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The Great Heat Escape

Give your house a hug

In winter you wouldn't leave the house without  wrapping up warm in a coat and scarf but that is how many houses face the cold weather.  Wrapping up your home will save you money on your heating bills because it will stay warm for longer.

Cavity Wall insulation is one of the best energy efficiency measures you can make.  Up to 35% of heat can escape through walls without insulation. For information on grants contact the Environment Centre on 0800 8048601 or visit

Give your house a hat

Because heat rises a loft without insulation is heating the air above the roof - great for the birds on your roof but not so good for the person paying the bill. 250mm or 10 inches of loft insulation can save up to 25 % of your heating costs

Give your tank a jacket

Fitting an insulating hot water tank that's at least 76mm or 3 inches thick could save around £15.00 a year.

Updated: 1 Nov 2018
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