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Ongoing cliff collapse at Barton-on-Sea - beach closure as a precaution

Barton on Sea beach closure sign New Forest District Council's Coastal team are currently monitoring several areas of significant cliff movement at Barton-on-Sea (see map for location information). This is an actively eroding area south of Barton-on-Sea Golf Course which last saw major losses in May 2017.

Since the last significant cliff fall in May 2017, timber guide posts have been installed along the cliff top to guide path users landwards away from sections of actively eroding cliff edge. This has enabled the clifftop footpath to remain open.

There now appears to be several areas of ongoing movement with further cliff falls highly likely, and this has led to the temporary closure of the beach below as a precaution. It is strongly advised that the public should not access the beach and follow instructions on the warning signs.

Recent stormy weather and high rainfall is the likely cause of the instability and with continuation of these conditions it is likely that there will be more cliff falls in the area.

The coastal team will continue monitoring the area and the beach will remain closed until the stability of the cliff improves. 



Updated: 31 Jan 2018
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