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In the garden - top tips for spring

gardening Byron one of our head gardeners shares his top tips for getting your garden in shape this spring:

Clean up

It's time to clean your garden and remove all the debris, leaves and twigs. Get rid of all the weeds too, making sure that you get the roots so they won't grow back.

Cut back your perennials

In spring, new growth arises from the base of herbaceous plants that die back to ground level over winter. Cut back to just above new growth.

Finish off your winter shrub prune

If your plants flower in the summer and are deciduous, then you can prune these plants in spring.

Scarify your lawn

Rake through the lawn with a rake to remove all moss and dead grass. This will help the grass re grow and will help new seedlings reach the soil.

Now is the best time of year to join the garden waste service to ensure you make the most of your collections.

Once you've joined, your garden waste will be collected every two weeks from the boundary of your property, leaving you more time to enjoy your garden. Joining the garden waste service is easy and can cost from as little as £33 for a whole year's collections.  

For more information and to join our service



Garden waste collections are suspended for a 4 week period over Christmas and New Year, please check our terms and conditions.

Updated: 23 Feb 2018
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