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CCTV - Code of Practice



10.1 Guiding Principles10.1.1 A video print is a copy of an image or images which already exist on video tape/computer disc.  Such prints are equally within the definitions of 'data' and recorded material

10.1.2 Video prints will not be taken as a matter of routine.  Each time a print is made it must be capable of justification by the originator who will be responsible for recording the full circumstances under which the print is taken in accordance with the Procedural Manual.

10.1.3 Video prints contain data and will therefore only be released under the terms of Appendix C to this Code, 'Release of data to third parties'. If prints are released to the media, (in compliance with Appendix C), in an effort to identify alleged offenders or potential witnesses, full details will be recorded in accordance with the Procedural Manual.

10.1.4 A record will be maintained of all video print productions in accordance with the Procedural Manual.  The recorded details will include: a sequential number, the date, time and location of the incident, date and time of the production of the print and the identity of the person requesting the print, (if relevant) and the purpose for which the print was taken.

10.1.5 The records of the video prints taken will be subject to audit in common with all other records in the System.



Updated: 2 Dec 2014
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