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Due to the latest information and advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are having to temporarily suspend acceptance of new Right to Buy applications.

We also cannot process existing applications that require a valuation, due to our valuers being unable to visit properties. This will be the case whilst social distancing and self-isolation measures remain in force.

Applications that have been valued and/or have received an offer of sale can proceed as normal, although we will temporarily suspend any completion deadlines.

We are following government advice and updates about any impact on our services will be added here as soon as possible:

RTB - I want to buy my home

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For any specific queries relating to your own circumstances, you should first contact the government's official Right to Buy Agent service.

The information shown here offers a basic guide to the Right to Buy (RTB) process.


RTB Eligibility

Can I buy my home?

There is eligibility criteria that applies to people and property.

Generally, if you are a secure tenant and have been a tenant with us, another social landlord or the armed forces for at least three years, it is likely that you can buy your home.


Who cannot buy?

If we discover that the property is not your only or main home, you will not be able to buy.

If you are not one of our tenants or you do not have a secure tenancy, you have no right to buy your home.

If you have any legal problems with debt, or there is an outstanding possession order, you do not have the RTB.

Some properties, such as those that are considered to be particularly suitable for elderly people, are excluded from the RTB.

Someone who is not a family member or who has not been living at the property for at least one year will not be able to share the RTB.


RTB Applying

How much does it cost to apply?

There is no charge. It is free to apply. However we will only supply one set of documents at each stage of the application. If you misplace or destroy any documents and need them to be replaced, we will charge a fee for reissue. This is currently £36.


How do I apply?

Once you have carefully considered the benefits or not of owning your home, you must submit a formal application form to us.

You can complete your application online or download a form here. The form will have to be printed and signed by all tenants and family members before it is sent to us.

You will also need to complete the adobe icon consent form for independent verification checks [195kb] and the adobe icon Financial information form [95kb] and provide an adobe icon address history for each applicant [76kb].

An application will be considered incomplete until we receive all the information requested.

Please note that we are unable to provide an estimate of the market value of your home and if you live in a flat the service charges that might be applicable, until we have determined that you have the RTB and we have completed our own valuation.

If you want an idea of the value of your home, you could speak to a local estate agent, use a search engine to find a suitable website, or appoint a surveyor to value your home. Whichever steps you choose to take, we shall still follow our procedures to determine the value. 


What happens after you receive my application?

We will need from you and anyone sharing the RTB the extra information mentioned above. We will contact you about this upon receipt if it has not been sent in at the same time.

The extra details are to enable us to complete check each applicant's credit report and also to liaise with other teams and landlords where necessary. We may need to meet with you to complete our checks.

The purpose of these checks are to determine the RTB for you and anyone sharing the RTB, and also for the detection and prevention of fraud.

Once everything has been fully assessed, we will tell you if you do or do not have the RTB.


How long will this take?

The booklet contains a step-by-step guide stating what we need to do and how long we have to complete each task.

The length of time can differ and will depend on your tenancies, whether you live in a house or flat, and how long you take to send us any information that we need to complete our checks.


RTB Buying

Will anyone have to visit my home?

If you have the RTB, we will need to determine the value of your home. We will need to instruct a valuer to visit you. They will arrange a date and time with you. They will then send us a report with their valuation for the property.

We will use this to decide the market value and after working out your discount, we can then issue you with an offer of sale which will state how much it will cost you to buy your home.


What should I do with the paperwork that I receive?

You should read this thoroughly and act on any advice we provide. Keep all letters and other paperwork in a safe place. It will be required by your solicitor to help complete your purchase. If any paperwork is lost or destroyed, we will charge an administration fee to issue replacements. You will need to pay us the administration fee in advance. This is currently £36 for each set of documents you request. There is a separate fee if you want to make changes to your application.

If you are using a solicitor, they must contact us so that we know that they are acting on your behalf. We will then instruct our legal team to act on our behalf and from that point all contact must be conducted between your solicitor and our legal team.


What discount will I receive?

The discount will depend upon the value of your home and how long you have been a tenant.

If you live in a house, you will be entitled to a minimum 35% discount. If you live in a flat the minimum is 50%. In both cases, the maximum discount is 70%.

Regardless of the percent discount you are eligible for, the cash amount will not exceed £82,800 for applications received from 6 April 2019, or £80,900 if you applied before this date.


Does the discount have to be paid back?

Please see our section for those who have already bought their home using the RTB.


Title Deeds

Where a property has been sold, we do not retain the title deeds. If you have bought the property with a mortgage or loan the deeds will be retained by your lender. Your title deeds are important documents. If you hold the deeds to your property yourself, you should ensure that they are kept in a safe secure place.


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