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Drivers asked not to idle to help improve air quality

The message 'Stop the pollution, here's a solution' has appeared on banners in Lyndhurst to ask drivers at the traffic lights in the village's one-way system to switch off their engines.

We have worked with Hampshire County Council (HCC), and teachers and pupils at nearby Hounsdown School to develop the eye-catching message, which will go on display from today (28 February 2018.) 

The anti-idling campaign aims to raise awareness of local air quality issues and encourage drivers to turn off their engines whilst sitting in traffic.

Rachel Higgins, NFDC's Environmental Protection Team Manager, said, "Lyndhurst has had an air quality management area (AQMA) along the high street in place since 2005. Whilst improvements in pollution levels have been made we want to encourage visitors and the local community to do their bit and turn off their engines whilst waiting in stationary traffic."

As well as the 'switch off' message, NFDC and HCC have:

  • identified a cleaner walking route for school children through the church to avoid the High Street;

  • Run a simple treasure hunt along the route for Year 1 students and discussed air quality with them;

  • Started monitoring along the clean walking route to compare with pollution levels in the high street, and undertaken a traffic count of drivers currently turning their engines off at the traffic lights (to be repeated after the banners are put up)

  • Engaged with local school bus companies to encourage them to turn off their engines when collecting children

  • Produced an air quality leaflet to hand out to parent / care providers at Lyndhurst School.




Published: 28 Feb 2018
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