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Health Promotion

We are involved in a wide range of activities to promote health in the District

In addition to our principle work such as the inspection of food premises, health and safety inspections and investigations of food complaints and instances of infectious disease, we are also involved in a range of activities and events, in partnership with other organisations with the common aim of health promotion. Examples of the types of activities we are involved in are as follows:

  • Hand wash challenge
    A good hand washing technique interactive display has been used during 'Think safe Week' which attracts many school children from the local area. The manned display teaches good hand washing technique through the use of a discloser cream which is rubbed into the hands and glows under UV light. If subsequent hand washing is good the cream will be washed off, if however any areas have been missed, remaining glowing areas will reveal where more washing is needed. More information on Personal Hygiene is available by following the link.
  • 'Just a Tick'
    The Ticks and Lyme Disease teaches about the problems with tick bites and Lyme Disease, an issue of particular relevance in such a rural area as the New Forest. It gives practical advise on how to identify if you have been bitten, what to do if you have, as well as helpful information on prevention.
  • Other Activities:
  • Press notices, mail shots, website updates etc largely on new legislation, and information circulated in the local press in relation to specific issues of interest - e.g. barbeque safety in the summer, or Christmas turkey campaigns, and; Level 2 courses for businesses in both Food Hygiene and Health and Safety.
Updated: 24 Oct 2019
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