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FOI Disclosure Log - October 2016

Requests responded to during October 2016

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: 1-Resources

FOI03498Information on HR/Payroll services14/10/201611/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03500Questions regarding your IT network infrastructure.17/10/201614/10/2016Information supplied

Service: 2-Operations

FOI03448From July 2014 till July 2016 how many parking contravention notices were issues in the Market Place between Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul and Prezzo/Noisy Lobster restaurants - around the Sundial not the road.07/09/201606/09/2016Information supplied

Service: 3-Economy, Housing and Planning

FOI034731. The total number of residential properties in the council area as of August 2016, broken down by Middle Super Output Area (MSOA); and 2. The total number of residential properties that have been empty for: a) less than six months; and b) six months or longer; as of August 2016, broken down by Middle Super Output Area (MSOA).27/09/201604/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03474Who has complained regarding planning enforcement case.26/09/201626/09/2016Refusal - section 40
FOI03491Details of planning applications under Class MB/Q of the General Permitted Development Order for the conversion of agricultural buildings into residential use.10/10/201627/09/2016Information supplied
FOI03496Council's correspondence with Police on a specific Planning Enforcement issue.04/10/201603/10/2016Info not held.
FOI03497How much 'Mitigation Strategy' money has your Council collected since June 2014 and how has it been expended?13/10/201628/09/2016Information supplied
FOI03503The total number of times an extension to a Planning Performance Agreement PPA has been requested to house builders in the past five years The reasons why an extension has been requested.18/10/201624/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03504We are looking to gather details of the major allocations for your local authority area from the following sources: Development Plans - Consultation, submission and adopted; Growth Fund Project / Local Enterprise Partnership Initiative; Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment; and Employment Land Availability Assessment.21/10/201611/10/2016Information supplied
FOI035071. Please list the job-titles of all your current employees who work directly with private sector owners to bring private sector empty property back into use for housing ('empty homes work'); and for each job-title listed a) estimate the Full-Time-Equivalent [FTE] staff resource spent on* empty homes work; and b) the FTE resource formally allocated to* empty homes work; and c) specify the amount the resource, if any, that is on time-limited contracts. 2.Please provide information identical18/10/201618/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03510Details of major planning applications.18/10/201611/10/2016Information supplied
FOI035171. The number of beneficiaries that receive Direct Payments currently 2. The average monthly payment to these beneficiaries 3. The number of beneficiaries that received Direct Payments in 2015.24/10/201606/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03522Request for information regarding planning applications for amateur radio aerials and masts.31/10/201614/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03524Full structure and details of each job role within the planning department. Full structure and details of each job role within the Building Control department. Name and contact details for every person within a management position within the planning31/10/201614/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03526Can you please send me a full list of companies/businesses that have become liable for business rates between the 15th September 2016 to the 04th October 2016. Include the business name and address, rv and date they became liable.01/11/201604/10/2016Refused - Section 21 and 40.
FOI03528A list of both credit balances and credit balance write ons accrued01/11/201604/10/2016Refused - Section 21
FOI03531A full list of businesses, companies and charities that have become responsible for business rates between the 15th Sept 2016 - 06th Oct 2016.03/11/201610/10/2016Refused - section 21 and 40.
FOI03533How many properties does the council have within its social housing stock that contain solid fuel appliances either directly managed by the council or through a housing association ?04/11/201612/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03537(a) addresses and rateable values of Commercial properties that are within your District Council up to a rateable value of £11,000 who are not receiving any sort of Small Business rate relief.11/11/201621/10/2016Refusal - section 21 and 40
FOI03542Location of all Town and/or Village Greens within the district. Including all information on date registered and the Town/Village Green number.09/11/201618/10/2016Information not held.
FOI03544ALL premises within the Billing Authority area that have a business rates credit on account.10/11/201621/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03545In each of the past three years from January to December (or April to March, depending on how you record the information) how many households paid council tax to your local authority? In each of the past three years from January to December (or April to March, depending on how you record the information), how many households claimed a 25% council tax reduction due to one occupant being medically certified as 'severely mentally impaired'?10/11/201621/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03552Dear Sir/Madam, 1. Current overpayment/credit shown if credit balance has not been carried forward. 2.Accounts where a 'write on' has been used since 1st April 2000 to cancel an overpayment which has not since been revised.15/11/201621/10/2016Partial disclosure - section 21 and 40

