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FOI Disclosure Log - May 2016

Requests responded to during May 2016

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: 1-Resources

FOI032361/ What Document / Records management system/s does the council currently use? Please include the supplier/vendor name, software product name and version number. For each system listed please include the following information. 1.1/ Is there a current support contract in place for the solution? If so when is the renewal date?10/05/201603/05/2016Information supplied
FOI032481. The overall spend on communications - including advertising, marketing, media and PR - including for budgets held both within and outside of the Communications team 2. The overall budget for the Communications team - including staffing budget 3. The overall spend on internal communications 4. What % of your organisations overall budget is spend on external communications.11/05/201609/05/2016Information supplied
FOI032631.How many assaults have been reported against your housing staff in the 2015 calendar year and also in the January to March of 2016? 2. For each of these years, how many of these assaults were verbal? 3. For each of these years, how many of these assaults were physical?24/05/201618/05/2016Information supplied
FOI032681.Who provides your authority's insurance? 2.When did this contract start? 3.When is the contract up for renewal? 4.How much premium do you pay per annum per class of business? 5.What is the excess per class of business on this insurance contract? 6.Does your authority handle any insurance claims in house?31/05/201626/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03273The name of the Head of Service for each department and their email address at the Council. The name of the Human Resource Manager for the Council and their email address at the Council.01/06/201605/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03274·Do you have a procurement policy which supports the use of the GCloud IT procurement framework? · Has your organisation adopted a strategy or IT policy guidance for using cloud computing (cloud infrastructure), not software as a service? ·How many data centres do you have on council premises (secure processing centres which host shared systems)?01/06/201604/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03290For the period 1st January 2015 - 31st December 2015 (or for the last complete reporting year if easier) and to exclude employees of schools in the local authority area. - The total number of full time staff (as of 31/12/15) - The total number of part time staff (as of 31/12/15) - The full time equivalent number of staff (as of 31/12/15)14/06/201618/05/2016Withdrawn

Service: 2-Operations

FOI032691. Do you charge for garden waste collections? 2. If yes: a. How much do you charge? b. Do you have an online offer? c. What payment mechanisms do you offer to your customers? Please also confirm which payment providers you use and/or IT systems to facilitate payments. d. When does your scheme run from and to?31/05/201606/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03275Please can you advise if the Council is an SuDS Approval Body (SAB) or has a contract in place with SAB and has adopted any sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) or has any agreements in place to adopt any SuDS within the borough. Please can you provide a list of property addresses served by SuDS and who bills the property for the surface water drainage charge for these properties.01/07/201611/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03276Please can you advise if you have a flood and coastal erosion risk management strategy in place. If so please can you provide a list of residential and commercial properties identified in the council catchment area as being in areas at risk of flooding from rivers, the sea and surface water and if applicable vulnerable to coastal erosion.01/07/201611/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03286For the years between (And including) 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and current figures for 2016, I request the following information: •The recycling target for your council for each of the years mentioned, in addition the actual end of year target achieved by your council for each of the years. •For each of the years, how many fixed penalty fines have your authority issues relating to bin collections. Furthermore, how many have been paid and what was the revenue (GBP) gained through this?09/06/201613/05/2016Information supplied

