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FOI Disclosure Log - July 2017

Requests responded to during July 2017

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: 1-Resources

FOI03764A list of the top 10 highest-paid interim staff as of January 27, 2017. a) Their daily rate b) position c) time in post-13/07/2017No clarification received
FOI04020The names and email addresses for your: Head of Research Head of Analysis Head of Intelligence Head of Performance06/07/201705/07/2017Information provided
FOI040291.Network Provider(s) - Please provide me with the network provider name 2.Annual Average Spend- Can you please provide me with the average annual spend over the 3 years. If this is a new contract can you please provide the estimated annual spend. 3. Number of Users- Number of connections for each network provider. 4. Duration of the contract- please state if the contract also include contract extensions for each provider.14/07/201713/07/2017Information provided
FOI04031Information regarding changes to planning department resources at New Forest District Council.17/07/201717/07/2017Information supplied
FOI040401. What HR and Payroll software do the Council currently have in place? 2. When was this contract signed 3. What is the expiry date of this contract? 4. What are the annual charges associated to this contract? 5. How many employees make up the Council's payroll? 6. Does this system include an online Recruitment portal? 7. If this is a separate system to the HR/Payroll system please detail the name of the system, the contract expiry date and all annual charges18/07/201713/07/2017Information provided
FOI04042Fixed Telecommunications and Internet Services: I have sent this request before but some of the contract have now expired can you please send me an update.If there is more than one supplier for each of the contract information I am requesting below please can you split each contract individually and not combined. Please also separate the expiry data and spend and number of lines for each supplier. An example of this can be viewed at the bottom of this request.1. Current Fixed Line (Voice Circuits) Provider- Supplier's name, if there is not information available please can you provide further insight into why? 2. Fixed Line- Contract Renewal Date- please provide day, month and year (month and year is also acceptable). If this is a rolling contract please provide me with the rolling date of the contract. If there is more than one supplier please split the renewal dates up into however many suppliers 3. Fixed Line- Contract Duration- the number of years the contract is for each 4. Type of Lines- Please can you split the type of lines per each supplier? PTSN, Analogue, SIP 5. Number of Lines- Please can you split the number of lines per each supplier? SIP trunks, PSN Lines, Analogue Lines 6. Minutes/Landline Provider- Supplier's name (NOT Mobiles) if there is not information available please can you provide further insight into why? 7. Minutes/Landline Contract Renewal Date- please provide day, month and year (month and year is also acceptable). If this is a rolling contract please provide me with the rolling date of the contract. 8. Minutes Landline Monthly Spend- Monthly average spend. An estimate or average is acceptable. 9. Minute's Landlines Contract Duration: the number of years the contract is with the supplier.19/07/201719/07/2017Part refused - Section 43
FOI040531. If you get enquiries or complaints about what to do about fences and walls between residential properties located in back gardens, where one resident believes a fence or wall belonging to the neighbouring resident is danger to health and safety, does the council have a policy for inspecting the fence or wall? 2. Could you supply me a copy of the policy for inspecting the fence or wall?24/07/201711/07/2017Information provided
FOI040591. For 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 (to date): a. The number of cyber attacks that you have been a target of, with the date of each attack b. For each attack, please state whether data was compromised and if so what was compromised c. For each attack, please state how many devices were affected d. For each attack, if known, the technique used i.e. DDoS (Direct Denial of Service), Adware, Phishing, Tampering, Spoofing, Bluejacking, Password attacks e. For each attack, whether it was reported to the police f. For each attack, whether it was reported to the Information25/07/201719/07/2017Information provided
FOI04095The rate paid per mile for cars above 1200cc for casual users in 2015-16 and 2016-17. The total amount spent on Mileage Allowance Payments to staff in 2015-16 and 2016-1716/08/201727/07/2017Information provided

