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FOI Disclosure Log - December 2017

Requests responded to during December 2017

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: 1-Resources

FOI04309using any software to manage your incoming communication channels (phone, email, live chat etc) from constituents (e.g. Zendesk,, Intercom, RightNow, Service Cloud, Freshdesk etc.)? 2.If so, what is the software called? 3. When does the contract with this current software provider end? 4.How much does your current software cost annually? 5.What is your annual budget for this type of software? 6.When will you be looking to review your current software?05/12/201704/12/2017Information supplied
FOI043211. Does your Council currently use a private company to undertake any of the following services: • Public Relations • Social Media Communications • External Stakeholder Communications • Internal Stakeholder Communications. 2. If yes, can you please confirm: • When the current contract was last let • When the current contract expires • Whether the current contract has options to extend its length • When you expect to the contract. 3. If no (to question 1 above), are you considering letting such a contract in the future and if so, do you have an approximate timetable for engaging the market? Part 2 4. Have you used a private company to help you with any other marketing or public information campaigns in the past 2 years? 5. If so, could you please provide a brief overview of what those campaigns were about and approximately how long your contract with the company was for to support the campaign(s)?12/12/201705/12/2017Information provided
FOI04323How many sexual harassment complaints/allegations have been made by council staff about co-workers/contractors to your council in the last five financial years 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17. 2. How many sexual harassment complaints/allegations have been made by members of the public about council staff/contractors to your council in the last five financial years - 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17. 3. Of these complaints, how many were made against men and how many against women. Please give this figure for each individual financial year above. 4. Please provide a total figure of how many individual men and how many individual women have had complaints about them in the above five financial years. 5. What was the overall outcome of each of the complaints detailed in questions 1 & 2 e.g. disciplinary, sacking, warning etc.12/12/201704/12/2017Information supplied
FOI04328Please send me for each of the financial years listed below: • 2015-16 • 2016-17 • 2017-18 (Year to Date (YTD)) 1. The total number of senior / executive roles recruited in your authority. For the purposes of this request senior / executive roles are defined as : a. Chief Executive b. Director / Service Director c. Assistant Director d. Head of Service 2. For the roles defined at 1. the number of a. Permanent / FTC appointments b. Interim / temporary appointments15/12/201712/12/2017Information provided
FOI04331Employment support commissioned and/ or provided by the local authority 1.What employment support services does your local authority provide for people with a learning disability? Please include both provision that is run directly by your local authority or a provider commissioned by your local authority. a. For each of these employment support services, what criteria does a person need to fulfil to access that provision? For example: i) Do they need to be known to social services? ii) Do they need to be receiving adult social care services? iii) Is eligibility informed by whether a person has had an EHCP or legacy statement in the past? iv) Do they need to be of a certain age group? If so, please specify.15/12/201706/12/2017Information supplied
FOI04343Do you have a procurement policy which supports the use of the GCloud IT procurement framework?2) Has your organisation adopted a strategy or IT policy guidance for using: - Cloud infrastructure - Software as a service - One policy for both (please indicate yes or no for each) 3) How many data centres do you have on council premises (secure processing centres which host shared systems)? 4) How many third party data centres do you use? 5) Do you use cloud hosting for your data?20/12/201718/12/2017Information supplied
FOI04344Q1) How many of your PCs run on the following? (Please type numbers) • Windows 10 = • Windows 7 = • Windows XP = • Other (Please state) = Q2) Are you aware of Window 7's end of life date? (Delete as appropriate) • Yes • No • Unsure Q3) Do you have an active project to deal with Window 7's end of life? (Delete as appropriate) • Yes • No • Don't know Q4) If so, is it due to complete before EOL date? (Delete as appropriate) • Yes • No • Don't know Q5) What is your biggest challenge when it comes to migrating to a new operating system? (Delete as appropriate) • Cost/budget • Skills shortage • Inability to move apps Q6) If you have previously migrated apps to newer versions of Windows, how long did this take? (Delete as appropriate) • Under 1 year • 1-2 years • 2-3 years • 3-4 years • Other (Please state) =20/12/201705/12/2017Information provided
FOI04346A list of long term empty residential properties and how long they have been vacant for, within the councils area.22/12/201719/12/2017Information provided - Sec 40
FOI043651/ Full organisation structure of the council 2/ A detailed structure of the procurement department inclusive of the salaries of the posts in the procurement department 3/ The recruitment spend for senior or executive recruitment services and the suppliers 4/ A detailed structure of the contract management department05/01/201808/12/2017Part disclosure - section 21
FOI04371In regards to housing maintenance could you please advise which contractors are carrying out gas, planned and responsive maintenance works.09/01/2018-Information provided
FOI04381In regards to social housing could you please advise on the brand of boilers that the council currently uses in its housing stock?15/01/201813/12/2017Information provided
FOI04388Please, can you send an organisational structure chart for the council?18/01/201828/12/2017Refused - section 21

