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Sports, Clubs and Centres - Facilities

Whatever your sport, the likelihood is that you will need to find a facility where you can participate. The New Forest has a number of facilities available across the District, from Health and Leisure Centres to football pitches.

Facilities These facilities are controlled by a variety of groups including New Forest District Council, the Local Parish Council, schools and private bodies. Parks and open spaces are maintained and controlled by local Town and Parish Councils.

The unique situation of the New Forest and its status as a national park means that the development of new facilities are subject to tight restrictions.  In recent years the New Forest District Council has helped to develop a number of new facilities, where possible, attracting new possibilities into the area and opening up existing facilities to a wider percentage of the population.

The New Forest District Council directly controls five Health and Leisure Centres around the local authority.  Dibden Golf Centre is managed by Mytime Active on behalf of New Forest District Council.

For assistance in finding a sports facility in your local area, please look at the Energise Me website.

Updated: 21 Dec 2018
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