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FOI Disclosure Log - December 2016

Requests responded to during December 2016

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: 1-Resources

FOI03614Relating to the contracts with the private sector for Facilities Management: Date the contract(s) started Length of contract(s) and when contract ends Any options to extend the contract (if so, the length of time) Name of private contractor Value of contract (if available) Brief summary of services included under the contract.20/12/201613/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03619How many Full Time Employees do you have? How many locations do you have? How many MFDs do you have? What is the annual spend on MFDs - including lease costs, consumables, costs per click and service charges? How many printers do you have? What was the annual spend on printing in the last 10 years? Please confirm the annual volumes of mono and colour prints.21/12/201620/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03623Details of Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) and printers?23/12/201620/12/2016Partial disclosure - section 12
FOI03665name and contact details of certain council officers.13/01/201722/12/2016Information supplied

Service: 2-Operations

FOI036101) In the first nine months of this year (January 1 - September 30 2016), how many parking fines (Penalty Charge Notices) have you issued? 2) How much do these parking fines add up to in £, using the reduced fine amount if paid within a certain period of time AND the initial fine amount. (for example "X council have issued fines adding up to between £50,000 and £100,000 depending on whether the driver paid within 14 days or waited until the 28 day limit"). This is not how much money you received from fines, but asking if everyone had paid their fines, how much would your issued fines be worth. 3) Of those that paid fines issued between January 1 and September 30 2016, how much money was paid?19/12/201614/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03620Regarding the "Hurst Road East Car Park" at Milford-on-Sea 1) How many days has this car park been open to the public as a public car park in say the past 10-years - with a break-down year by year. 2) How many days has this car park been open for use as something other for car parking in the past 10-years - with a break-down year by year. 3) With regard to (2) please advise what these uses have been for.21/12/201614/12/2016Information not held.
FOI036291.     Who is the key contact for Leisure Services, please provide contact details 2.     Please list all facilities that are under ownership / responsibility of the authority (please include contact and address details). 3.     What is your current annual budget in terms of capital and revenue for leisure facilities please provide a breakdown of costs per-facility if possible for the next 5 years. 4.     What is the current delivery (operational management model) o   Direct in house o   Outsourced (private operator) o   Outsourced (local trust) o   Outsourced (national trust)30/12/201622/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03661Sue Ryder shop in Ringwood11/01/201719/12/2016withdrawn