Service: 2-Operations

FOI04330for the last 3 completed financial years and figures for the year 2017/2018 to date: How much were you charged for the kennelling of stray dogs per day for each of the financial years? How much was your total spend on kennelling for stray dogs per year for the above years? How many dogs have you kennelled in each year as a stray for these periods? Do you pay a retention fee for your stray dog provision, irrespective of how many dogs are seized and if so what is that fee?15/12/201712/12/2017Provided - Section 31 Q5
FOI04369Please confirm that you run a LCV fleet (up to 3.5 tonnes) The name, email address and phone number of the person(s) responsible for the specifying and procurement of any fleet Approximate renewal date of any fleet09/01/201820/12/2017Information provided

Service: 3-Economy, Housing and Planning

FOI04313(1) Please could you tell me how many children under 5 (i.e. aged 0-4) are currently housed in temporary accommodation by the local authority? (2) Please could you also tell me how many of these children aged 0-4 are housed in B&Bs (bed and breakfasts)? (3) Please could you tell me how many children of all ages are currently housed in temporary accommodation by the local authority)?06/12/201708/12/2017Partial disclosure - section 12
FOI04314Could you please advise me how many cases of social housing tenancy fraud investigations have been carried out since the Prevention of Social Housing Tenancy Fraud Act 2013 was instigated, how many of these cases resulted in a prosecution and how many properties have been recovered.08/12/201728/11/2017Information supplied
FOI04319St John's Steet, Hythe - Car park Cost of car park and the sale price to Lidl11/12/201714/12/2017Information provided
FOI04325Please could you send me details of your self & custom house building register, in relation to the following:1.How many individuals and groups were on your register by 30th October 2016?2. How many individuals and groups were on your register between 31st October 2016 and 30th October 2017?3. How many individuals and groups are currently on your register?4. How many self / custom build dwellings were granted planning permission by 30th October 2016?5. How many self / custom build dwellings were granted planning permission between 31st October 2016 and 30th October 2017? 6. How many self / custom build dwellings have been granted planning permission since 31st October 2017?I would also be grateful if you could clarify how the Council is or intends to satisfy their self/custom build obligations?14/12/201707/12/2017Information provided
FOI04326Gross cost of a. bed and breakfast hotels and b. all other temporary accommodation used to accommodate households that the council has a statutory responsibility to house, in 2016/17.22/12/201711/12/2017Information supplied
FOI04327A full and up to date list of business, charities, Lts companies and PLC's that have recently become liable for business rates. Liabilities between the 01/11/2017-15/11/2017 and the date of liability Full business name Full address and postcode Property type Rateable Value15/12/2017-Partial response - section 40
FOI04337list of all vacant 2 bedroom properties within the New Milton, Ashley, Sway, Hordle, Everton, Lymington & Pennington area.15/12/201712/12/2017Information provided
FOI04339Within your local authority, how many 18-24 year olds: 1. Presented themselves as homeless, or at risk of homelessness 2. Were subsequently assessed under the Housing Act 1996 3. Were subsequently accepted as statutorily homeless and owed a duty19/12/201718/12/2017Information provided
FOI04342relating to accepted planning applications in the area covered by New Forest District Council, where developments are to be/have been carried out during 2015-2020. How many planning applications have been accepted for improvements to: 1. Transport links e.g. new rail links, new road links 2. New commercial units (e.g. bars, clubs, cinemas, live venues) 3. Communication developments (e.g. fibre optic lines, wifi access) 4. Erection of large scale dwelling estates Can each of the above factors be broken down by: 1. Type of development 2. Date of requested development start 3. Location of development within the area covered by New Forest District Council19/12/201720/12/2017Information provided
FOI04345There was a transport and planning meeting held in October 2017 which included the parking situation of Leigh Road New Milton. The meeting involved Dean Brunton and various councillors. I wish to request a copy of the meeting.20/12/201714/12/2017Information provided
FOI04350(planning number: 17/10663) I would like to know about any 'insignificant' alterations to the plans that have been submitted to the Authority or discussions about any matters which would not have been publicised on-line because they are deemed to be 'insignificant'. I would like details of this information what approval has been given by the NFDC and if any application has been made by the owners, to position a 32 foot mobile home.28/12/201719/12/2017Information provided