Service: 2-Operations

FOI04009A copy of the early 2015 correspondence stating the likely repair and cost of the huts03/07/201705/07/2017Information provided
FOI04012Please provide full name, contact phone number and e-mail address for the following individuals within your Council: a. Financial Director b. Fleet Manager c. Sustainability Manager d. Climate Change Manger e. Energy Manager g. In the event that c-e above are the same person, then the details of that person only are fine. Most similar title(s) to the roles describes above is also fine. 2. a. How many grey fleet (personal cars used for Council business) do you pay mileage claims for? (most recent years data please). b. How many electric vehicles do you have on your fleet? (most recent years data please). 3. a. What is the Councils carbon reduction target and by when is it to be achieved? b. What carbon reduction has the Council made to date (most recent year's data)? c. What is the year that this figure/percentage represents? d. What is the baseline year that this is based upon?03/07/201704/07/2017Information provided
FOI04023The percentage of cash-accepting car park ticket machines, which you are responsible for, that currently accept the new £1 coin If you do not currently have 100% compatibility, when do you estimate all cash-accepting car park ticket machines will be able to accept the new £1 coin.10/07/201712/07/2017Information provided
FOI04024In the last financial year 2016/17 how many incidents did your authority record where refuse collectors were assaulted by members of the public while carrying out council duties? Please give a brief description of the circumstances of the incident.11/07/201710/07/2017Information supplied
FOI040271.Name, job title, email and telephone number of the person responsible for managing the groundscare/ open spaces 2.Is the mowing out sourced to a contractor? If so, who? 3.List of all mowing machinery owned by the council excluding any hand held machinery e.g. pedestrian mowers and strimmer's. Please include brand/model and/or type e.g. rotary, cylinder, flail12/07/201720/06/2017Information provided
FOI04036organisation's contract relating to their energy management system. 1. The supplier who provides the software to the organisation? 2. The cost associated with the software. Please provide me with the annual spend.3. What is the brand of the software?4. What is the duration of the contract?5. When does this contract expires?6. When does the organisation plan to review this contract?7. Can you please provide me with the contract description of the services provided under the agreement with the supplier? This also includes potential extensions and support and maintenance services. 8. What is the organisation's annual energy spend for the following: a. Electricity b. Gas c. Water 9. What is the total number of meter points for Electricity for: a. Non Half Hourly (NHH) meter points b. Half Hourly (HH) meter points 10. What is the total number of Gas meter points? 11. What is the total number of Water meter points? 12. What is the total number of meter points for specialist gases and liquids? 13. Can you please provide me with the contact details of the key person responsible for this contract or around energy management. 14. Can you please send me the organisations' energy management strategy/plan that covers 2017?19/07/201717/07/2017Information provided
FOI040501. Do you charge for collection of garden / green waste? 2. If you do charge, how much do you charge for this in the financial year 17/18? 3. What service to they get for this charge? e.g. are there restrictions such as the number of bags?4. If you charge for garden waste collection, what year did you start to do this?5. What months do you offer a garden waste collection? 6. How often is garden waste collected?21/07/201730/06/2017Information provided
FOI040631) How many parking meters do you operate? 2) How many of the parking meters that you operate have been identified as requiring modification due to the new £1 coin. 3) On average how much will it cost to modify each parking meter to accept the new £1 coin? 4) What is the expected cost to modify all parking meters you operate to accept the new £1 coin? 5) Has a budget been allocated for this work? If so, how much is this budget? 6) When do you anticipate all parking meters will be changed? 7) How much money did you collect from all parking meters it operates between January 1st 2016 and December 31st 2016?27/07/201727/07/2017Information supplied.
FOI04069The number of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) issued to vehicle drivers for driving or parking in designated cycle lanes during the following calendar years: a) 2015 b) 2016 c) 2017 to date (3rd July or the nearest available date)31/07/201726/07/2017Information not held
FOI04098provide the details of any recycling service changes, planned or expected over the next 2-3 years.2. What arrangements do the council have in place for the reprocessing of collected paper and card?14/08/201719/07/2017Information provided

