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Dan helps tenants have a home, "I do far more than chase for rent money, I work with our tenants and support them all the way"

I and my team are responsible for collecting £28million of rent from our 5,000 properties and 1,800 garages. We work with our tenants to make sure that rent is paid on time. But we do far more than just chase people for rent money.

We give our tenants the opportunity to work with us when things go wrong. My team offers advice and support, often to very vulnerable people, to help keep them in their homes. We help with budgeting advice, direct people to other support services, provide food bank details and vouchers, do tenant interviews and visits, offer support with claiming benefits and guidance on Universal Credit, to name a few things.  We work closely with the Housing Benefits team to make sure tenants are receiving the benefits they are entitled to.

Eviction is always the last resort.  We want our tenants to know they can contact us and speak about any queries or concerns. We are human and we do understand some of the difficult situations our tenants may face. 

What I do wouldn't be possible without the team. It makes me proud when I hear we have helped a tenant and resolved challenging situations, such as working with people to reduce rent arrears and keeping them in their houses.

The role is always changing and adapting to welfare reforms, but my main aims stay the same - helping others, keeping the team happy, and collecting the rent.

Dan - Our Housing Income Manger 

Updated: 2 Nov 2018
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