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FOI Disclosure Log - June 2017

Requests responded to during June 2017

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: 1-Resources

FOI039701.Does your organisation keep an incident log of cyber attacks? 2.How many cyber attacks - attempted and successful - were recorded against your organisation in the last three financial years, year-by-year (ie 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17)?3.Where cyber attacks were successful, what kind of data and what amount of data, if any, was lost or stolen? Was it confidential?4.For each case, please confirm:- the type of attack (eg ransomware, denial of service etc) 5.What specific demand, if any, was made to resolve the attack? Did the organisation comply?6.Whether the attack was reported to police or other responsible authority? Was the attacker traced/convicted?09/06/201706/06/2017Information provided
FOI03975The total number of computers on the network in your head council office (including laptops, but excluding mobile devices such as phones and iPads). The total number of computers on the network in your head office (including laptops, but excluding mobile devices such as phones and iPads) that have Microsoft Windows XP as their operating system. The amount of money spent, or allocated to spend, on upgrading the Windows XP operating system in the current financial year. The total amount of any monies paid to Microsoft for services relating to support for Windows XP in the 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 financial years.13/06/201706/06/2017Information provided
FOI03994The amount spent on the development of mobile applications by the Council during each of the last 3 years·The number of mobile applications the Council has had developed during each of the last 3 years· Who the Council used to develop apps during the last 3 years - internal / external. If external which organization(s)?23/06/201716/06/2017Information supplied
FOI03996Does your Local Authority have in-house provision for technology and telecare services and what percentage of the total amount is spent with external providers?2) How much did your Local Authority spend on assistive technology and telecare services in 2015/16 and 2016/17 and how much is it planning to spend in 2017/18 on either a 'spot' or 'block' contract basis? 3) How many service users in your area received assistive technology and telecare services on 1st April 2015, 1st April 2016 and 1st April 2017? 4) Please provide; full names, job titles and contact details (including telephone numbers and email addresses) of the responsible Managers and Officers and what section / department these staff are part of? 5) Please provide details of any forthcoming tenders and contract renewals for such services? I would also be very interested in reading any other comments about commissioning and implementation of assistive technology and telecare services, including any other requirements in your area you might have.26/06/201713/06/2017Information provided
FOI04001the organisation's Local Area Network (LAN) contract28/06/201727/06/2017Part refused - Sec 31 and 43
FOI04005Approximate breakdown of how your CCTV control room is funded. a brief breakdown of the portioned approximations would be really helpful (e.g. x% from local businesses, x% from the city council, x% from police contributions, x% from alternative initiatives such as a home call alarm system).29/06/201729/06/2017Information provided

Service: 2-Operations

FOI03963Do you use the EDOC system for commercial waste? ( 1b, If not, are there any specific reasons why it has not been implemented? 2: What commercial waste streams do you collect?07/06/201706/06/2017Information provided
FOI03972number of Community Protection Notices (CPN) issued to a person responsible for a dog when the dog has shown it's capable of aggression since October 2014. 1 (a) if possible, the month and year of when the CPN was issued. 2. Please can you provide what the CPN ordered the responsible person to do, eg. do specified things like muzzling the dog.12/06/201706/06/2017Information provided
FOI03989•How many vehicles are in your council's fleet and type (specifically refuse collection and recycling vehicles) •Does the council have a waste contractor? If so, who holds the current contract? •Name and contact details of the Fleet / Transport Manager •Name and contact details of the Communications / Marketing Manager21/06/201712/06/2017Information supplied
FOI039971- Do you use a public buying organisation 2-Name of your supplier for gas 3-Name of your supplier for Non half hourly electricity 4-Name of your supplier for half hourly electricity 5-The end date of your contract for these energy supply contracts.26/06/201708/06/2017Information supplied
FOI04006How many 'no idling zones/areas' were in operation in your local authority in the calendar years 2014, 2015 & 2016?How many £20 fixed penalty notices have been issued by your authority to drivers for leaving engines running (after being asked to switch engines off) in the calendar years 2014, 2015, 2016? How many environment protection officers were employed by your authority in the calendar years 2014, 2015, 2016 and at present?30/06/201730/06/2017Information supplied
FOI04044plastic access membership cards purchased by the council for their Health and Leisure centres. •Are cards purchased centrally for all 5 leisure centres? Or does each centre purchase their own cards?•What type of access cards does NFDC use? i.e. are they Magnetic stripe, Mifare or other smart technology? If different centres use different cards can you tell me which is used in each centre?•What is the procurement process for these items? i.e. do you advertise on a procurement portal or simply request quotations?If you have a current 'contract' for these items can you tell me when that expires please?19/07/201723/06/2017Information supplied

