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adobe icon Guide at a glance to the cost of using electrical appliances [148kb]

As you may be aware all household electrical appliances and electrical gadgets have a rating known as their wattage.  This can normally be found on a small plate on the appliance itself.  This is the information you need to calculate the cost of running your appliance.  The greater the wattage and the longer it is left on the more expensive it is to run.  Appliances with high wattages tend to be those like dish washers, washing machines and tumble dryers.  Other low powered appliances like fridges, freezers and TV's that are used constantly over the year may use a lot of energy too.

How to calculate the running costs
Example: A 650 watt microwave cooking for 15 minutes.  Based on a unit of electricity costing 12p
(650 watts divided by 1000 watts) x (15 mins divided by 60)
= 0.16kWh x 12p = 1.92p
Nearly 2 pence

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Updated: 1 Nov 2018
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