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FOI Disclosure Log - February 2018

Requests responded to during February 2018

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: 1-Resources

FOI04453Breakdown of volumes of contact (15/16 and 16/17) for the following channels: • Face to face • Telephone • Web 2) For 2016/17, please provide a breakdown of contact by the following type of transaction: • Application - e.g. applying for services or career opportunities; • Payments - e.g. paying for a range of fees, fines or taxes; • Tracking - e.g. monitoring progress service requests and applications; • Booking and reservations - e.g. making appointments with the council, and booking items and events; • Renewals - e.g. renewing items like permits and licences; • Reporting - e.g. notifying the council of problems and issues that need addressing; • Finding information - e.g. locating and requesting information on local services and tourism. 3) For 2016/17, breakdown of telephone enquiries by your services or service areas (e.g. revenues and benefits, parking, housing, planning etc).19/02/201815/02/2018Information provided in part
FOI044541. Does your local authority use a Learning Management System and e-learning provision for employee training? 2. If no, are there ongoing plans to purchase a Learning Management System and e-learning provision for employee training in the near future? 3. What is the name of the Learning Management System (product name) and which company is it purchased from? 4. Provide brief information of the current e- courses that are used in employee training. 5. Provide the development themes of the eLearning courses that are used in employee training (i.e. Compliance, Safeguarding, etc.)6. Value of the current contract, date of commencement and date of expiry.7. Who is responsible for ensuring the LMS and e-learning provision meets the local authorities training requirements?19/02/201802/02/2018information supplied
FOI044621. Does your organisation have a Facebook Page(s)? If yes, what is/are the url(s) and when were they set up? 2. Does your organisation advertise or spend any money on Facebook? If yes, please can you outline what expenditure has occurred and break down expenditure per calendar year (January to December) since 2004? 3. Does your organisation have a Twitter Account? If yes, what is/are the url(s) and when were they set up? 4. Does your organisation advertise or spend any money on Twitter? If yes, please can you outline what expenditure has occurred and break down expenditure per calendar year (January to December) since 2006? 5. Does your organisation use Google G-Suite services (Google services) or does your organisation rely on google for any services (such as email hosting)? If yes, what are the services, when were they agreed and how much did they cost? 6. Does your organisation advertise or spend any money on Google? If yes, please can you outline what expenditure has occurred and break down expenditure per calendar year (January to December) since the payments first began?22/02/201822/02/2018Information provided
FOI04463details on the amount of money spent hiring celebrities. Going back to May 6, 2014, please state: 1) Which celebrity was hired to make an appearance 2) What they were hired to do 3) When they were hired 4) How much they were paid 5) Were they given anything in lieu of payment - eg night in a hotel, cab fares etc 6) In some instances a celebrity may have asked the money be paid to charity. If you have a record of this, please say 7) How long were they hired for?22/02/201809/02/2018Information supplied.
FOI04475Social Media27/02/201827/02/2018Information provided
FOI04496ICT support to Schools07/03/201809/02/2018Information not held.
FOI04497Policy and procedure for recruiting staff at all levels08/03/201814/02/2018Information provided