FOI04351number of entries on New Forest District Council's self-build register for the base period 2015-16;2) Pursuant to 1) above and if applicable, the number entries on Part 1 of New Forest District Council's self-build register for the base period 2015-16;3) The total number of suitable development permissions which New Forest District Council has given up to 7 November 2017 to meet the demand arising from the base period 2015-16;4) For each permission given in answer to 3) above, please provide details of:a. The planning permission reference number; b. Application type (e.g. full, outline);c. A brief description of the proposal (e.g. erection of detached two-storey dwellings); andd. The total number of units/dwellings consented (e.g. 5, 10, 15, etc)29/12/201722/12/2017Information not held.
FOI04352How many households are currently on your Council's waiting list for social housing? How many households have been on a waiting list for social housing for a) over 5 years or b) over 10 years c) over 15 years? What was the average waiting time for social housing for your Council in each of the five last financial years? (2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15. 2015/16, 2016/17) How many under-24s (individuals or families where the oldest individual is 24 or under) were awarded social housing in each of the five last financial years? (2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15. 2015/16, 2016/17) For questions 2-4 if you could please complete the attached spreadsheet with the requested information, it would be much appreciated.29/12/201718/12/2017Partial response - section 12
FOI04353Can you list your 5 largest providers of nightly-paid accommodation for homeless households along with the total amount of money they have each received from the council in the last financial year (1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017)? Please supply in an Excel spreadsheet.2.How much did the council spend overall providing nightly-paid accommodation for homeless households in the last financial year (1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017)?3.How many homeless households have you placed in nightly-paid accommodation in your local authority area in the last financial year (1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017)? And how many in nightly-paid accommodation outside your local authority area in the same period?4.How many nightly-paid premises do you use to accommodate homeless people in your local authority area?5.Have all these premises been inspected by a competent person (e.g. a housing officer or environmental health officer)? And were any found to have category 1 hazards under the Housing Health Safety Rating System?29/12/201707/12/2017Information provided
FOI04356UNIT 1 & 2 AT 56, SOUTHAMPTON ROAD, RINGWOOD, HANTS, BH24 1JD - BA Reference: 419027007 1. The ratepayer(s) since the property was entered into the rating list. 2. Any periods the property has been empty since the property was entered into the rating list.3. Details of any business rate reliefs that have been awarded.02/01/201804/12/2017Refused - Section 40
FOI04357Housing needs survey for the Parish of Hale. I would like to see the submitted questionnaires and results02/01/201821/12/2017refusal - section 40
FOI04358For the last two tax years please provide the following information A Whats was the total amount paid out in housing benefit to private sector landlords B What was the total amount paid out in housing benefit to social housing providers C What was the total amount of overpayments to (A) Private Sector Landlords and (B) Social Housing Providers From the total amount of over payments to both social and private sector housing providers how much has (A) been and collected and (B) outstanding and (C )Written off03/01/201812/12/2017Information provided
FOI04359A list of all properties that have any credit balance on their business rates account04/01/201804/12/2017Refused - Section 31
FOI04362A full list of companies that became responsible for non domestic rates from the 15th Nov 17-30th Nov 17 including the business name and address, property type, date they became responsible and rv.04/01/201804/12/2017Partial response - section 40
FOI04366The following questions relate to permitted development (Class F) as described in The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (No. 2) (England) Order 2008 (creation of hard surface within curtilage) Do you record applications and/or enquiries deemed 'permitted development'? f Yes, please provide details of number of applications or enquiries received for the years 2010 - 2016 (inclusive) Year No applications / enquiries 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Which method do you use to confirm this type of works is permitted development and therefore doesn't require planning permission? Permitted Development Certificate? Other? Do you provide any specific information regarding the requirement to prevent surface water run-off onto the highway, aside from that shown on your website, as part of the same confirmation? Do you monitor or carry out any enforcement on new driveway or hardstanding works to ensure compliance with the 2008 Order? If Yes, please identify how many enforcement notices have been issued in the following years Year No of enforcement notices issued 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 201608/01/201818/12/2017Information provided