Service: 4-Governance and Regulation

FOI034541. How many air pollution monitors are actively recording and measuring air pollution levels in New Forest District Council? 2. What pollutants do these monitors measure? (if different for each monitor please provide breakdown) 3. How many of these air pollution monitors are within 10 metres of a primary or secondary school? If possible please provide co-ordinates of schools.12/09/201608/09/2016Information supplied
FOI03479An extract from the annual complaints reports data for every aggressive animal complaint for 2015 and 2016 to date, including: The date the complaint was submitted. The specie of the animal that caused the complaint. The variety/breed of the animal that caused the complaint. A description of the complaint. If it was a repeat complaint about the same animal. (Yes or No)29/09/201628/09/2016Information not held.
FOI03484How much money your local authority spent enforcing regulations on emissions control, waste and contaminated land (separately) in 1995, 2005 and 2015 (separately).How many FTE staff you had employed on emissions control, waste and contaminated land(s(separately) in 1995, 2005 and 2015 (separately). Whether the income received from industry charges for these regulations04/10/201605/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03494Council's existing contracts relating to facilities management.11/10/201630/09/2016Information supplied
FOI03499A full copy of the successful tender questionnaire and pricing schedule for the successful bidding company in the recent tender : provision of Tree Maintenance Services for New Forest District Council and Test Valley Borough Council , that was awarded within the last month.14/10/201614/10/2016Refused - S43
FOI03501- Total number of taxi drivers active - For the past five years - Number of complaints received by the council for matter relating to taxi drivers - For the past five years18/10/201617/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03505What is the number of public health funerals carried out by, or on behalf of, the council in the year to August 2016? I would like the same information for the years 2015, 2013, 2010 and 2000? What was the cost to the council of providing public health funerals for each year in the decade since 2006 and in the year 2000? What was the age of the oldest and youngest person for 2016? What was the gender breakdown for 2016? What type of funeral was provided - ie burial or cremation?20/10/201618/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03509Names and addresses of Licensed Dog Breeding Establishments within your authority.21/10/201613/10/2016Information supplied
FOI035121. From July 2016 to any pending please provide details of any deceased persons you have dealt with who have no known next of kin (or you cannot find next of kin). 2. Date of Death and Date of Birth. 3. Last known address. 4. The date passed onto TSOL or The Duchy Solicitor (plus any pending). 5. The approximate value of estate.20/10/201618/10/2016Information supplied
FOI035131. Has the Council in any capacity entered into a contract, whether formal or otherwise and whether for payment or not, for the services of Prospect PS Limited, including but not restricted to: a.its duties in respect of 'public health funerals' and associated matters in relation to property owned by the deceased person who has been the subject of the funeral and/or b. dealing with long-term empty properties where the Council is intervening using relevant powers?20/10/201617/10/2016Information not held.
FOI035151. Please supply figures on the number of reportable incidents recorded in nurseries and other non domestic childcare settings in your area. Please supply figures for the last two full years for which figures are available, broken down by year. 2. If there is a breakdown of the types or severity of incidents reported please supply the figures.24/10/201617/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03516Please could you send me a list of all business that have registered since August 1st 2016 in an excel file if possible.24/10/201617/10/2016Information supplied.
FOI03521relating to payment terms with your suppliers; and of complaints you have received and prosecutions you have sought over construction firms and electrical firms carrying out fraudulent behaviour.31/10/201604/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03527Inspection report21/10/201605/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03535Overseas voting entitlement a) The TOTAL number of registered overseas voters; b) The number of overseas voters who have permanent postal vote set up; c) The number of overseas voters who registered a postal vote specifically for the above referendum07/11/201613/10/2016Refused.
FOI03536Amount of money the department spent on the services of external law firms and barristers for each of the last three years (years ending March 31).08/11/201617/10/2016Information supplied
FOI035391) Does this this council allow circuses with performing animals that were caught in the wild, to use council owned land for its shows (or any other business)? 2) Does the council allow circuses with performing animals that are normally wild, but were bred in captivity, to use council land for its shows?10/11/201614/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03547How much money did employees at your council spend using electronic purchasing cards (procurement cards) over the last three financial years? 1. I would like the total sums broken down by: 2013-14 2014-15 2015-1611/11/201617/10/2016Information not held.
FOI035491) Can you please provide the estimated number of shisha cafes known to you in your local authority area for the following dates: i) January 2012, ii) January 2013, iii) January 2014, iv) January 2015, v) January 2016. 2) Can you please provide a copy of the latest guidance documents that you send to shisha cafes that aim to provide legislative information around the sale and consumption of shisha tobacco, such as the smoke free law, underage use, packaging and labelling, health & safety, and advertisement.14/11/201617/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03554How many taxi drivers are licensed by the authority? How many of those have registered home addresses outside the authority? How many of those licensed have registered home addresses in: - Mansfield (Nottinghamshire) - Ashfield (Nottinghamshire) - Nottingham - Sheffield - Greater London - Manchester - Birmingham16/11/201628/10/2016Information supplied
FOI03556How much money has been paid to exorcists over the past 12 months for properties owned or operated by your organisation.18/11/201631/10/2016Information supplied

