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FOI Disclosure Log - July 2016

Requests responded to during July 2016

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: 1-Resources

FOI03373Information about your ICT expenditure.02/08/201622/07/2016Partial disclosure - section 12
FOI03377•A copy of all rental and/or access agreements for council owned land relating to mobile phone masts that have been active over the last 10 years (such as with Vodafone, EE, O2, Three, Orange, T-Mobile, Arqiva or H3G) •A breakdown of yearly income from the land rental/access agreements described above by site, including the land owner's name/company going back 10 years to 2006.03/08/201629/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03396Details for the most senior member of staff who deals with professional development at your council (i.e. the person responsible for training initiatives for internal staff):12/08/201610/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03399- Does your authority have a recruitment contract with Jobs go Public - If so what is the annual cost, and renewal date - Does your authority have a recruitment contract with the Guardian - If so what is the annual cost, and renewal date - Do you use a recruitment agency? - Which agency?11/08/201627/07/2016Information supplied
FOI034021. Please advise the total staff headcount that are employed directly by New Forest District Council, with each part-time employee counted as one employee. Please exclude all temporary agency workers from this figure. 2. Please identify each supplier that New Forest District Council has a contract with to supply temporary agency workers. 3. Please identify: a. the type of contract that New Forest District Council has with each of these suppliers (preferred supplier list/ framework/ etc.16/08/201610/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03403IT Infrastructure16/08/201615/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03405•What manufacturer telephone system are you using? •How many extensions are there on your telephone system? •Who maintains your telephone system? •When does your telephone system maintenance contract expire? •Are you using Lync or Skype for Business?18/08/201609/08/2016Information supplied
FOI034141. Do you randomly breath test your staff on work premises for alcohol? YES / NO If YES - please answer the following questions; 2.Upon what legislation, regulation or framework are you using to conduct such alcohol breath tests on staff? 3.If staff are found to be over the limit (35 micro-grammes per litre of breath 35mg/L) - what is the procedure for dealing with that member of staff? 4. If staff are found to be less than the limit (35 micro-grammes per litre of breath 35mg/L) but greater19/08/201617/08/2016Information supplied
FOI034191. Whether the council has fallen victim to a ransomware virus scam (a definition of which can be found at:, or has been made aware that it has transmitted a ransomware virus scan from its email server, between 1 January 2014 and 31 July 2016 inclusive, in whichever format is easiest to supply; and 2. If the answer to question 1) is "yes", how many times the council has fallen victim.25/08/201610/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03422Does your organisation have a cyber abuse or cyber trolling/bullying or social media policy - or a related policy such as Bullying and Harassment or Internet Usage - where cyber abuse or cyber bullying is mentioned? if so can I request a copy?25/08/201623/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03424How many people are employed in your contact centre(s)?What are your opening hours?Number of telephone calls per months for the past two years (and monthly average over this period)Average handling time?First point of contact resolution rate?Average cost per contact and how this is calculated?What is the total annual cost of your contact centres(s), including staff?26/08/201609/08/2016Advised and assisted.

Service: 2-Operations

FOI03372Please provide the total expenditure from your local authority on community sports facilities and provision for the following years: a) 2012-2013, b) 2013-2014, c) 2014-2015. Please break down your response by the type of facility or provision.01/08/201618/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03383Who is the current supplier of your municipal vehicle fleet including the following vehicles: Road Sweepers, Gully Emptiers, RCV's etc? When do these contracts expire? Which department manages these vehicles and their procurement, please include contact names, emails and numbers?04/08/201611/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03401Details relating to how your organisation deals with recycling of materials collected from households and businesses. Also provide information about recycling strategy and policy, and how the recycling scheme is communicated to the public (along with details of any associated communications plan/strategy), and education regarding recycling provided to schools/public.15/08/201612/08/2016Information supplied
FOI034071.Do you manage your own parking enforcement or do you outsource it? 1a. If you outsource it, who to? When is this contract due to finish? 2.What is the approximate value of your Enforcement Software Contract? 3.How many Civil Enforcement Officers do you employ? 4.Do you manage the administration of parking appeals yourself or have you outsourced it? 4a. If you outsource it, who to? When is this contract due to finish?18/08/201615/08/2016Information supplied
FOI034231) Does your council use 240 litre bins, or a smaller size? If it's a smaller size, when did the changeover happen? 2) Does your council collect waste weekly? If it's bi-weekly, or tri-weekly, when did the changeover happen?25/08/201601/08/2016Information supplied

