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Assessment of the System and Code of Practice

CCTV - Code of Practice

5.1 Evaluation

5.1.1 The New Forest District Council CCTV Scheme will periodically be evaluated to establish whether the purposes of the System are being complied with and whether objectives are being achieved.  The format of the evaluation shall comply with that laid down by the Home Office Statistics and Research Directorate in the Home Office Bidding Guidelines and be based on assessment of The Inputs, The Outputs, The Process and the Impact of the scheme.

i) An assessment of the impact upon crime:  This assessment shall include not only the immediate area covered by the cameras but the wider town area, the Police Divisional and regional areas and national trends.

ii) An assessment of the incidents monitored by the System.

iii) An assessment of the impact on town centre business.

iv) An assessment of neighbouring areas without CCTV.

v) The views and opinions of the public.

vi) The operation of the Code of Practice.

vii) Whether the purposes for which the System was established are still relevant.

viii) Cost effectiveness.

5.1.2 The results of the evaluation will be published and will be used to review and develop any alterations to the specified purpose and objectives of the scheme as well as the functioning, management and operation of the System.

5.1.3 It is intended that evaluations should take place at least every two years.

5.2 Monitoring

5.2.1 The System Manager will accept day-to-day responsibility for the monitoring, operation and evaluation of the System and the implementation of this Code.

5.3 Audit

5.3.1 The Audit Manager, or his/her nominated deputy, who is not the System manager, will be responsible for regularly auditing the operation of the System and the compliance with this Code of Practice.  Audits, which may be in the form of irregular spot checks, will include examination of the Monitoring Room records, video  archives and records and the content of recorded material.

5.4 Inspection

5.4.1 A body of individuals who have no direct contact or relationship with the operation of the System will be appointed to be responsible for inspecting the operation of the System.

5.4.2 Inspections will take place at least three times per calendar year by no more than two people at any one time.  The Inspectors will be permitted access to the CCTV Monitoring Room, without prior notice and to the records held therein at any time, provided their presence does not disrupt the operational functioning of the room.  Their findings will be reported to the Auditor and their visit recorded in the CCTV Monitoring Room.

5.4.3 Inspectors will be required to sign a declaration of confidentiality (see Appendix F).

Updated: 2 Dec 2014
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