Service: 4-Governance and Regulation

FOI04310For each ward in your local authority: the total number of people on the electoral register broken down by individual ward for the following time points: a. At the time of the European referendum (23/06/2016) b. At the end of 2016 (01/12/2016) c. At the time of the 2017 general election (08/06/2017) d. At the time of most recent records you hold05/12/201705/12/2017Information provided
FOI04317The total cost of taxis paid for by the council between 1st January 2015 and 1st November 2017?06/12/201706/12/2017Information supplied.
FOI04340In the two most recent full financial years ( 2015-16 and 2016-17) how much money was paid in grants and funding to local businesses/start-ups, religious groups/establishments, and charities by your council? This does not include loans. For example, payments made to support a new business that could benefit the local economy, enable a charity to carry out worthy project, money to enable a local church to offer support to homeless people, etc. Please break down by year. 2. For the year 2016-17, please break down by the name of the charity/business, the amount of money they received, and a brief outline of the services or projects they offer/planned to offer.18/12/201713/12/2017Information provided
FOI04341A spreadsheet of details of all contracts between your local authority and Emmaus UK or any of itsindividual branches in your area that were signed after 6 April 2013.19/12/201715/12/2017Information supplied
FOI04347A list of the councils suppliers and contractors - the names and details of any organization/business that the council uses to carry out work on a regular basis.22/12/201715/12/2017Information supplied
FOI04364Has your organisation invested in commercial property as outlined above since 2010 or has it the intention of doing so in the next 3 years? • If yes: • can you please send me an electronic copy of the decision(s) taken to approve this policy, or a link to it via a public website?• how big in monetary terms is the fund available for this activity and how much has been invested to date?• what is the percentage allocation of the investment between market sectors: offices, retail, industrial, hotel & leisure, other?• was the investment funded from borrowing or from existing reserves? Please provide the percentage split, where relevant.• If you did/will borrow money to invest, where did/will you borrow the money from?• what is the percentage split of investments between those inside and those outside of your geographical/administrative area?05/01/201804/12/2017Information supplied
FOI04372whether you use a company called "Super Recognisers International" or any of their subsidiaries.10/01/201807/12/2017Information provided
FOI04373•all the taxi operators currently licensed by your licensing authority, their addresses and how long they have been licensed for •the number of licensed private hire drivers associated with each operator •the number of licensed private hire vehicles associated with each operator •the fee and duration of an operator's licence with your licensing authority •the fee and duration of a private hire driver's licence with your licensing authority •the fee and duration of a private hire vehicle licence with your licensing authority •the maximum age for a vehicle licensed by your licensing authority •Is there a knowledge test for private hire drivers?11/01/201822/12/2017Information supplied
FOI04374As reported in March 2017, local authorities were provided an extra £25 million due to the Cheshire West outcome of the Supreme Court ruling. I would like to know the following as an freedom of information act request please. How much did each local authority receive from this amount? How much is left that has not been used? Was some of the money to different team budgets due to not being used? If yes, how much was moved to another team budget. As this was a one time emergency deal, how are local authorities funding DoLS year on year?11/01/201818/12/2017Information supplied
FOI04384Whether your Local Authority has any plans to establish or move any of its municipal offices to new premises or to redevelop existing premises in the coming five years. Whether, as part of an estates strategy, your Local Authority has plans to co-locate with any of the following services: • Central Government • Other Local Government (including district or county) • Police services • Fire & Rescue services • Ambulance services • NHS Any further information you have regarding the timescale, floorplan size, cost of the project and staff numbers involved (full time-equivalents) that is not commercially sensitive.For your own convenience, if your Authority holds any business plan or strategy documents available for public release on these topics that would more easily answer my questions, I would be happy for you to forward to me the relevant files16/01/201818/12/2017Information supplied
FOI04389full list of properties registered for business rates which are occupied including relief details. Please include... Property Reference, Property Address, Current Rateable Value, 2010 Rateable Value, Property Description, Name of main account holder, Name of 2nd Account Holder if applicable, Liability Start Date, Current reliefs on account, Date reliefs applied to account.19/01/201819/12/2017Information provided - Sec 40
FOI04390What payment methods do you accept for the payment of council tax at present? What payment methods will you accept for payment of Council tax from 13 January 2018?How much do/did you charge residents to pay council tax by debit card before 13 January 2018?How much do/ did you charge residents to pay council tax by credit card before 13 January 2018?How much will you charge residents to pay council tax by debit card from 13 January 2018?How much will you charge residents to pay council tax by credit card from 13 January 2018?17/01/201820/12/2017Information provided
FOI04392a.) the number of drivers currently holding a taxi/PH licence b.) the number of drivers who hold a licence who hold a criminal conviction. Please detail the offence, and the date of the offence. Please detail whether the licence was awarded at original application, or on appeal. c.) please provide the number of drivers who were refused licences due to criminal convictions in 2017. please detail the type of offence, and whether this was a new application or a renewal.17/01/201828/12/2017Information supplied

