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Six in the sack - Making it clearer what to recycle

Six in the sack New Forest residents are among the best in Hampshire at recycling the right things. This is a fantastic achievement given how confusing recycling can be, but we think we can do better. Across the country the collection methods used and the type materials residents can recycle varies greatly. This is largely due the way recyclable materials are processed after collection. Here in the New Forest our recyclable materials are sent to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at Alton which is managed by Veolia. This facility is able to sort and separate our 'Six in the Sack'.:

1.   Plastic Bottles

2.   Paper

3.   Card

4.   Cans

5.   Tins

6.   Aerosols

Any additional items added to your clear sack cannot be recycled and will be filtered out at the start of the MRF process and sent to the energy recovery facility (ERF), this is a costly process. Our 'Six in the Sack' campaign aims to help people remember the six key recyclable materials so we can collect more recycling and reduce costs by removing less of the items we can't recycle.

There's lots more information on our web pages about recycling take a look:

Updated: 29 Jun 2018
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