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With reference to Dr Samantha Cope's PhD Thesis, please note the cover note below:-

Predictions for Medmerry, West Sussex have been based on the availability of limited data at the time. Therefore, application of these findings for practical purposes should be made with caution; please contact Dr Cope to discuss further.

(Reference sub-model 1) Further research is being undertaken by the Channel Coastal Observatory and Southampton University on behalf of SCOPAC. The study will apply Bradbury's (1998) overwashing model to all barrier beaches and spits between Portland Bill, Dorset and Shoreham, Sussex. Met Office wave data from 1986-2004, will be transformed to a nearshore point from which return periods will be derived. These will be more accurate than those used in this thesis.

(Reference sub-model 2) Discussions with Chichester District Council suggest that the annual longshore drift rate of 7,000 m3 used for application of Bruun and Gerristen (1960) approach for Medmerry is high. See the 2004 SCOPAC Sediment Transport Study for more information.

Please use all reports with attribution.

adobe icon Breaching of Barrier Beaches [440kb]

adobe icon Calshot Coast Protection Works [12kb]

adobe icon Cliff Management at Barton on Sea [25kb]

adobe icon Coastal Defences and NFDC [21kb]

adobe icon Hurst Spit Scheme Recharge [559kb]

adobe icon Saltmarsh Study 1995 [950kb]

adobe icon Saltmarsh Study 2002 [67kb]

adobe icon Samantha Cope PhD Thesis [50Mb]

adobe icon Review of saltmarsh management techniques 2001 [780kb]

adobe icon Hurst Newspaper [3Mb]

adobe icon Hurst Spit beach management plan [59kb]

adobe icon Barton on Sea landslides [293kb]

adobe icon Hurst Spit Engineers Report [2Mb]

adobe icon Naish Beach Engineers Report [3Mb]

adobe icon Coastal Erosion in the Eastern Half of Christchurch Bay [499kb]

adobe icon Shingles Bank Dredging Paper [281kb]

adobe icon Barton on Sea Leaflet [1Mb]

adobe icon Calshot Revetment and Groyne Replacement 1989 [1Mb]

adobe icon Development of a Strategic Regional CMP [512kb]

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