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New Forest District Council Air Quality Final Plan

At a special meeting on Tuesday 18 December 2018 our Cabinet agreed the recommendation to submit New Forest District Council's Air Quality Final Plan to government. 

Page 10 - New Forest District Council completed work
Page 17 - Current district-wide measures to improve air quality
Page 34 / 35 - List of options considered for New Forest
Page 37 - Preferred option


This follows a public consultation on the Clean Air Zone, which sought opinions on how compliance with legal limits might be achieved, and publication of the summary report.

Government instructed both New Forest and Southampton councils to introduce a business plan that will ensure compliance with legal limits of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) within the shortest possible time.

The NFDC plan has followed an explicit framework set out by Government which defines the parameters for actions that are permissible.  The actions in the Air Quality Final Plan are within this remit. 

We will submit our plan to Government by 31 December 2018 for approval, which is expected in March 2019. 

Updated: 18 Dec 2018
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