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Six in the sack - recycle right

Tins, cans, paper, card, aerosols, and plastic bottles. These are the six key items that you can recycle in the New Forest. Read more to find out what happens if too many things that we don't recycle are put in the clear sacks.

Across the country the collection methods used and the type of items residents can recycle varies greatly. This is largely due the way recyclable materials are processed after collection. Here in the New Forest our recyclable materials are sent to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Alton. This facility is able to sort and separate our 'Six in the Sack':

1.            Plastic Bottles

2.            Paper

3.            Card

4.            Cans

5.            Tins

6.            Aerosols

We cannot recycle:

1.      plastic pots, tubs or trays,

2.      cartons and tetrapaks

3.      plastic bags

4.      foil

5.      gift wrap

6.      paper and card contaminated by food (like pizza boxes).

If these non-recyclable items are added to your clear sack they will be filtered out at the start of the MRF process and sent to the energy recovery facility (ERF).Our 'Six in the Sack' message aims to help you remember the six recyclable items so we can collect more recycling and reduce costs by removing less of the items we can't recycle. If we can get these six right then the recycling rates across the New Forest will go up. 

We know everyone wants to recycle more and we often get asked why we can't recycle these other items, especially plastic tubs and trays. We agree and are working with our partners across Hampshire to look at ways of improving things. If you'd like a more in-depth look at the current situation in Hampshire please click on the following link.

Updated: 2 Nov 2018
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