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Accountability and Public Information

CCTV - Code of Practice

4.1 The Public

4.1.1 For reasons of security and confidentiality, access to the CCTV Monitoring Room is restricted in accordance with this Code.  However, in the interest of openness and accountability, anyone wishing to visit the room may be permitted to do so, subject to the approval of, and after making prior arrangements with, the System Manager.

4.1.2 Cameras will not be used to look into private residential property. Where the equipment permits it, 'privacy zones' will be programmed into the System as required in order to ensure that the cameras do not survey the interior of any private residential property within range of the System. If such zones cannot be programmed the operators will be specifically trained in privacy issues. Where gardens of properties are within range of the camera and some form of privacy zone cannot be created, then consultation will take place with the owners or occupiers of those properties.

4.1.3 A member of the public wishing to register a complaint with regard to any aspect of the New Forest District Council CCTV System may do so by contacting The Complaints Officer, New Forest District Council, Appletree Court, Lyndhurst SO43 7PA. All complaints shall be dealt with in accordance with the New Forest District Council's Complaints Procedure, a copy of which may be obtained from Appletree Court, Lyndhurst or any Council Office. Any performance issues identified will be considered under the organisations disciplinary procedures to which all members of New Forest District Council including CCTV personnel are subject.

4.1.4 The System Manager will ensure that every complaint is forwarded to the Council's Complaints Officer who will process the complaint under the New Forest District Council's Complaints Procedure.

4.2 System Owner

4.2.1 The Head of Public Services, named at Appendix A, being the nominated representative of the System Owners, will have unrestricted personal access to the CCTV Monitoring Room and will be responsible for receiving regular and frequent reports from the System Manager.

4.2.2 The Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Panel has been nominated by the New Forest District Council as the committee having a specific responsibility for receiving and considering those reports.

4.3 System Manager

4.3.1 The nominated Manager named at Appendix A will have day-to-day responsibility for the System as a whole.

4.3.2 The System will be subject to annual audit by the Audit Manager, (or nominated deputy whose organisational level of responsibility is at least equal to that of the System Manager, but who is not the System Manager).

4.4 Public Information

4.4.1 Code of Practice

A copy of this Code shall be published on New Forest District Council's web site, and a copy will be made available to anyone on request. Additional copies will be lodged at public libraries, Lymington, Totton and Ringwood Police Stations and New Forest District Council Information Offices.

4.4.2 Annual Report

The annual report will be published, and a copy of the annual report will also be made available to anyone requesting it.

4.4.3 Signs

Signs (as shown below) will be placed in the locality of the cameras and at main entrance points to the relevant areas. The signs will indicate:

i) The presence of CCTV monitoring.

ii) The ownership of the System.

iii) Contact telephone number of the Data Controller of the System.

Updated: 2 Dec 2014
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