Service: Multiple Services

FOI04306Pool car usage data for the period 2015/16 and 2016/1701/12/201701/12/2017Information supplied
FOI04354How much money is spent by the council, or by contracted caterers, on disposable plastic-lined coffee cups, and how much did these purchases cost? I would like this information broken down by year for the past three financial years (2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17).2) How much money is spent by the council, or by contracted caterers, on disposable plastic cutlery, and how much did these purchases cost? I would like this information broken down by year for the past three financial years (2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17).3) Does the council intend to continue purchasing disposable coffee cups and plastic cutlery? 4) Does the council have recycling facilities in its district that have the capability to recycle the specific coffee cups and plastic cutlery purchased?29/12/201722/12/2017Information supplied

Service: Not NFDC

FOI04370How many (LAC) looked after children are at risk of or involved in Radicalisation? How many (LAC) looked after children are at risk of or involved in Gangs? How many (LAC) looked after children are at risk of or involved in harmful sexual behaviours?For each of the 3 categories could you please confirm where the children are currently placed? (e.g. Mental Health / Secure settings / Residential care / Fostering)09/01/201807/12/2017Information not held
FOI04375I am looking for information about schools or colleges which have hosted talks to pupils by the charity, Narconon (UK charity number 1159334). 1) Has the council received any complaints about Narconon talks to pupils hosted by schools or colleges over the past two calendar years (January 2016 - December 2017)? If so, please can you provide details of the nature of the complaint, which school/college the talk was hosted at and whether any action was taken. 2) Does the council offer any advice or guidance to schools or colleges who are approached by Narconon to host talks to pupils? 3) Is the council aware of any schools or colleges which have hosted Narconon talks to pupils over the past two calendar years (January 2016 - December 2017)? If so, please can you provide details including which school/college hosted the talk and the date. In cases where Narconon talks have been hosted by schools/colleges in that period, please can you detail whether any publicity or campaign material was handed out to pupils or the school/college by the charity.11/01/201808/12/2017Information not held.
FOI04386Relating to agreements made pursuant to s75 of the National Health Services Act 2006.19/01/201818/12/2017Information not held.
FOI04399About identifying safety related issues in coach based school transportation and providing cloud based solutions.26/01/201828/12/2017Information not held.
Published: 12 Nov 2018
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