Service: 3-Economy, Housing and Planning

FOI03914Full range of policies and guidance in relation to the use of rented social housing as a bed and breakfast businesses by your tenants and those in Housing Association accommodation. I understand that the term bed and breakfast covers a range of business and other models including those such as Air BNB. [1]16/05/201723/06/2017Information supplied
FOI03933Env Info Regulation
All correspondence held by New Forest District Council in relation to Mockbeggar Lakes, Ibsley Lakes and Mockbeggar & Ibsley Lakes. I am requesting all information held by New Forest District Council since 1 January 2000.
24/05/201707/06/2017Part refused - Regulation 12(5)(f) and 13(1)
FOI03960I should be grateful if you would provide me with the following information in respect of each domestic gas boiler installation reported to the Council's Building Control Department for the period from 1st January 2009 to 31st December 2011: •Address where the boiler was installed •Notification date of boiler installation06/06/201701/06/2017Part refused - Section 40
FOI03971Contract to construct homes since January 2012: 1. Name of scheme 2. Name of main contractor (and developer, if different) 3. Postal address of the development 4. The planning authority responsible for the site of the homes (if different) 5. Number of homes specified in the contract09/06/201705/06/2017Information supplied.
FOI03973How much did your local authority area spend on employment support services for people with a learning disability in the following financial years, and how many people with a learning disability did this investment support in that period. 2015/2016 2014/2015 2013/2014 2012/ 2013 2011/2012 2010/201112/06/201702/06/2017Information supplied
FOI03976number of recorded deaths for homeless people in your local authority for the time period 01/01/2015 - 15/5/2017. This would include all who had an open homelessness application, accessed homeless services or was known to be a rough sleeper by your local authority. I would like the information broken down by month and by age of the deceased.13/06/201707/06/2017Information not held
FOI03979full list of businesses and charities that have become liable for non domestic rates between the 1st and the 15th May 2017. I would like the business name and full address, along with the property description and the date of liability14/06/201708/06/2017Information provided - Section 40
FOI03981How many people there are on the housing waiting list wanting 1 bedroom properties in Burley / with a local connection to Burley? What date is the oldest registered date, i.e. having the most priority?The same as above for 2 bedroom properties?How many people, under 60 and over 45 are on the list that are allowed to bid for "Hard to Let" properties only? What date is the oldest registered date for this category?Are there any "Hard to Let" properties in Burley or within 2 miles available to someone over 45, however under 60?14/06/201712/06/2017Information provided
FOI03985Any current (2015/2016) numbers, facts and figures about the tourism in the New Forest National Park, an up to date map of the New Forest, Main reasons for tourists visiting the New Forest, any effects of tourism known in the region e.g. flora and fauna, local people.16/06/201730/05/2017Information supplied
FOI03987Please provide the following information for planning permissions agreed on developments of more than 10 dwellings in the financial years 2009-10 to 2016-17, or up to the latest year for which information is available. a)The planning application reference number b)Financial year in which planning permission was agreed c)Whether the application was for a site specifically allocated for residential development in the Local Plan d) The total number of homes permitted.19/06/201719/06/2017Information supplied
FOI03995credits held on your records for ratepayers in respect of payment of Business Rates. The information I require would be the Ratepayers name, address, credit amount, the property reference number and the financial year the credit sits in. This would only be for Limited Companies (corporate) and Government Bodies and not for individuals (sole traders, partnerships).26/06/201715/06/2017Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI04002Social Housing & Sustainability28/06/201702/06/2017Information provided
FOI04004A list of all properties that have any credit balance on their business rates account 2. The account number 3. The account holder 4. The property address including postcode 5. Billing authority reference number 6. The current balance 7. Account start date 8. Account end date29/06/201715/06/2017Information supplied
FOI04008A List of all business premises accurate at April 2016 with; (a) List all Commercial properties with their Rateable Values and addresses. (b) The names and addresses of the Rate payers referred to above for each property and their correspondence address (c) The full billing authority reference for each property (d) The current liability payable for the year 2015/16 & 2016/17 (e) The date the rateable occupier first became liable for the business rates (f) If the property is empty that date it became empty03/07/201727/06/2017Part refused - Section 40
FOI040101. How many automatic wash/dry toilets your authority provided by way of Grants for Disabled Home Adaptations in 2016/17? 2. How many automatic wash/dry toilets your authority provided for your own housing stock in 2016/1703/07/201708/06/2017Information supplied
FOI04011Business rate data03/07/201721/06/2017Part refused - Section 40
FOI04014A complete list of all commercial properties within your council including: • Complete with full address & postcode • Business Name / Occupier Name • Valuation Office Agency reference number • Valuation Office Agency property description • 2017 Rateable Value05/07/201716/06/2017Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI04018I'm currently in the process of compiling local authority information of addresses where non-traditional methods have been used. Several mass building projects for local authority houses were constructed using prefabricated such as concrete or steel and often had trade names such as Reema, Wates, Cornish etc. These are both pre and post war. If you have any information of such dwellings in your local authority it would be of great use.Can you also provide the type and count of each non traditional house in your council.10/07/201719/06/2017Information supplied
FOI04021Relating to unclaimed business rate credit balances.05/07/201716/06/2017Information supplied
FOI04037In each of these three calendar years 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 1)-a) - How many section 202 reviews were received?b) - Of these, how many were withdrawn by the applicant?c) Of these, how many resulted in an overturning of the original decision?d)Of these, how many upheld the original decision? 2)-a) - How many section 204 appeals were issued?b) - Of these, how many were discontinued when authority.18/07/201723/06/2017Information supplied
FOI040521 How many Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) applications did you approve between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017? 2 What was your budget for DFGs* in 2016/17? 3 How much did you spend on DFGs* in 2016/17? 4 How much DFG funding* for 2016/17 has been carried forwards into 2017/18 5 What is your budget for DFGs* in 2017/18?24/07/201728/06/2017Information provided