Service: 3-Economy, Housing and Planning

FOI03366correspondence relating to a planning and planning enforcement file.15/08/201622/08/2016Part disclosure - section 40
FOI03368Residential and Commercial Developments identified and in planning29/07/201627/07/2016Information supplied
FOI033741.Do you have any Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreements in place within the boundary of your authority? a.If you do, could you please provide details of the address/addresses covered by the agreement? 2.Are there any Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreements currently being proposed within the boundary of your authority? a.If there are, could you please provide details of the address/addresses that these proposals concern?02/08/201619/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03375Details of the credits held on your records for ratepayers in respect of payment of Business Rates.02/08/201606/07/2016Refusal - Section 21
FOI03378How many general needs properties do you have, how many supported properties do you own, rent out and rent from other landlords (figures separated). Please could you name the landlords you rent from or to, and give the numbers of units specifically for mental health.03/08/201615/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03379Cases of taxpayers with council tax arrears, how many times has the council has applied for: 1. Charging orders 2. Bankruptcy orders03/08/201605/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03380•What Revenues & Benefits System does the council use? •How many users access the system across the council? •When did the contract commence and when will it expire? •Who is the person responsible for Revenues & Benefits (name and title)? •Do you intend to evaluate alternative solutions when the contract expires? •Where is the system physically located and run - i.e. is it in house or hosted remotely (via the Cloud)?03/08/201629/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03384Whether there are any proposals for a railway, tramway, light railway or monorail within the Local Authority boundary?05/08/201625/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03385Whether there are any proposals to stop up, divert or alter an existing Public Right of Way within the Local Authority boundary? Or are there any pending proposals for a Public Right of Way within the Local Authority boundary?Or please could you advise where we can obtain this information.05/08/201608/07/2016Info not held.
FOI03386Building report04/08/201621/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03395Building report11/08/201621/07/2016Information supplied
FOI033971.Do you have any Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreements in place within the boundary of your authority? a.If you do, could you please provide details of the address/addresses covered by the agreement? 2.Are there any Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreements currently being proposed within the boundary of your authority? a.If there are, could you please provide details of the address/addresses that these proposals concern?12/08/201619/07/2016Information supplied
FOI033981. Please confirm if your printing for Council Tax /Business Rates Annual Billing is outsourced and if so, who to? 1a. If yes, when is this contract up for renewal? 2. Please confirm if your printing for Council Tax / Business Rates Daily / Ad Hoc Billing is outsourced and if so, who to? 2a. If yes, when is this contract up for renewal?11/08/201622/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03400Please can you send me a full and up to date list of businesses that have become liable for business rates between to 01/07/2016 - 15/07/2016. Could you please include the business name and date they became liable along with the full address and rateable value.12/08/201622/07/2016Refusal - Section 21 and 40
FOI03404Housing stock17/08/201617/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03406Business Rates data17/08/201622/07/2016Refused - Section 21 and 40
FOI03408copy of the list of documents held by New Forest District Council regarding Wetherspoons Restaurant19/08/201619/08/2016Partial disclosure - section 40 and 41
FOI034121) How much in New Homes Bonus grants the council received in 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16 2) For each year, please tell me what the funding was spent on 3) If you are unable to list the projects the funding was spent on, please tell me if it was allocated to the council's general funds 4) For each year, please tell me how much of the funding was allocated to the housing revenue account.22/08/201627/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03413Addresses and rateable values of Commercial properties that are within your District Council up to a rateable value of £11,000 who are not receiving any sort of Small Business rate relief.22/08/201622/08/2016Refused - Section 21 and Section 40
FOI03417Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs): How many disabled applicants successfully received DHP monies in each year since the financial year 2010/11?What is the total number of DHP applications received to date (disabled and non-disabled). How many applicants have been awarded a DHP to date (disabled and non-disabled)?How many applicants have been refused a DHP to date (disabled and non-disabled)?23/08/201601/08/2016Information supplied