Service: Not NFDC

FOI035111.Do you have a contract with an NHS provider to carry out a post-mortem service on behalf of the coroner/local authority? If the answer to question 1 is yes, please state which NHS trusts or hospitals these contracts are with? 3.If the answer to question 1 is no, what provisions do you have in place to carry out post- mortems? 4. What is the value, in total, of19/10/201623/09/2016Info not held.
FOI03519How many children with special needs or disabilities could not get a primary school place within their local area a) In 2013/14 b) In 2014/15 c) In 2015/1627/10/201603/10/2016Info not held.
FOI035251)Please state how many children were taken into the care of your local authority because of concerns that they were at risk of radicalisation. 2)Please state how many children were placed onto child protection plans because of concerns that they we01/11/201604/10/2016Info not held.
FOI03529How many children have been suspended for physical assaults on school teachers [adults] in the academic years below by children at primary schools in your council area (including local authority maintained schools, academies and free schools)?01/11/201604/10/2016Info not held.
FOI03548"What percentage of looked - after children in your local authority are placed in homes with foster careers who they are already related too?" For example, they may be living with foster careers who are their; grandparents, uncles, aunties or other extended family members, this is sometimes referred to as "kinship fostering". In terms of time periods please could you supply the most current statistic available.14/11/201617/10/2016Information not held.
FOI035501. How many referrals have been made to your local authority in relation to allegations against an employee of a nursery? That would cover all nurseries including those which are connected to schools. 2. Please supply the last two years worth of figures broken down by year.14/11/201618/10/2016Information not held.
FOI03558Does your local authority exempt an individual's War Pension - also referred to as the War Pension Scheme or War Service Pensions - from the means test for any social care received? If yes - on what basis does the exemption work? Please include any internal or external guidance used in the means testing process? If no - how many individuals receiving care or support with care have their War Pension taken into account when they receive any means tested care?18/11/201621/10/2016Info not held.
FOI03559SCHOOL FINANCE18/11/201621/10/2016Info not held.
FOI035701) Mental health residential care with and without nursing services, 2) Learning disability residential care with and without nursing services.25/11/201631/10/2016Information not held.
Published: 24 Mar 2017
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