Service: 2-Operations

FOI04413How many parking fines were issued on December 25 2016? What was the total value of parking fines issued on December 25 2016?How many parking fines were issued on December 25 2015?What was the total value of parking fines issued on December 25 2015? How many parking fines were issued on December 25 2014?What was the total value of parking fines issued on December 25 2014?How many parking fines were issued on December 25 2013? What was the total value of parking fines issued on December 25 2013?How many parking fines were issued on December 25 2012?What was the total value of parking fines issued on December 25 2012?02/02/201806/02/2018Information provided
FOI044611. Who, in your organisation, is responsible for deciding how your energy is bought? Please provide the full name, title, email address and telephone number. 2. For each of these commodities - electricity, gas and water - please can you answer the following questions: a. What is your current contract term - start date to end date? b. Do you have any options to extend? If so, what are they? c. What is your termination notice period? d. Who is your supplier? e. How many meters do you have? f. What is your annual spend? g. What is your consumption? h. Do you currently procure your energy through a framework/PBO (Public Buying Organisation)? If so, which one? i. Do you use a consultancy to facilitate your energy procurement? If so, who? j. Are you happy with your supplier? k. Are you happy with your PBO? l. Are you happy with your consultancy? m. What do you think makes a good Supplier? n. What do you think makes a good PBO?21/02/201820/02/2018Information provided
FOI04472- How many parking fines were issued on April 14 2017? - What was the total value of parking fines issued on April 14 2017? - How many parking fines were issued on April 17 2017? - What was the total value of parking fines issued on April 17 2017? - How many parking fines were issued on March 25 2016? - What was the total value of parking fines issued on March 25 2016? - How many parking fines were issued on March 28 2016? - What was the total value of parking fines issued on March 28 2016? - How many parking fines were issued on April 3 2015? - What was the total value of parking fines issued on April 3 2015? - How many parking fines were issued on April 6 2015? - What was the total value of parking fines issued on April 6 2015? - How many parking fines were issued on April 18 2014? - What was the total value of parking fines issued on April 18 2014? - How many parking fines were issued on April 21 2014? - What was the total value of parking fines issued on April 21 2014? - How many parking fines were issued on March 29 2013? - What was the total value of parking fines issued on March 29 2013? - How many parking fines were issued on April 1 2013? - What was the total value of parking fines issued on April 1 2013?26/02/201826/02/2018Information supplied
FOI044881)What assessment has the council made of the potential impact of ash dieback (Chalara) in the authority area and what strategy does it have to cope? 2)How many mature ash trees are close to roads for which the council is responsible or public areas in the council's control where those trees have the potential to impact on public safety if they become infected, whether in the council's ownership or privately owned?05/03/201819/02/2018Information supplied
FOI04494How many public health funerals took place in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017? 2. How many were paid for by your authority, and how many by other means?3. How much has the council spent on public health funerals in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017? 4. If known, how many were male and how many were female, broken down by year?5. How much was your a) cheapest and b) most expensive public health funeral? 6. How many under 18s and over 65s had a public health funeral in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017?06/03/201823/02/2018Information supplied

Service: 3-Economy, Housing and Planning

FOI04280The 'Settlement Boundary' and 'Conservation Areas' data, as well as all other areas defined in the County's most current local planning policy document. I require this information in order to accurately identify areas that are subject to local planning policy - and as such should be in the public domain.I require the above information to be provided in any GIS vector file format - containing the coordinates describing the shape of the boundaries. Examples of these formats would include: KML28/11/201717/01/2018Refused - Regulation 6(1)(b) available via web
FOI04432communications including emails/mail, meeting dates, site promotions, meeting minutes, telephone calls/conference concerning planning and development of the Lynes Farm, Nouale Lane, Ringwood site. The site is marked as Site Q in the Strategic Plan and encompasses an area bordered by Nouale Lane, the A31, Eastfield Lane and Hightown Road. I am only interested in information related to the development of the are marked Site 'Q', not development of properties that are addressed as Eastfield Lane.This information should include any consultations between NFDC and other parties, including but not limited to:•The land owners (Keen, Lambert, Clemas, Truman) •All Developer interests, including Taylor Wimpey and Linden Homes• All departments within NFDC• Ringwood Town Council •Highways•DCLG12/02/201807/02/2018Information provided
FOI04437Please provide the ratepayer's name(s) and the rates payable (inclusive of any transitional phasing) for the below periods. UNIT 1, NEW FOREST ENTERPRISE CENTRE, RUSHINGTON BUSINESS PARK, CHAPEL LANE, TOTTON, SOUTHAMPTON SO40 9LA12/02/201802/02/2018information supplied
FOI04448All NNDR Business rates accounts with a credit balance.15/02/201802/02/2018Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI044491.(a) The amount of times the council has engaged section 203 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016 since July 1, 2016 (b) The details of each case including: The reason for engaging section 203 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016 The parties involved i.e. residents, groups, etc. who had made the injunction, developers, construction firms involved in the planning application. (c) The compensation paid out to parties who had their easements and/or other rights overridden as a result of engaging of the act.16/02/201815/02/2018Information provided
FOI04466Affordable housing and EU citizens's data21/02/201822/02/2018Part refused - Section 12
FOI044671. How many prosecutions has the local authority brought under section 3 of the Prevention of Housing Fraud Act 2013 in the following financial years: a) 2013/14 b) 2015/16 c) 2016/17 d) 2017/18 2. How many of these prosecutions resulted in the defendants being found guilty? Please break this figure down by the financial years above.26/02/201822/02/2018Information provided
FOI04468The number of D1 planning applications you received in each of the last five years. I.e. in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013. The number of successful D1 planning applications you granted during each of the last five years.26/02/201827/02/2018Information provided
FOI04473The date range is from 1st January 2017 to the 31st December 2017 for all the enquiries below As of 31st December 2017 how many people/families did the Council have waiting for permanent accommodation How many people were housed in hotels, hostels and Bed & Breakfast (B&B) - please breakdown into rooms and number of nights.19/02/201819/02/2018Information provided
FOI04479How many times in each of the last five years did the authority consult the Environment Agency regarding a planning application for a development considered to be in a flood risk area?• How many times in each the last five years did the Environment Agency, when consulted, object to a development proposed in a flood risk area? And how many times approve?• How many times in each of the last five years did a development proceed after the Environment Agency had raised objections about potential flood risk?• Please provide the planning application numbers of any developments that went ahead despite an objection from the Environment Agency concerning flood risk.It is preferred that a year is considered to be a calendar year, with the last five years being 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. The financial year is acceptable if calendar year is not possible.28/02/201808/02/2018Information provided
FOI044841)Please state the total amount charged by your council to council tenants for water rates on behalf of water companies as an additional charge with their rent (or other similar arrangement) in each of the last ten financial years, and the current financial year to 01.09.17. 2)Please state the total amount received by your council from water companies for the collection by your council of these water companies' water rates as agent (this may be listed as a commission, fee, admin payment or similar, and may be deducted from rate collections paid over to the company rather than paid by them directly) in each of the last ten financial years, and the current financial year to provided
FOI04486A breakdown of current credit balances accrued05/03/201805/02/2018Information provided - Section 40
FOI04489regarding Brockenhurst village local connections, are you now able to confirm if you have housed a Band B in a three bed property within the last couple of years? I really would like some idea if a Band B has been recently housed at Brock or if there are still lots of 3 bed Band A's waiting.19/02/201806/02/2018Information provided
FOI04490Information for East Boldre, how many other 3 bed band B's there are, how many have been housed etc.06/03/201826/02/2018Information supplied.
FOI04500Re Local development plan, can i have a detailed map of where homes are proposed, looking at efford, hordle, Lymington and Milford on Sea area02/03/201820/02/2018Regulation 12 (4) (d) - refused part
FOI045041) The level of funding by the authority for the provision of women's refuges within it jurisdiction in the following financial years: 2010/2011 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014 2014/2015 2015/2016 2016/2017 2017/2018 2) The number of women's refuges within the authority's jurisdiction in the following financial years: 2010/2011 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014 2014/2015 2015/2016 2016/2017 2017/201809/03/201828/02/2018Information provided
FOI04527spending for your local authority on rough sleeping outreach services since 2009-10 - this includes spending made for outreach services that are externally commissioned. Please include in total cost those outreach services that are not solely focused on rough sleepers but would work with them.2.Since 2009-10, please state how many outreach workers you employed and how many were paid employees or volunteers?20/03/201828/02/2018Information not held