Service: 3-Economy, Housing and Planning

FOI04019A full set of data from the current deployment of a unit that is mounted on lamppost number 9, for both north and southbound movements.10/07/201730/06/2017Information supplied
FOI040221.What is the indemnity limit on your Official Search Certificates? 2.How many claims have been lodged in the last five years, in relation to local authority searches? 3.How many of those claims were successful?10/07/201710/07/2017Information provided
FOI04028A full and up to date list of businesses & charities that have become liable for business rates between the 15th May 17 to the 15th June 17.12/07/201707/07/2017Information supplied
FOI04032How many high-rise blocks of flats designated for social housing (council flats) are owned by your council? By 'high-rise flats' I refer to the definition of a high-rise as a multi-story structure above 35 meters tall, or a building of unknown height from 12 floors and upwards. In the last financial year (2016-17), how many of these buildings were found to have a Category 1 hazard? This refers to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS).2b.) How many of these hazards were fire-related? Please list the buildings by address. 3.) How many of these buildings were found to have any other form of potential fire risk/hazard not listed above? For instance, during a standard risk assessment. Please list the buildings, and list the hazards.17/07/201717/07/2017Information provided
FOI04033A) A list of the buildings within your borders that are considered tall buildings. The standard definition in use in building codes is 18m. If there is some other - hopefully similar - definition that would assist you in getting the information more easily, please do contact me. Ideally, we would get the height, too (either in storeys or as in metres/feet).B) For each building, please state the postcode. C) For each building, please state whether the buildings (whether they are for residential use, for example). D) For each building, please state whether they are owned either by the local authority or a housing association. E) If the information is held easily, please could you supply the date of construction? I would quite understand if that would cause a breach of section 10, however. So I leave that at your discretion.18/07/201717/07/2017Information provided
FOI040341. When was the last time a fire risk assessment was carried out on housing where council tenants reside where the building has more than six floors? 1 (a) Please can you provide further details as to how many buildings are under your authority and the details of each report. 2. Of those assessments in question 1, please can you provide how many were considered high risk (high risk defined as a serious risk to life from fire, substantial quantities of combustible materials, highly flammable substances, or likelihood of the rapid spread of fire, heat or smoke)?18/07/201717/07/2017Information provided
FOI04038(a) Addresses of all commercial properties that currently have a credit on their account above £1,000. (b) The names and addresses of the ratepayer of the property referred to in (a) if they are NOT a sole trader or individual. (c) The amount by which the account is in credit (d) The rating year that the credit arose (e) The date the information was generated from your system17/07/201707/07/2017Information supplied
FOI04041Evictions:If you have council owned, residential property (i.e. housing subject to the housing revenue account, owned by your council), please provide the following: 1. The number of properties - if any - managed by the council? 2. The number of properties - if any - managed by an ALMO?19/07/201711/07/2017Information provided
FOI04043list of long term empty property lists within the councils area.19/07/201719/07/2017Part refused - Section 40
FOI04046list naming all the social housing in your area which is tall (over 18 metres tall or more than four storeys tall).Of the buildings identified in Q1, please name ones that have been fitted with cladding containing "Reynobond PE". Of the buildings identified in Q1, please name ones that have been fitted with cladding containing plastic of any sort.19/07/201717/07/2017Information provided
FOI04047How many people fleeing domestic violence were placed in hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast or other forms of temporary accommodation for each financial year from FY 2009/2010 to FY 2015/2016 2)How many people fleeing domestic violence were placed in temporary accommodation for longer than six weeks, for each year specified in Q1 3)The total cost to the local authority of accommodating people fleeing domestic violence in hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast or other forms of temporary accommodation for each year specified in Q1 4)The total cost to the local authority of accommodating people in hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast or other forms of temporary accommodation in each year specified in Q120/07/201718/07/2017Information provided
FOI04048How much the council has spent on fire risk assessments in each year from 2007/08 to 2017/18 •Who has carried out your fire risk assessments in each year from 2007/08 to 2017/18 - name of company/individual •If you own any tower blocks of 6 storeys or higher what was the date of the last fire risk assessment •Please provide of a copy of the last fire risk assessment for each tower block •Please tell me the date of the last refurbishment of each tower block20/07/201719/07/2017Information provided
FOI04049updated list of Business Rate accounts that meet the following criteria: • Accounts where a 'write on' has been used since 1st April 2000 to cancel an overpayment which has not since been reversed. (I am not requesting credit data as I understand this is on your website)I would request that the list contains the following information: • Ratepayer name (Information is only requested where the ratepayer is a company and not an individual as I appreciate this is limited by the Data Protection Acts). • Address of property concerned. • Amount of write on. • If possible, the period/financial year relating to overpayment/credit/write on.20/07/201707/07/2017Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI04055A list of buildings that your authority has ordered to be covered in cladding from January 1, 2010 to present. By 'ordered' I mean cases where a contract was signed by the authority that contained a clause for buildings to be covered in cladding. For each building, please provide: a) the address b) the postcode c) the type of material used in the cladding, in particular whether it used a polyethylene or polyurethane core d) the date on which the contract was signed off If you think the January 1, 2010 date would breach the cost limit, please use January 1, 2015 instead.24/07/201721/07/2017Information supplied