Service: 4-Governance and Regulation

FOI03954A copy of Environmental Health file regarding a particular incident.01/06/201701/06/2017Partial response - section 40
FOI03974Env Info Regulation
Entries on the Public Register for Contaminated land under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act (1990) since 2015.Where possible could the information be provided in the following formats in order of preference? 1. ESRI Shape File 2. GML 3. KML 4. Excel/csv
13/06/201713/06/2017Information provided
FOI03977Telecare and community equipment services held by you Details of all current contracts you have14/06/201713/06/2017Information provided
FOI03986Domestic abuse services funding for 13-17 year olds19/06/201715/06/2017Information not held
FOI03999How many public health funerals were carried out in the financial year 2011/12? 2.What was the cost of an individual public health funeral in 2011/12, separately for a) burials and b) cremations 3.What was the total cost of public health funerals for the Local Authority in 2011/12? 4.How many public health funerals were carried out in the financial year 2015/16? 5.What was the cost of an individual public health funeral in 2015/16, separately for a) burials and b) cremations; 6.What was the total cost of public health funerals for the Local Authority in 2015/16?27/06/201715/06/2017information provided
FOI04000What type of access cards does NFDC use? i.e. are they Magnetic stripe, Mifare or other smart technology?• hat is the procurement process for these items? i.e. do you advertise on a procurement portal or simply request quotations•Do you print cards in house or is this outsourced? • How much has been spent on these items over the past 2 years? From local suppliers?• Who has supplied these items over the past 2 years?• On average how many cards does DCU order over the course of a year?• What do DCU pay for their smart cards? • Can you confirm that Identity Centre Ltd's details are held on a list of potential suppliers as advised in the email below?27/06/201721/06/2017Information provided
FOI04003average time taken for the council to pay invoices submitted to it by suppliers. I would like this data for the year ending March 31 201728/06/201705/06/2017Information provided
FOI04007Please could you provide me with the following information about each private company owned, or part owned, by New Forest District Council for the dates 2011-present (including companies that have been terminated within those dates): • Name of company • Percentage owned by the council • Main objective or objectives of the company03/07/201716/06/2017Information supplied
FOI04015Information pertaining to the taxi and private hire.10/07/201713/06/2017Information provided
FOI040161.How much is the legal services department training budget? 2.How many fee earners are employed in the legal services department? 3.How many paralegals (or of equivalent title) are employed in the legal services department? 4.How many legal executives are employed in the legal services department? 5.How many solicitors are employed in the legal services department? 6.How many legal apprentices are employed in the legal services department? 7.What is the salary range of paralegals employed in the legal services department?10/07/201712/06/2017Information supplied
FOI04017Can you let me know your organisation budget for: 2016 2017 This is the total operating budget for your organisation across all departments etc.10/07/201716/06/2017Refused - Section 21
FOI04058list of all business premises within your billing area who did not receive the Retail Relief Discount in 2015 despite the rateable value being less than £50,000 at the time.25/07/201728/06/2017Request withdrawn

Service: Multiple Services

FOI03988Cost of travellers' unauthorised encampments and the process of moving them on.20/06/201716/06/2017Information supplied
FOI04013How many fines have been issued by the council for dog fouling in the last three years for which figures are available; How many complaints, referring to dog fouling, by members of the public have been made in each of the last three years for which figures are available; and How many complaints in total have been made by members of the public to the council in each of the last three years for which figures are available; broken down, where relevant, into categories of complaint.04/07/201729/06/2017Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI04054How many claims of a public right of way with regard to either a footpath or bridle path have you received in the last five years?- How much money has been spent to investigate / ensure the standard of proof is met on these claims?- How many public rights of way orders has the council made with regard to either a footpath or bridle path? - How much money has the council spent either contesting or enforcing the existence of these rights of ways with residents who live on or near the paths?24/07/201727/06/2017Information not held
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