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Control and Operation of Cameras

CCTV - Code of Practice

7.1 Guiding Principles

7.1.1 Any person operating the cameras will act with utmost probity at all times.

7.1.2 The cameras, control equipment, recording and reviewing equipment shall at all times only be operated by persons who have been trained in their use and the legislative implications of their use.

7.1.3 Every use of the cameras will accord with the purposes and key objectives of the System and shall be in compliance with this Code.

7.1.4 Cameras will not be used to look into private residential property or their gardens. Privacy zones shall be programmed into the System (whenever practically possible) in order to ensure that the cameras do not survey the interior of any private residential property within range of the System.

7.2 Primary Control

7.2.1 Only those trained and authorised members of staff with responsibility for using the CCTV equipment will have access to the operating controls, those operators have primacy of control at all times.

7.3 Secondary Monitoring

7.3.1 Secondary monitoring facilities are provided at Hampshire Constabulary Control Centre, Netley, Southampton and shall be conducted in accordance with the Procedural Manual.

7.4 Operation of the System by the Police

7.4.1 In the event of a request being permitted, the Monitoring Room will continue to be staffed, and equipment operated by, only those personnel who are authorised to do so, and who fall within the terms of Sections 6 and 7 of this Code, who will then operate under the direction of the police officer designated in the written authority.

7.5 Maintenance of the System

7.5.1 To ensure compliance with the Information Commissioners Code of Practice and that images recorded continue to be of appropriate evidential quality the New Forest District Council CCTV System shall be maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Procedural Manual under a maintenance agreement.

7.5.2 The maintenance agreement will make provision for regular/periodic service checks on the equipment which will include cleaning of any all weather domes or housings, checks on the functioning of the equipment, and any minor adjustments that need to be made to the equipment settings to maintain picture quality.

7.5.3 The maintenance will also include regular periodic overhaul of all the equipment and replacement of equipment which is reaching the end of its serviceable life.

7.5.4 The maintenance agreement will also provide for 'emergency' attendance by a specialist CCTV engineer on site to rectify any loss or severe degradation of image or camera control.

7.5.5 The maintenance agreement will define the maximum periods of time permitted for attendance by the engineer and for rectification of the problem depending upon the severity of the event and the operational requirements of that element of the System.

7.5.6 It is the responsibility of the System Manager to ensure appropriate records are maintained in respect of the functioning of the cameras and the response of the maintenance organisation.

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Updated: 2 Dec 2014
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