Service: 4-Governance and Regulation

FOI04410how many occasions over the past five years housing associations have turned down a council nomination for a person to be given accommodation because of affordability concerns. Please provide the number of individuals turned down in each year. If the housing association has stated the affordability concerns stem from the person being subject to the benefit cap or Universal Credit then please make this clear.Please also list the name of the housing association that has turned down the nomination.31/01/201806/02/2018Information provided
FOI04424list of Business Rate accounts that meet the following criteria:Current overpayment/credit shown for any financial year if credit balance hasn't been carried forward. Accounts where a 'write on' has been used since 1st April 2000 to cancel an overpayment which has not since been reversed. Ratepayer name (Information is only requested where the ratepayer is a company and not an individual as I appreciate this is limited by the Data Protection Acts).06/02/201802/02/2018Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI04425information regarding homeless young people (16-24). I would like to know the number of young people who have: A - approached the council for help with issues surrounding homelessness B - been formally assessed for homelessness by the council C - have been accepted as being officially homeless by the council. figures from the last five years please.06/02/201806/02/2018Information provided
FOI04426How many complaints about private landlords has your local authority received in the following financial years: 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17. (Please separate by financial year)2. Please categorise these complaints as per the Housing Health and Safety Rating System. (If a complaint fell into more than one category, could you please list it under the primary complaint category only). 3. How many successful prosecutions of private landlords did your local authority achieve in the financial years: 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17. (Please separate by financial year)4a. Please state the reason why each of the above prosecutions were initiated (for example, ignoring a particular improvement notice). (Please separate by financial year)4b. Please state what the penalty was for each successful prosecution (for example a fine of £100). (Please separate by financial year06/02/201801/02/2018Information provided
FOI04429information about an aspect of your community safety Domestic Homicide Review function? 1. name, job title, postal and email address of the Team Manager of the CSP team/service (or equivalent dependent on local terminology) and the Team Managers Manager.2 number of DHR's concluded in 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17 2017/18 (to date) in your LA area NB: this noting that DHRs can be started some time before they are concluded or 'signed off' by the CSP, and distinct from date of publication which might be some time after the report is finalised for legal reasons.Of those DHRs (as outlined in Q2) please state if they were published or not, and for those that were published please provide the web- link to the reports. Please provide for each DHR (in each of the four years) a.the cost to the CSP/LA of the Independent Overview Report Author (author)b.was the payment(s) to the author made in instalments or at publication of the review.please note whether the author also acted as the Chair of the DHR Panel or not and if this was included in the cost and if not the cost for the Chairing duties Identify if the Author was paid per day of activity or a set fee for the whole DHR itself.Whether travel /expenses were paid or not, and if so for the last 2 years only at what rate06/02/201808/02/2018Information provided
FOI04431provide a complete and up-to-date list of all business (non-residential) property rates data for your local authority, and including the following fields: - Billing Authority Reference Code (linking the property to the VOA database reference) - Firm's Trading Name (i.e. property occupant) - Full Property Address (Number, Street, Postal Code, Town) - Occupied / Vacant - Date of Occupation / Vacancy - Actual annual rates charged (in Pounds) If you are unable to provide an absolute "Occupation / Vacancy" status, please provide the Exemptions and / or Reliefs that a particular property may be receiving. Please provide this as machine-readable as either a CSV or Microsoft Excel file, capable of re-use, and under terms of the Open Government Licence. I last requested this data three months ago, and this is a request for an updated and current dataset.08/02/201802/02/2018Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI04433I write to request a full and up to date list of businesses/LTDcompanies/charities that have become responsible for business rates.I would like the full business name and address, date they became responsible and the property type if you wouldn't mind. Between the 21/12/17 to 11/01/18.08/02/201802/02/2018Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI04435Please may you provide me with the number of data breaches that occurred of your organisation's owned, processed or generated information in the calendar year 2017.12/02/201805/02/2018Information supplied
FOI04439Please provide an itemised list of non-residential buildings owned by the council that were unoccupied for one month or longer between 1 Jan 2016 and 31 December 2017. Please also include the following information: • The address of the building • The dates during which the building was unoccupied • The cost of insuring the building and its contents during the period it was unoccupied. If this is not possible, please provide an annual amount.12/02/201809/02/2018Information supplied
