The information you need to supply and why it is necessary for us to know these details

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction are 'means-tested' benefits and your income and savings will affect how much you receive. If you or your partner have savings of over £16,000, you may not be eligible for either of these benefits.


State Benefits

If you are getting Income Support, Income Based Jobseekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance Income Related, or Pension Credit, we may already have evidence of this. If not, we are able to get it directly from the DWP or Pension Service.

Where you, your husband/wife/partner or your non-dependants are getting any other State benefit, you will need to provide evidence. This could be:

  • Award notification letters that show the current rates of benefit.
  • Bank statements showing the award being paid in


If you are employed we need to see evidence of your earnings and the earnings of your partner or any non-dependants. The evidence you provide must cover either the last 5 weeks (if paid weekly), 3 payments (if paid fortnightly) and 2 months (if paid monthly).  The best kinds of evidence are either:

  • Wage slips (not handwritten) or
  • A certificate of earnings which has been completed by the employer (these are provided with your claim form), or:
  • A letter from the employer

The earnings evidence should show the:

  • Name and address of the employer
  • Number of hours worked and period covered
  • Gross earnings in year to date
  • Gross income for pay period
  • Income Tax/National Insurance deducted
  • Employees pension contributions
  • Method of payment eg: transfer to bank account etc.
Exclamation Mark Remember -
we need to see the original documents, not photocopies. If you do not provide the documents we need, your Benefit may be delayed.

Self Employment

If you, your husband/wife/partner or your non-dependants are Self-Employed, we will need to see either:

  • The most recent accounts for tax purposes, or
  • An estimate of your earnings based on your income and expenditure. You will need to complete a form which you can get by contacting us.

It would also be helpful if you could send us your latest tax assessment.  We may ask you provide evidence to support your claim.  If any person is involved in more than one form of self-employment, we need to see separate evidence for each type of work.

Other Income

You will need to provide evidence of all other income received by yourself, your partner or your non-dependants. The evidence that you can supply will depend on the type of income, e.g.

  • Private/work Pensions - Last payment slips or award letter

There are certain expenses which can be offset against your income for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction purposes. These expenses are:

  1. Child care costs. There are certain circumstances in which you can offset up to a maximum figure. You need only give details for this if your child/children are under the age of 15, attend a registered Nursery, out of school scheme or childminder and you (and your partner) are in full time work (over 16 hours per week). If only one member of the couple work and the other is incapacitated you may also qualify - contact the Housing Benefit office for more information.
  2. Private Pension. If you pay into a private pension scheme, half of your contributions may be disregarded. You will need to provide original documentation to confirm the amount you pay.
  3. Payment towards a student grant.


By 'capital' we mean all your money - not just what you would call "savings". Examples of Capital that you must tell us about include:

  • Bank and Building Society Accounts (including current/cheque accounts)
  • Post Office accounts
  • Premium Bonds
  • Stocks and Shares
  • Land or Property (but not the home you live in)
  • Cash

Acceptable forms of evidence include:

  • Current Bank or Building Society statements or Post Office books which show credits and debits and the outstanding balance over a period of the last two months prior to the claim
  • A letter from the bank or building society which shows the:
  • type of account held
  • account numbers
  • balance outstanding (The letter must say whether the details reflect the account for the last two months and provide any information on regular amounts deposited into the account)
  • Original documents showing proof of ownership e.g., dividend statements detailing assets for:
  • certificates
  • bonds
  • unit trusts
  • stocks and shares etc.


If you cannot provide proof for any reason, you should contact the Benefits office immediately who will advise you what to do, or arrange a visit if necessary.
Exclamation Mark Remember -
we need to see the original documents, not photocopies. If you do not provide the documents we need, your Benefit may be delayed.

If you are not of pensionable age the first £6,000 of your capital is disregarded (ie: not counted in the benefit calculation) but for every £250 above £6,000, we add £1.00 to your weekly income when we work out your benefit.  If you are of qualifying age for state pension we disregard the first £10,000, but for every £500 above this amount we add £1 to your weekly income.

Updated: 2 Apr 2019
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