Service: 3-Economy, Housing and Planning

FOI03243How much is spent by your council on housing "statutory homeless households" (which your council owes a duty to under the Housing Act 1996) in temporary accommodation.13/05/201626/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03250A copy of all the Council's rules/regulations/procedures/instructions etc. for the placing on the Council's Planning website of the documents/plans etc associated with all types of Planning Applications including Appeals (but excluding Tree Applications if they are covered by a different set of rules/regulations etc) that are published on the Council's Public Planning website.17/05/201616/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03253Please could you provide me with an excel spreadsheet with a breakdown of all applications for planning permission that were approved since 2010 where the proposals granted were for either the conversion to or new build of residential blocks of flats between 10-60 units in size. Please could you ensure the report contains the following: • Decision Date • Application Number • Property Address • Number of Flats (Units) • Applicant • Agent • Agent Address • Contact Name • Contact17/05/201617/05/2016Information supplied
FOI032571. How many Listed Building Consent applications for adaptation or demolition were validated in 2015? 2. Of these, how many times did the submission include a Heritage Statement or Heritage Impact Assessment? 3. How many times did a planning officer or specialist advisor (e.g. conservation officer, heritage officer, historic environment advisor) request supplementary information to inform consent such as a Historic Building Survey and Report in 2015?19/05/201617/05/2016Refused - Section 21
FOI03259Youth Homelessness data20/05/201617/05/2016Information supplied
FOI032621)Could I see a copy of any stop notices your authority has issued to Gypsies, Travellers or unauthorised encampments since the 1st of May 2010 under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990? 2)Could I see a copy of any injunction your authority has issued to Gypsies, Travellers or unauthorised encampments since the 1st of May 2010 under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990?24/05/201610/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03264What is the need identified by your authority's Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Need Assessment for new pitches, and what period does this GTANA cover? What is the figure identified by your authority for its up to date 5 year 'supply of specific deliverable sites'? Please provide copies of the relevant extract of your authority's Local Plan and /or any other documentation in which the up to date 5 year 'supply of specific deliverable sites' is identified.24/05/201616/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03270An up to date and full list of companies that have just become liable for business rates between the 15th April 2016 to the 30th April 2016. Please could you include the business name, address, date of liability and the property type and also the liable party.01/06/201619/05/2016Refused - Section 21 and 40
FOI03271Please can you tell me if any supported housing developments the council has planned over the last 5 years have been dropped because of resident objections. Please list the date of the consultation and the type of development planned (how many units, for what type of tenant). Please send me either a list of the objectors' names, or if this is not possible please tell me how many objectors there were.01/06/201609/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03278Please can you tell me how many families with an autistic child are living in high rise council housing in your area? High rise refers to blocks of flats of more than five floors. Please tell me how many families fit this description, what floor they live on, whether the accommodation is temporary or permanent and how long have they been there?02/06/201609/05/2016Information not held.
FOI03281All non-residential properties that are subject to the payment of business rates and please indicate whether they are: Empty Currently exempt from paying business rates07/06/201619/05/2016Refused - Section 21, 31 and 40
FOI03282•Details of your authority's target for affordable homes per residential application (for example 40%) •The number of consented and refused residential applications (above 10 units) on brownfield sites for the past 2 years and the percentage of units classed as affordable for the consented sites.07/06/201623/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03283Please can you provide an up to date list of non-domestic premises in your authority area with a rateable value in excess of £20,000 detailing the company name, hereditament address including postcode and Rateable Value.08/06/201619/05/2016Refused - Section 21, 31 and 40
FOI03291the following information about Business Rates Accounts held by your Council: ·Account Name ·Account Start Date ·Billing Authority Reference ·Current 2010 List Rateable Value · Details of any reliefs where applied, including a further breakdown if possible of: o Type of relief applied o Date the relief was applied o Value of the relief17/06/201625/05/2016Refused - Section 21, 31 and 40
FOI03295Can you please send me a full list of companies and charities, that have become liable for business rates between the 1/01/16 to 15/05/16. I would also like to know the date that they became liable along with the full address, liable party and the premises type.16/06/201625/05/2016Refused - Section 21 and 40
FOI032981.The total council tax charged to all council tax payers (including Council Tax Support claimants) during the course of 2015/16 (2015/16 tax only) 2. The total council tax collected from all council tax payers (including Council Tax Support claimants) during 2015/16, as of 31st March 2016 (2015/16 tax only)15/06/201626/05/2016Information supplied
FOI033011. For each of the financial years 2006/07 to 2015/16: (a) How many social/affordable rented homes did your authority own as of the end of the financial year? (b) How many tenancy enforcement cases involving cannabis cultivation occurred in your authority's social/affordable rented properties? (c) How many tenant(s) were evicted as a result of cannabis cultivation? (d) How many tenant(s) received suspended/postponed possession orders as a result of cannabis cultivation?15/06/201623/05/2016Information supplied