FOI04441I am writing to request the names of the 25 individual or corporate landlords, excluding housing associations, who have received the largest amounts of housing benefit over the last three financial years (ie. between 1/4/14 and 31/3/17). In each case, please include housing benefit payments made directly to the landlords and, if possible, payments made to tenants which you are able to link to landlords12/02/201809/02/2018Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI04442the specific information requested in respect of OCCUPIED business properties as follows;Account Name Account Start Date Post Address PostCode Property Reference Property Description Prop Address Prop PostCode Exemption Description If Applicable Relief Description If Applicable SBRR Applied Yes/No Rateable Value13/02/201802/02/2018Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI04444I am writing to request a list of all subcontractors, suppliers and consultants & telephone numbers involved in your construction frameworks.13/02/201818/01/2018Information provided
FOI04445Copy of the Council's response to the original submission and any covering letter to the document Rev.A May 2017. Site concept master plans which were included in the officer presentation. Copy of the site concept master plans for new site SS6. South of Lymington outlined on page 36 of the same document12/02/201805/02/2018Information provided
FOI04446Accrued NNDR credit balances & write on's14/02/201802/02/2018Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI04450details of all A2 installations and Part B permits in your area, including the following information if available: your reference for the permit, the name and address of the permit holder, the address for which the permit is granted, the grid reference, the date of issue, the process undertaken, and the current status of the permit. An Excel or .csv file would be preferable13/02/201813/02/2018Information provided
FOI04456I am seeking information about the potential impact of central government welfare reform policies on eviction rates and geographical displacement of households with council housing tenancies. My information request relates to three welfare reform policies:- Under-Occupancy (also known as Removal of Spare Room Subsidy / Bedroom Tax)- The Benefit Cap - Universal Credit roll-out1. Please provide an annual breakdown since April 2010 of the total number of unique council tenancies - including the total number of people recorded as living in them - that have been evicted due to the non-payment of rent arrears.2. For each year of this annual breakdown since April 2013, please disclose how many of these evicted households - including the total number of people recorded as living in them - had at some point been affected by:a. Under-occupancy b. Under-occupancy and the Benefit Capc. Under-occupancy and the Benefit Cap and Universal Credit roll-out 3. How many of the evicted households affected by a, b, or c - including the total number of people recorded as living in them - went on to make a successful homelessness application to the local authority?4. Of these successful homeless applications, please disclose how many households - including the total number of people recorded as living in them - were placed in temporary accommodation in a different local authority area and disclose the destination local authority area in each case.20/02/201829/01/2018Partial response - section 12
FOI04458a) List of all Commercial properties and their addresses within your Billing Authority b) The names of the Rate Payers c) Billing Authority Reference d) Rateable value e) The date the rate payer first became liable21/02/201802/02/2018Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI04459The request is to see a planning document that relates to case 17/11481, The Studio, SP6 1EE.I would like to be emailed the equivalent document of an Officer's report written by the Planning Case Officer to the Legal Department setting out the target date, planning history of the property, considerations and a recommendation. In previous NFDC applications for Certificates of Lawful Use this document has been titled Memorandum. I have previously emailed Development Control (emails below) but surprisingly they do not seem aware of such a document.21/02/201807/02/2018Information provided
FOI04460planning permission sought for telecommunication masts within your planning jurisdiction.1) How many planning applications were received for telecommunication masts and or related equipment during the period of: a) 1st January 2015 - 31st December 2015 b) 1st January 2016 - 31st December 2016 c) 1st January 2017 - 31st December 2017 2) How many of these applications were? a) approved b) completed 3) Where it is possible to access your most up to date telecommunications register.21/02/201806/02/2018Information provided
FOI04464information regarding pest control services supplied to residents and businesses within your council jurisdiction over the past four financial years. Please could you confirm receipt of my request and fill out the attached Word document with the details of my request and return it to me by e-mail?21/02/201805/02/2018Information supplied
FOI044691) How many times has the council requested a Financial Resilience Review from the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (or an equivalent review by a similar organisation such as the Local Government Association or PricewaterhouseCoopers) since 2010/11? 2) For each of the above occasions can you: - Confirm the date on which the review took place - Confirm how much the report cost the council - Provide a copy of the resulting report produced by CIPFA (or other relevant body)26/02/201813/02/2018Information provided
FOI04470sale of site at Hythe02/02/201801/02/2018Information supplied
FOI04471Food safety officer's report for a restaurant in New Milton26/02/201819/02/2018Information provided
FOI04474How many events does your authority hold a year? How many of these need TRO's What are the events that need road closures? A list of events held in your authority a year26/02/201806/02/2018Information provided