Service: 3-Economy, Housing and Planning

FOI03588Regarding a Planning Enforcement case29/11/201629/11/2016Information partially supplied- Section 41
FOI03597• How many mandatory HMO, additional HMO and selective licences have been issued in each of the last 5 calendar years (2011-15) • What is the average length of time to process each type of licence application for the 5-year period? • How many applications that are up to 3 months old; 3-6 months old; 7-12 months; older than a year, where a licensed has not been issued?12/12/201606/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03598- How many households are currently registered on your housing register (and actively seeking a home)? - How many households applied to join your housing register in the 2015-2016 financial year? - How many of those households were accepted onto the register? - How many of those applicants were turned down? - What were the main reasons why they were turned down? - What are your council's local connection requirements? - How many households on your housing register are transfer tenants seeking transfer to a new property?12/12/201629/11/2016Partial disclosure - Section 12
FOI03599All breach of condition notices issued by the council in relation to planning in the last five years.12/12/201609/12/2016Information supplied
FOI036031) What services are you currently commission specifically for women affected by: substance use problems mental health problems homelessness involvement in offending 2) For each type of service commissioned: What organisation delivers the service and what are their contact details? How many women can they support at any one time? When does the current contract end?14/12/201609/12/2016Information not held.
FOI03608Please could you provide me with the gross cost of a. bed and breakfast hotels and b. temporary accommodation used to accommodate households under the 1996 Housing Act, in 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16.16/12/201613/12/2016Information supplied
FOI036091 - How many unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) have been placed with your authority in the past 5 years (or the last 5 years for which information is available)? Breakdown per year please. 2 - Of those, how many were age assessed? Breakdown per year please. 3 - How many of those age assessments found the UASC to be 18 or over?19/12/201602/12/2016Information not held.
FOI036241.Please can you confirm how many people are currently on the Priority but Non Resident list? 2.How many people on the Non Resident list have been re-housed by the New Forest District Council and in what timescales? 3.A copy of any policies reference victims of domestic abuse and re-housing; 4.Data in respect of re-housing victims of domestic abuse from out of area in the New Forest area.20/12/201621/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03625A list of all Public Houses/Pub Restaurants (National Scheme) including addresses with Rateable values between £100 and £12000 who do not currently receive Small Business Rate Relief.30/12/201608/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03626Please can you send over a full list of companies, businesses and charities with in your council area, that have become liable for business rates between to 12th Nov 16 to the 1st Dec 16.30/12/201629/12/2016Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI03632•How many Gypsy and traveller transit, residential/permanent, and Travelling Show people sites are there in New Forest District, and at which locations? •How many pitches does each of these sites have? - So, approximately how many people does each site accommodate? •Have any future, potential sites been identified - if so, where are they and for how many pitches/people? •Does the council currently have an official plan for Gypsy/traveller site provision? - If so, when was it created? •How many more transit, permanent and Travelling Show people sites are currently needed in the district, and by when? •Since March 2012, how many new transit, permanent and Travelling Show people sites have been created, and for how many pitches/people?30/12/201613/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03644A spreadsheet of the 2016/17 Annual Network Update Plans for Mobile Telecommunication installations within the boundary of your authority?06/01/201709/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03656What is your total council house waiting list? How many people have been on a waiting list for a council owned/arm's length run property for a) 5 years or b) 10 years?11/01/201714/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03657dates of a housing benefit.10/01/201730/12/2016Refused - Section 40
FOI03658business rates credit on account: 1.The Address of each non-domestic property within the Billing Authority area with a credit on account 2.The Billing Authority Reference number of each property 3.The Rateable Value of each property 4.The full name of the Rate Payer at each property 5.The calendar date that the current Rate Payer first became liable for the business rates at each property 6.Amount of credit on account 7.What year the credit was created and applied to the account (NOT the year to which the credit applies)11/01/201729/12/2016Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI036621) total number of all assessments liable for non-domestic (business) rates in the local authority area. 2) in the financial years 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016 to 30th November 2016 please advise:- I) total number of summons issued in the Magistrates Court for non-payment either in whole or in part of non-domestic (business rates) II) total number of Liability Orders obtained in the Magistrates Court for non-payment either in whole or in part of non-domestic (business rates).12/01/201719/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03668A copy of your policy or any guidance notes relating to pre application discussions for both building control and planning applications. Any specific guidance, internal memos within the last 5 years relating to timing of when pre applications discussions..16/01/201719/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03675•In the last five financial years how much in Council Tax was not collected by your authority? •In the last five financial years how much in Business Rates was not collected by your authority? •In the last five years how much have you put Council Tax up by? In total over that period.19/01/201729/12/2016Information supplied

Service: 4-Governance and Regulation

FOI03592A copy of licensing application07/12/201630/11/2016Partial disclosure - Section 40
FOI036071. What system do you currently use for recording and managing the FOI requests your authority receives? 2. The initial cost to set up and implement this system. 3. The Annual Cost of this system. 4. Have you changed system in the last 5 years? a. If yes, which system did you use previously?16/12/201605/12/2016Information supplied
FOI036121, All zoo inspection reports (and pre-audit inspections) for the period 01/01/2010 to the present. 2, Copies of all stock lists for the same period. Where stock lists are not held for previous years, please provide the latest. 3, A copy of the zoo licence, and details of any conditions attached to the licences. 4, Copies of all correspondence relating to zoo license conditions between the zoo and the local authority for the same period.19/12/201619/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03616Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) and Community Protection Notice (CPN) powers, since October 2015. 1. Has your local authority brought through any Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) since October 2015? If so, please give details of the PSPOs (please provide the text of the order(s), and if possible a map of the area affected). 2. Please state the council body or official who enacted the PSPO (eg, was the PSPO passed by a designated council officer, a designated committee, or full council?). 3. How have your council's existing PSPOs been enforced since October 2015? For example, please give the number of on-the-spot fines or prosecutions for violation of any PSPO; or any other available statistics regarding enforcement, for example alcohol confiscations.20/12/201619/12/2016Information supplied
FOI036301.Please provide BASIC pay bill costs in £000s for the financial year 2015/16 for staff employed on NJC Green Book conditions ONLY. Please exclude any school support staff based in schools from these pay bill costs. 2.Please provide GROSS TOTAL pay bill costs in £000s for the financial year 2015/16 for staff employed on NJC Green Book conditions ONLY. Please exclude any school support staff based in schools from these pay bill costs.30/12/201619/12/2016Information supplied
FOI03635'premises licensing' department: • venue name (i.e. Liquid, Wetherspoons', etc.); • postal address (including full postcode); • maximum permitted occupancy (i.e. venue capacity); • permitted opening/operating hours; and • to the extent known, venue type (i.e. bar, pub, club, etc.),04/01/201712/12/2016Refused - Section 21

