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CCTV - Code of Practice



6.1 Staffing of the Monitoring Room and those responsible for the operation of the New Forest District Council CCTV System.6.1.1 The CCTV Monitoring Room will be staffed in accordance with the Procedural Manual.   Equipment associated with the System will only be operated by authorised personnel who will have been properly trained in its use and all Monitoring Room procedures.

6.1.2 Every person involved in the management and operation of the System will be personally issued with a copy of both the Code of Practice and the Procedural Manual.  Every person will be required to sign a confirmation that they fully understand the obligations that these documents place upon them and that any breach will be considered as a disciplinary offence.  They will be fully conversant with the contents of both documents, which may be updated from time to time, and which he/she will be expected to comply with as far as is reasonably practicable at all times.

6.1.3 Arrangement may be made for a police liaison officer to be present in the Monitoring Room at certain times, or indeed at all times, subject to locally agreed protocols.  Any such person must also be conversant with this Code of Practice and associated Procedural Manual. 

6.1.4 All personnel involved with the System shall receive training from time to time in respect of all legislation appropriate to their role.  

6.2 Discipline

6.2.1 The System Manager will accept primary responsibility for ensuring there is no breach of security and that the Code is complied with.  He/she has day-to-day responsibility for the management of the room and for enforcing the discipline rules.  Non-compliance with this Code by any person will be considered a breach of discipline and dealt with in accordance with the relevant organisation's discipline code including, if appropriate, the instigation of criminal proceedings.

6.3 Declaration of Confidentiality

Every individual with any responsibility under the terms of this Code and who has any involvement with the System to which they refer, will be required to sign a declaration of confidentiality.  (See example at Appendix E, see also Section 8 concerning access to the Monitoring Room by others).



Updated: 2 Dec 2014
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