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Access to, and Security of, Monitoring Room and Associated Equipment

CCTV - Code of Practice

8.1 Public Access

8.1.1 Public access to the monitoring and recording facility will be prohibited except for lawful, proper and sufficient reasons and only then with the personal authority of the System Manager. Any such visits will be conducted and recorded in accordance with the Procedural Manual.

8.2 Authorised Visits

8.2.1 Visits by independent inspectors or auditors do not fall into the scope of the above paragraph and may take place at any time, without prior warning. No more than two inspectors or auditors will visit at any one time. Inspectors or Auditors will not influence the operation of any part of the System during their visit. The visit will be suspended in the event of it being operationally inconvenient. Any such visit should be recorded in the same way as that described above.

8.3 Declaration of Confidentiality

8.3.1 Regardless of their status, all visitors to the CCTV Monitoring Room, including inspectors and auditors, will be required to sign the Visitors Book and a declaration of confidentiality.

Note: Each page of the Visitor Book includes a declaration of confidentiality as a constant reminder of their obligations, as follows:-

'In signing this visitors book all visitors to The New Forest District Council CCTV System Monitoring Room acknowledge that they agree not to divulge any information obtained, overheard or overseen during their visit or personal details of the operators of the System.'

A notice will be display at the entrance to the room advising visitors that they are entering a restricted area, and entry is dependant upon acceptance of the need for confidentiality. A typical notice is included in Appendix D.

8.4 Security

8.4.1 Authorised personnel will normally be present at all times when the equipment is in use. If the monitoring facility is to be left unattended for any reason it will be secured. In the event of the Monitoring Room having to be evacuated for safety or security reasons, the provisions of the Procedural Manual will be complied with.

8.4.2 The Monitoring Room will at all times be secured by 'Magnetic-Locks' operated by the CCTV operator, 'digi-Locks' requiring an alpha numeric code for entrance or other equally secure means.

Note: A fixed view camera is located external to the Monitoring Room to enable the operator to view visitors before granting entry.

Updated: 2 Dec 2014
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