FOI04476Rate Account Reference number.2.Ratepayer Name 3.Property Address4. Property Postcode5.Payer Address (If different from 3 above)6.Payer Postcode. 7.Amount of Overpayment.8. Period Credit relates to.If you have a standard report that shows the above we will be happy to receive that.27/02/201802/02/2018Partial response - section 40
FOI044781.Does the authority have a published Community Asset Transfer* policy? *Community Asset Transfer enables local authorities to transfer the ownership/management of their assets to community organisations at less than full market value - in order to achieve a defined public benefit. 2.If Yes, please provide a web link to the policy. 3.If No, is Community Asset Transfer (CAT) integrated into another policy within your local authority - such as wider asset management strategies or VCSE28/02/201822/02/2018Information provided
FOI04480How many a) Burger King outlets do you have in your local authority? The same question for: b) KFC c) McDonald's d) Subway How many complaints have you received about food poisoning incidents at a) Burger King between January 1 and December 31, 2017? The same question for b) KFC c) McDonald's d) Subway Can you list any outlets operating under the above brand names that have received FIVE OR MORE complaints during this period and specify how many complaints the individual outlets have received? Which of these outlets have you taken action against in the past 12 months? Have any outlets been closed for any period in the past 12 months as a result of these complaints? Have any outlets in the above list given you cause for concern beyond the need for enforcement action?28/02/201823/02/2018Information supplied
FOI04481A list of all properties that have any credit balance on their business rates account 2. The account number 3. The account holder 4. The property address including postcode 5. Billing authority reference number 6. The current balance 7. Account start date 8. Account end date01/03/201802/02/2018Partial response - section 40
FOI04483For the years 2016 and 2017, please provide a list of registered third parties - regulated by the Electoral Commission - that have requested electoral registers and/or electoral register updates, overseas voters lists, and/or absent voters lists.02/03/201820/02/2018Information provided
FOI04485Do you publish details of section 46 funerals undertaken by your council on your website? If YES then please provide the link to the relevant page on the council website. Do you respond with information from FOI requests asking for details of funerals undertaken by the council? Do you refer any matters to a genealogy company or do you have a panel of genealogists who you refer matters to? Do you refer all matters to the Bona Vacantia division of the GLD or the Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall?05/03/201827/02/2018Information provided
FOI04487Please provide details of all payments received under Section 106 Planning Agreements for the years 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18 • The value of the payment • The purpose of the payment • The amount of the payment that has been spent • The amount that has been committed but not spent • The amount that has not been committed or spent • The amount that has been repaid • The reason for the repayment05/03/201808/02/2018Information provided
FOI04491What Income Management solution do you use? Is the solution hosted off site? What Card Payment solution do you use for: Internet Payments?Who supplies the solutions in question 2 above?Are these solutions hosted off site?Are there more than one payment solutions in use in your Authority? If so, how many and who are the supplier(s) Approximately how many credit and debit card transactions do you take annually?Who provides your Merchant Services?Is this provided as part of your Banking contract or by the Card Payment Solution provider?Is the Authority PCI-DSS compliant05/03/201813/02/2018Information provided
FOI04498I would like to know what your requirements are to apply for a hackney carriage licence. 1. Do you have a knowledge test 2. Do you have a competency test 3. Do you test potential applicants level of English08/03/201823/02/2018Information supplied
FOI04499On 13th April 2015, the NFDC visited a property re a housing benefit claim, as the landlord I would like to request a copy of the report filed as a result of that inspection08/03/201823/02/2018Refusal - section 40
FOI04501A record of the number of scrap metal licenses issued to traders who identify as Gypsy and/or Travellers for the period between 2013 to date A record of all fines issued to traders who identify as Gypsy and/or Travellers for the period between 2013 - to date08/03/201823/02/2018information supplied
FOI04502if your council has given licenses to alcohol delivery services in your area and if so, how many, and what the conditions are. We would also like the names of the companies.08/03/201823/02/2018Information not held.
FOI04507for each of the financial years 2016/17, 2015/16 and 2014/15: 1) The number of people in council tax arrears (please provide three separate figures for each financial year). 2) The number of people owing more than £5,000 in council tax arrears 3) The cost to the council of recovering/chasing arrears Also please disclose the largest sum outstanding at the moment and how long you have been pursuing that debt.22/03/201822/02/2018Information supplied
FOI04511meat coming from animals which were not stunned before slaughter. Such meat may be required for religious reasons by people of the Muslim or Jewish faiths. In your area, which local authority establishments, including but not limited to schools, use meat from animals which have not been stunned before slaughter? Which bodies certify the meat as coming from animals not stunned before slaughter? For example, the Halal Monitoring Committee provides this service. Which of these establishments serve unstunned meat to those who do not belong to the Muslim or Jewish faiths?What contracts does the council have for the supply of unstunned meat?13/03/201821/02/2018Information not held