Service: 4-Governance and Regulation

FOI03230Therefore prior to publishing such comments to the press can you please provide me with the following costs:- 1) Recovery of voting boxes held in the compound-this includes rental charges of the voting boxes, transport costs etc; 2) Mobilising of staff to administer this election--this includes those who would complete the count; 3) District costs for personnel in administration of this work; 4) Hiring of venues and posters to direct those intending to vote;05/05/201610/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03234Please advise details of prosecutions undertaken by your Authority for lift, escalator, stairlift, platform lift or service lift (dumb waiter) related offences under HEALTH AND SAFETY legislation for the last five years.09/05/201623/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03255Please could you provide the following information 1. Structure charts showing job titles and numbers of full-time equivalent staff for: a. Financial management functions b. Transactional finance functions 2.Of the staff shown, please indicate how many are: a. Qualified CCAB b. Qualified AAT or equivalent 3.Relevant contextual data - the numbers of budget-holders and/or cost-centres supported, numbers and types of transactions processed, etc.20/05/201604/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03272Please could you provide the name of all parties that are currently contracted by the Local Authority to provide the following services: 1. Rates retention services i.e. to increase the rateable value baseline in line with the rates retention scheme imposed by the Localism Act 2013 2. Business rates appeal services for the authorities' own properties Please provide the date these contracts started and the length of them.01/06/201603/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03277For each premises with a Zoo Licence, return a copy of the most recent Zoo Inspection Report for "formal" periodical or renewal inspections carried out under S.10 or S.14.2 by Government-appointed Zoo Inspectors. Please ensure all pages (1-10) plus any pages with additional conditions are included.02/06/201623/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03287Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 could you please supply the details of any deceased persons you have dealt with which you were unable to find the next of kin from 1st April 2016 to the present time. Could you also please provide the last known address, the date of death and the date of birth, the date the case was passed onto The Duchy Solicitor or TSOL or any pending and finally the value of the estate (if known).10/06/201617/05/2016Information supplied
FOI03311The amount of money the council spent on the services of external law firms and barristers over each of the last two years (years ending March 31 2015 and March 31 2016).22/06/201625/05/2016Information supplied

Service: Communities & Employment

FOI03289In the 2015/16 council year 1. How many councillors were issued with reminders for missing council tax payments due in the 2015/16 council year? 2. Of those referred to in question 1, how many councillors were then sent court summonses as a result of missing council tax payments due in the 2015/16 council year?13/06/201625/05/2016Information supplied

Service: Housing and Customer Services

FOI031951.In each financial year, how many applications for a Disabled Facilities Grant did your council receive? 2.How many applications for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) did your council approve?19/04/201614/04/2016Information supplied

Service: Leisure Services

FOI031981.How many children's play areas were managed by the local authority in each year since 2009-10? 2. How many children's play areas have been built and refurbished by the local authority in each year since 2005-06? 3. How many children's play areas (existing or planned) have been closed or cancelled because of cuts to the local authority's budget? 4. Whether the local authority charges for the use of any children's play areas under its control and, if so, when this charge was introduced?19/04/201601/04/2016Information supplied

Service: Not NFDC

FOI032791.How many applications have you received for a vehicle cross over / dropped curbs in your area in each of the periods below, please state how many were accepted and rejected? 2.How much revenue did you receive from applications for vehicle crossovers / dropped curbs in each of the periods below? 3.How much revenue did you receive for works to complete vehicle crossovers / dropped curbs in each of the periods below?03/06/201606/05/2016info not held
FOI03288With regard to school milk supply in your council.10/06/201613/05/2016info not held.
FOI03319Adult social care contracts24/06/201631/05/2016Information not held.
FOI03321Please would be able to advise us of what other COMAH sites you are aware of under the jurisdiction of New Forest District Council if possible.22/06/201624/05/2016Info not held.

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI032081. Has there been an agreement or contract with a company/person to undertake searches for next of kin? 2. Please provide the name of the company/person this agreement or contract has been awarded to. 3. On what basis/criteria has the council selected the above mentioned company/person?22/04/201625/05/2016Information supplied
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