Service: Multiple Services

FOI03606Please could you tell me how much money has been spent by your council on bird control measures (primarily pigeons) in each of the past three financial years please and provide details of the types of control measures used (e.g. shooting, roof spikes, hawk-use etc).16/12/201606/12/2016Information not held.
FOI036131) How many people are known to still be unable to return to their homes due to damage caused by last winter's floods? 2) How many households are known to still be unable to return to their homes due to the damage caused by last winter's floods? 3) How many people/households/businesses (please break down the figures) are still receiving council tax rebates because they are unable to return to their homes/businesses following last winter's floods. (Local authorities can use powers under Section 13A of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 to grant council tax discounts on properties affected by flooding.)20/12/201619/12/2016Information supplied
FOI036341. Please provide the name of the software supplier and product name used within your Local Authority for the following business functions: - Building Control - Planning (Development Control) - Local Land Charges - Environmental Health - Grounds Maintenance - Address Management (LLPG) - Licensing (inc Taxi's, alcohol, etc) - Private Sector Housing - Trading Standards - Waste Management 2. Please provide the current contract end date for the each of these contracts 3. Please advise on the current contract value and the annual support and maintenance for each of these contracts30/12/201620/12/2016Information supplied

Service: Not NFDC

FOI036281. Do you have a Child Sexual Exploitation team at the council? (It may work under another name) 2. When was this team formed? 3. Has this team been expanded in any way - be it budget or staff, or scope in the last two years? 4. Can you explain how, if it has expanded?30/12/201602/12/2016Information not held.
FOI036311) How many Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) is the local authority currently responsible for? (As of November 30, 2016, or nearest marker.) 2) What is the breakdown, by nationality and by gender, of the UASC currently in your care? (As of November 30, 2016, or nearest marker.) 3) What was the total cost of UASC to the council's budget each year in the last 12 months? 4) How many UASC have been identified by the local authority as being over the age of 18 in the last 12 months? (Please state their nationality and gender in each case.)30/12/201602/12/2016Information not held.
FOI03637Speeding in Bashley Road and Bashley Common Road, Bashley, New Milton05/01/201706/12/2016Information not held.
FOI03639•Reports and status from lighting conditions, snow and ice, road obstructions, potholes, drainage problems on roads and puddles, flooding •Current, planned and unplanned road works •Live incidents •Traffic signs •Road closures •Road surface status04/01/201706/12/2016Info not held.
FOI03654How many schools in your area/authority do you deem as a) under capacity? b) full and c) over capacity? Will your local authority be in need of yet more additional primary school places by September 201711/01/201712/12/2016Info not held.
FOI03666Supply copies of all responses provided by your local authority to the Home Office correspondence concerning local authority capacity to care for unaccompanied asylum seeking children.13/01/201716/12/2016Information not held.
FOI036691. How many sports coaches or people involved in overseeing sports clubs have been referred to your LADO or designated officer, or authority, because of child welfare concerns, broken down by year over the last three full calendar years 2014, 2015 and 2016. 2. Please say which sports were involved.16/01/201716/12/2016Information not held.
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