Service: Multiple Services

FOI044431) The total amount of reams of paper used by the authority in the last 12 months 2) The amount of expenditure on printing, photocopying, and consumables for internal purposes. We are not interested in the amount of expenditure for printing of publications for external use. 3) The amount of recycling of paper from your offices. 4) Does the local authority have a target to reduce the use of paper - if so what is the current progress? 5) Does the local authority have a target to reduce their carbon footprint - if so what is the current progress?13/02/201815/02/2018Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI04477Please provide me with a list of residential facilities or family and service user support groups for adults with learning disabilities which receive council funding Please include in this list privately owned facilities which receive council funded agency worker resource27/02/201801/02/2018Information not held
FOI04482What was the total number of potholes reported to the council during 2017 - and specifically the period of 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017?01/03/201801/02/2018Information not held
FOI04523Please send me the number of care experienced people who have spent time in care within your local authority who have died in the last year (January 2017 to January 2018). Please include the age of the person when they died, and, where possible, the cause of death. If individual details are not available or cannot be released please release as much information relating to this request as is possible.19/03/201821/02/2018Information not held
FOI04525What policies or procedures does the Local Authority have in place to ensure parents are informed on the risks of cannabis so that they can better safeguard their children?19/03/201821/02/2018Information not held
FOI04532Please could you provide the process in which motorists should use to make a claim against the council for pothole damage to vehicles. It would be appreciated if you could include the name of the department responsible for handling claims, telephone number, email address and postal address. Is there a timeframe in which the claim must be made after the incident and repairs are completed?26/03/201826/02/2018Information not held.
Published: 23 Jan 2019
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