Service: 4-Governance and Regulation

FOI03367Regarding EU referendum elections: 1. The final figure for the registered electorate 2. Number of votes counted in the station 3. Number of votes counted through postal votes 4. Number of ballot papers which were rejected 5. Number of votes received by ward for Remain 6. Number of votes received by ward for Leave29/07/201612/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03369The relevant details for each approved wedding premises in the UK29/07/201604/07/2016Info not held.
FOI03376A breakdown on a ward by ward basis of the results of the EU referendum in your local authority. Ideally we would like the postal votes included in the relevant ward.05/08/201612/07/2016Information supplied
FOI033811. How much funding was: a. budgeted for; b. allocated to; c. spent by; your electoral or democratic services department (or equivalent) in (i) 2010-11, (ii) 2011-12, (iii) 2012-13, (iv) 2013-14, (v) 2014-15 and (iv) to date in 2015-16?04/08/201612/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03382Regarding the issue of dog fouling in your local authority, and for the periods 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 year to date, could you please provide responses to the following questions: How many fines did your local authority hand out for dog fouling? How many reports of dog fouling were received by your local authority? What was the total value of fines handed out by your local authority out for dog fouling?04/08/201601/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03388In light of the Individual Electoral Registration: 1) the number of people who were removed from the roll as a result of the implementation of the new IER system; 2) how many of those who were removed did not subsequently re-register to vote by the time of the referendum on membership of the EU on 23 June, 2016; 3) The number of electors on the roll immediately prior to the transition date for IER;4) The number of electors on the roll as at the date of the EU referendum.08/08/201612/07/2016Information supplied
FOI033901. What council tax is being paid on 15 Moat Close (Kascabs main office). Private residential tax or Business tax? 2. Which department within the council is liable for making legal disclosure on properties which are purchased and the name and full details of the officer who heads up that department? 3. We believe that there may be a corrupt act taking place within the council officers and member. Who within the council is responsible for investigating allegations?04/08/201622/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03391The total cost the council of all civic receptions held since July 1, 2013 Details of each civic reception, including date, individual cost, purpose, location, how many guests attended, how many councillors attended and what the money spent was used to purchase.09/08/201605/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03392The total amount spent by the local authority on councillors' clothing allowances since April 6, 2013. The names of any councillors entitled to a clothing allowance at any point during this period. An itemised list of all clothing purchased by each of these councillors during this period, including the cost of each item, description of each item (i.e. a skirt), the name of the shop where it was purchased and the date of purchase.09/08/201605/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03393•Whether you have a current Dangerous Wild Animals Act licence on file for Thomas or Tommy Chipperfield •A copy of the DWA licence •Copies of any inspection reports and correspondence with the owner dated 1 January 2015 to 30 June 2016.09/08/201619/07/2016Information supplied
FOI03409a) the number of referrals the local authority has received from police forces regarding people smoking in cars carrying children, since the legislation was implemented in October 2015 b) the number of fines and/or issued by the local authority for this offence as a result c) the value of fines issued19/08/201611/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03410The age distribution of those who have registered to vote between December 2015 and May 2016 in your Local Authority.19/08/201610/08/2016Information supplied
FOI03416Your local authority website states that the council keeps a register of Food Businesses which is available to the general public. Please could you send me a list of all business that have registered in the last 60 days?23/08/201604/08/2016Information supplied

Service: Multiple Services

FOI03389What were the full evictions costs to your council for all unauthorised encampments between 01 April 2015 - 31 March 2016? These costs should include staff costs and resources, any contractor costs, court costs and legal fees, clear up costs as well as any other costs relating to evictions from unauthorised encampments.05/08/201618/07/2016information supplied
FOI03411How much funding is your council planning to make or will be making available for the Queen's birthday celebrations, at any point throughout the year, and how much of this funding will be met by your Local Authority and/or by Central Government?22/08/201616/08/2016Information supplied

Service: Not NFDC

FOI033701.The number of children that have indicated an unassigned gender in their primary school preference in each year since 2014. 2a Do you have an information/ reporting policy/guidance/management document(s) that includes categorisation/classification of such incidents? 2b Can you provide me with a copy of the latest version of these document(s)?01/08/201604/07/2016Info not held.
FOI03387The latest figures relating to vision screening in your schools?05/08/201608/07/2016Info not held.
FOI03394Local highways and road maintenance contracts.10/08/201615/07/2016Info not held.
FOI03415The amount of money council paid out during the financial year 14/15 in compensation and/or damages and/or other payments to settle civil claims relating to historical child sexual abuse.22/08/201629/07/2016Info not held.
FOI03418What is the total amount of money this Council has spent on all Transportation (including but not limited to taxi cabs, mini bus's, mini van's and escort services) for SEN children to and from their schools? Please can I have the total amount spent in 2015 and the total spend in 2016 so far.26/08/201629/07/2016Info not held.
FOI03420If the council has had to accommodate any elderly people who require social care (between 4 and 16 hours a week) in alternative accommodation such as a residential home or B&B accommodation, because there is no room in independent living schemes in the area? Please provide figures for the number of people housed in alternative accommodation in 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16.23/08/201609/08/2016Info not held.
FOI03421I am looking for the details of your social care structure, specifically relating to Children & Families Social Work, Criminal Justice Social Work and Adult Social Work: - Management structure of the teams with contact names, including how these are split between community care, older people, learning disability, physical disability, review team, mental health. - Where they are based; - Names of individual team leaders / service managers in these areas;25/08/201629/07/2016Info not held.
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