FOI04060live non-domestic rates accounts your council is currently responsible for: • Property Reference Number • Liable Party Name • Property Address • Liable Party address • 2010 and 2017 Rateable Value - Current information would be fine • Account Start date • Occupied/Empty status with a vacancy date if empty • Net charge for current year • Value of any unclaimed credit on the account26/07/201711/07/2017Part refused - section 40
FOI04062ist the names of the tower blocks and other buildings (please give address if necessary) in the council's area that have had exterior cladding for better thermal insulation and/or improved appearance added to them since 2000.Q2a) For each building please give the name of the contractor who undertook the cladding work (i) and, if they further subcontracted the work the name of the company that actually carried it out (ii). b) For each building please indicate in which year the cladding took place. c) For each building please list the manufacturer (i) (e.g. Reynobond) and type (ii) (e.g PE / FR) of cladding used. For each building please list the cost of this cladding work (if part of a wider contract please estimate the cost of the cladding work within the larger contract). e) For each building please indicate whether the cladding has been tested since the Grenfell Tower disaster (i) and what the results of that test were - if known (ii).27/07/201717/07/2017Information provided
FOI04064Please tell me how many people assessed as homeless died in your local authority area while sleeping rough in a) 2012/13 b) 2013/14 c) 2014/15 d) 2015/16 e) 2016/17 If possible (but please don't reject the entire request if this part is not possible) please tell me for each person a) the cause of death b) whether that person had approached the council requesting assistance prior to their death c) the age of the person.27/07/201726/07/2017Refused - Section 12
FOI040661. What was the council's total DHP allocation (spent and unspent) for the 2016-2017 financial year? 2. What percentage of the council's total DHP funding for 2016-2017 was paid out in awards? 3. Did your council exceed its government Discretionary Housing Payment allocation in the 2016-2017 financial year? 4. If Yes, did your council top up its government allocation? What was the topup amount?28/07/201706/07/2017Information supplied
FOI040671.A list of all properties that have any credit balance on their business rates account 2.The account number 3.The account holder 4.The property address including postcode 5.Billing authority reference number 6.The current balance31/07/201711/07/2017Advised and assisted
FOI040681A list of each council / public pool facility with address and contact details; phone & email address for either a pool only facility or a pool within a Sports / Leisure, or other, facility. 2.Details of who manages the pools or sports / leisure, or other, facility; either council directly, a trust, management company or combination. 3.Which centres have public single sex swimming sessions as part of the timetable (inclusive of normal and summer time table changes).04/08/201710/07/2017Information provided
FOI04071A full list of businesses and charities that have become responsible for paying business rates between the 15-06-2017 to the 30-06-2017. Can you include the business name and address, with the type of property and also the date that they started paying business rates.01/08/201707/07/2017Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI04074Fairlie Park, Ringwood the actual "final formal comment" that Ian Barker stated in his comment on-line to Richard Natt on 8th June, that he would be making. I would also like to see any other communications from the Applicant's ecologist apart from the 6th June note from him, you subsequently sent me.02/08/201718/07/2017Information provided
FOI04088planning development information. Specifically, I am interested in the total number of developments (as defined by the The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011) that took place between 1st June 2016 and 1st June 2017 within various planning authorities.09/08/201726/07/2017Information provided
FOI041041. Private tenants claiming housing benefit from a Bed and Breakfast and/or all other accommodation with board and lodgings a. This information broken down by financial year (1st April - 31st March), i.e. the above number in 2010/2011; 2011/2012; 2012/2013; 2013/2014; 2014/2015; 2015/2016 2. Private tenants claiming housing benefit from a Bed and Breakfast and/or all other accommodation with board and lodgings (as described above) on 1st January in each of the above years.21/08/201727/07/2017Information supplied
FOI041071. How many council housing units have been sold under the Right to Buy 'additional sales' scheme (i.e. subject to the one-for-one additions policy) since the start of 2012/13?2. How many council housing units have been 'started on site' or acquired under the one-for-one additions policy as replacements for units sold under the additional sales scheme since the start of 2012/13? 3. How many council housing units have been sold under the Right to Buy scheme since the start of 2012/13 other than those listed in response to question 1?4. How many council housing units have been 'started on site' or acquired since the start of 2012/13 other than those listed in response to question 2?18/08/201731/07/2017Information supplied
FOI04110Copies of any agreement governing supply of water to residential tenants within the last 6 years, including any agreements (whenever agreed) between Water Authorities and the Council from whom stock has been transferred. A copy of all pro forma tenancy agreements between the Council and its residential tenants from the time the Council first recovered water charges in the rent (suitably anonymised).The date when the Council first incorporated water charges into its tenancy agreements as a rental payment.The date when the Council ceased to recover water charges in residential tenancy agreements as a rental payment. Decisions and minutes from any meetings within the local authority deciding to incorporate the water rates in the residential tenancy agreements.The number of Council owned residential properties in your administrative area.22/08/201727/07/2017Information provided
FOI04113Have housing staff been instructed to ask an individual applying for housing in your local authority whether he/she has served in the Armed Forces? (Please answer with either yes, no, don't know, other) Do staff routinely ask an individual applying for housing in your local authority whether he/she has served in the Armed Forces? (Please answer with either yes, no, don't know , other)24/08/201727/07/2017Information provided

Service: 4-Governance and Regulation

FOI03688Please send a zip file (or some other way of grouping files) of all final responses and any attachments of all FOI requests you have responded to from January 1st 2016 to today. If you consider this to take more than the acceptable time limit please provide your FOI log indexing requests and their outcomes.-13/07/2017Closed - clarification not received
FOI039821) The amount of money spent on specialist domestic violence refuge support services during FY2007/2008, FY 2008/2009, FY 2009/2010, FY 2010/2011, FY2011/2012, FY2012/ 2013, FY2013/2014, FY2014/2015, FY2015/2016 and FY2016/2017 (FY denotes financial year in this request) 2) The amount of money spent on supported housing during each year specified for domestic violence victims and their kin.16/06/201714/06/2017Information provided
cencedFOI039831) The number of specialist refuges for women/non-binary victims of domestic violence and their kin with specialist needs (BaMER, LGBT, disabled, those with mental health conditions, problematic substance users, older women/non-binary people) in each the council area, and the maximum capacity of these refuges, in FY2007/2008, FY 2008/2009, FY 2009/2010, FY 2010/2011, FY2011/2012, FY2012/ 2013, FY2013/2014, FY2014/2015, FY2015/2016 and FY2016/2017 2) The amount of local authority money spent on refuge services for women with specialist needs, in each financial year specified in Q116/06/201714/06/2017Information provided
FOI04025Details in respect to the contracts below, details of which can be found on the third page of the attached document: e-ITT for the provision of Legionella Testing Services11/07/201706/07/2017Information provided
FOI04026Information on billing and collection rates for Direct Debits11/07/201710/07/2017Information provided
FOI04030Details of any enforcement action, or warnings or any other issues that there have been with the premises over the last 2 years, which resulted or may result in any proceedings being bought under the Licensing Act 2003 or review of the Premises Licence in respect of noise or environmental issues;13/07/201713/07/2017Information provided
FOI04035Breakdown of how many cases of Legionnaire's disease were reported to the Council between 2013 and the present day? I'd like this broken down by year if this information is available (e.g. 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 so far). If this isn't available, a total amount of cases is fine.18/07/201714/07/2017Information supplied
FOI04045name and contact details of the manager/s in the council that are responsible for the following licences/ registrations: Premise Licence and Personal License (Alcohol & Entertainment), Food Business and Street Trading (relating mainly to cafes with outside seating).19/07/201706/07/2017Information provided
FOI04061list of current unpresented business rates refund cheques that meet the following criteria: · Refund cheques that remain unpresented 3 months after date of issue. · Refund cheques that are out of date.27/07/201719/07/2017Information provided
FOI04065Report of an injury form •Form ID number •Organisation name •Organisation Address •Incident location28/07/201726/07/2017HSE responded on behalf of the Council
FOI04070Details of any deceased persons you have dealt with which you were unable to find the next of kin from 1st March 2017 to the present time.Could you also please provide the last known address, the date of death and the date of birth, the date the case was passed onto The Duchy Solicitor or TSOL or any pending and finally the value of the estate (if known).31/07/201714/07/2017Information supplied
FOI04072The information I am requesting is the report prepared by Dale Bruce (as per the below) which relates to an incident my son was involved in at his nursery, Fawley Independent Day Nursery on 2nd June 2017.31/07/201720/07/2017Part refused - Section 40
FOI04081The amount of money the council spent on the services of external law firms and barristers in the last years (year ending March 31 2017). If this is not possible within the restrictions of the Freedom of Information Act, one year of data will suffice.04/08/201711/07/2017Information provided
FOI04084A complete list of all commercial properties within your council area (Both Ltd and Sole Trader) with details of: o Full address and postcode o Valuation Reference Number o Valuation Office Property Description o Business Name / Occupier Details o 2017 Rateable Value o Any Reliefs each property is receiving07/08/201720/07/2017Part refused - Section 40
FOI04085What is the value of property owned by the council that generates an income (excluding council housing)?How much in monetary value, if any, of this portfolio relates to residential property? What is the value of this portfolio has been purchased since 2010 specifically to generate an income? What is the estimated return on investment from the portfolio over the next five years? Eg. % rental yield Please provide the type and value of a) the largest property and b) the smallest property. What is the value, if any, of property owned outside the local authority area?08/08/201720/07/2017Information provided
FOI04090Copy of a report compiled on a dog regarding an attack29/08/201713/07/2017Part refused - Section 40
FOI04091(i) A copy of the licence for New Forest Wildlife Park. (ii) By species; a breakdown of each individual animal for which New Forest Wildlife Park has been licensed from 2007 - 2017. (iii) Of the animals listed in (ii), a breakdown by species of all animals who have been removed from those licences as a consequence of mortality, including culling.11/08/201724/07/2017Information provided
FOI04100I am enquiring as to whether or not New Forest Council has a policy that would ban wild animals from performing in circuses on council land? If yes, does the policy extend to all animals, both wild and domestic? Is there an official policy or committee decision that documents this?16/08/201727/07/2017Information not held

Service: Multiple Services

FOI04057residential tower blocks.25/07/201718/07/2017Information held in part and provided
FOI04073departmental structure of the IT / Information Security Department within the council.Please can you confirm Names, Email addresses and where possible Telephone numbers of The Senior Management within the directorate who would be the individual responsible for compliance of GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) which takes affect May 2018.02/08/201712/07/2017Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI04039Do you have a sourcing/ brokerage or placement service who source support on behalf of adult social care If yes to the above what types of care do they source? (Domiciliary Care, Support Living, Residential and Nursing home placements, transport etc.) Do you have a sourcing/ brokerage or placement service who source care on behalf of children's services?If yes to the above what types of care do they source? (Independent Fostering Agencies, Supported Lodgings, Residential, Secure, Crisis Care, In House Fostering etc If the answer to 1 and 3 was Yes: Are these part of a combined service? If the answer to 1 was Yes: Does the adults team source for continuing health care as well or just for local authority clients ?If the answer to 1 was Yes: Do the adults team source for self-funding clients?If the answer to 1 was Yes: What is your average sourcing time in days for; Domiciliary Support Packages, Residential and Nursing Home Placements? (Sourcing time is defined, in this instance, as the length of time between the referral being received by the service and the support package start date/ placement admission date) If the answer to 1 was Yes: Does your adults team source for acute hospitals in your area? If yes is this all types of support or just specific types such as Domiciliary or Residential and Nursing. (If specific types please list the specific types)18/07/201706/07/2017Information not held
FOI04051Is the council's set of Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) indexed in digital form? If so, please may I have a copy of all the data relating to TPOs from any databases you hold regarding them. One or more CSV exports would be ideal.21/07/201726/06/2017Information not held.
FOI04056sexual health services you commission 1 How have successive cuts to the centrally funded local authority public health grant over the past few years affected sexual health service provision? 2 By how much (figure and percentage) have you reduced your spend on sexual health services in 2015-16 and/or 2016-17? 3 Which sexual health services--to include those targeted at prevention--did you cut or reduce in 2015-16 and in 2016-17? 4 By how much (figure and percentage) have you reduced your budget for professional training/education in 2015-16 and in 2016-17? 5 Will you be reducing your budget for sexual health services (figure and percentage) and/or cutting or reducing provision in 2017-18?24/07/201706/07/2017Information not held
FOI04087School Crossing Patrollers Information09/08/201712/07/2017Information not held
FOI04092• With regards to the delivery of 30 free hours of childcare, what is the per child per hour funding arrangement with the local authority from government, including for children with special educational needs and who speak English as a second language. • With regards to the delivery of 30 free hours of childcare, of your funding arrangement with government, how much per hour per child will be provided to childcare settings in the local authority area, including for children with special educational needs and who speak English as a second language. • With regards to the delivery of 30 free hours of childcare, how many places for children are required within the local authority area.11/08/201714/07/2017Information not held.
FOI04096From your allocated Public Health budget, how much did you spend on the following areas of drug and alcohol treatment? 1. Total substance misuse budget. 2. Residential rehabilitation budget (tier4) 3. Residential detoxification budget (tier 4) 4. Community substance misuse services (tier 3) Please can you provide me with the above break down for the following years 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/1815/08/201719/07/2017Information not held
FOI04114copy of your Council's Information Governance traded support offer to schools. This should include the following information: a. Actual services available under the offer b. Cost to schools per service, whether inclusive or ad hoc 2. Please provide a copy of any materials your council has created to support schools to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.24/08/201727/07/2017Information not held
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