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FOI Disclosure Log - March 2016

Requests responded to during March 2016

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Environment Services

FOI03136information for each of the following services,Grounds Maintenance Arboriculture Street Cleansing 1. Are the services outsourced to a private company, delivered by an in-house team or delivered by an organisation owned by the Authority. 2. If delivered by a private company a. The name of the private company b. date the contract with the private company started c. The annual value of the contract d. The length of the initial term of the contract e. The options for extensions to the initial term allowed for in16/03/201604/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03176how often the council collects the following from households: • General waste • Recycling waste • Food waste (if applicable) • Garden waste i.e. whether this is collected every X days, every week, every fortnight, etc.07/04/201614/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03181Re: Recycling reward scheme • Whether the council has introduced its reward scheme yet • How many individual rewards the council has given out through the scheme to date • How much of the funding is left11/04/201614/03/2016Information supplied

Service: Executive Management Team

FOI03130Will you disclose spending and what amount has been borrowed for; A) Purchases relating to land and property B) money spent on regeneration and building development for each of the last 10 years and what you anticipate and plan on spending with regard to these subjects for future years.14/03/201611/03/2016Information supplied
FOI031801) For each of the last 5 financial years, please provide: a) The total number of invoices that the authority has processed through accounts payable (AP). b) The total expenditure through AP. 2) Do you currently use/has any 3rd parties completed a duplicate payment review/statement review in the last 5 years?11/04/201624/03/2016Information supplied

Service: Housing and Customer Services

FOI03111How many social housing residential properties have been empty for more than 6 months? If possible state the reason why the properties are empty e.g. 'due to poor state of repair'. 2.How many social housing residential properties are currently available and ready to move into? (categorise such as 1 bedroom flat, 2 bedroom etc)3. How many people are currently on a waiting list for social housing and what is the average time somebody is on the waiting list for?03/03/201601/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03112How many people have been removed from your housing allocations list as a result of changes to qualification requirements following the Localism Act in 2012? Please provide a breakdown for each year since 2012• What new qualification requirements for the housing allocations list has the council introduced since 2012? •How many new applicants were refused access to the list due to new qualification requirements since 2012? •What new criteria was used to refuse access to or remove these people?02/03/201604/03/2016Partial disclosure - Section 12
FOI03133Please can you send me a full up to date list of businesses and charities that have become liable for business rates in your council area between 01/02/2016-/02/2016. I would also like to know the business name, liable party, address, rv and the date they became liable.15/03/201601/03/2016Partial disclosure - Section 40
FOI03150Regarding the back fence of a property: I require copies of all paper documents where the matter was discussed in 2015 & 2016. I require the records from 1986 & 2002 of the consultation, and the findings where it was not granted. I require copies of the legal documents granting the change, along with the planning agreements and the consultation documents for this planning application for change of use.23/03/201624/03/2016Partial disclosure - section 40 and section 42
FOI03151*How many social sector homes are in your local authority*Under the under-occupancy charge (the "bedroom tax") how many social sector homes have been affected by housing benefits cuts?*How many people have had to be re homed?*How many people have appealed cuts to their housing benefit?*How many people have appealed being re homed?*How many people have successfully appealed cuts to their housing benefit?24/03/201621/03/2016information supplied
FOI03157The Ratepayer and the Rates payable for the financial year 2007/08 and 2008/09, including any transitional relief or surcharge, for the hereditament below. •RINGWOOD ROAD SAWMILLS, RINGWOOD ROAD, BARTLEY, SOUTHAMPTON, SO40 7LT - BA Reference: 25177120225/03/201601/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03158Please provide a complete list of business addresses with telephone numbers and Director contact names and their occupiers with rateable values between £2,000 and £12,000 that are NOT in receipt of small business rate relief. Please also list their property description, actual liability (i.e. rates payable), what date they are liable from and indicate if the account is live or not.29/03/201610/03/2016Partial Disclosure - Section 31 and 40
FOI031631. Name of your authority and the area you cover? 2. How many households are currently on your waiting list for social housing? 3. How many of those households from Question 2 on your waiting list are made up of one or more EU Nationals? Please list the nationalities and the number waiting. 4. How many of those households from Question 2 on your waiting list are are made up of one or more non-EU Nationals (not including UK residents)? Please list the nationalities and the number waiting.05/04/201615/03/2016Partial disclosure - Section 12
FOI03164Please can you send me a full list on businesses & also charities that have become liable for non domestic rates between the 15/02/2016 to the 29/02/2016.04/04/201610/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03169A list of Business Rate accounts and Council Tax accounts that meet the following criteria: •Current overpayment/credit shown for any financial year if credit balance hasn't been carried forward. •Accounts where a 'write on' has been used since 1st April 2000 to cancel an overpayment which has not since been reversed.05/04/201610/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03172•on how many occasions over the past three years a housing association has refused a request to house a person or household who is on the council's housing allocations list •the reason for the refusal on each occasion06/04/201615/03/2016Information supplied

Service: Human Resources

FOI031521.Please provide both the mean and the median hourly earnings (excluding overtime) for full time male employees and full time female employees. 2. Please provide the mean and median hourly earnings (excluding overtime) for part time male employees and part time female employees. 3. Please provide quartile salary information, and the amount of men and women in each quartile. This is the range from the lowest paid employee to the highest paid employee split into 4 equal parts.24/03/201623/03/2016Information supplied

Service: ICT Services

FOI03149If possible, please could I have a list of all the online services you provide via your website? I.e. every service you provide that I can pay for (e.g. council tax) or book (e.g. leisure centre exercise classes) via your council website.29/03/2016-Request withdrawn
FOI03179Supply already specified information request, number F010305713/04/201614/03/2016information supplied
FOI03183When is your storage infrastructure refresh due for renewal? Who is the ultimate budget holder for this procurement? Please advise name and contact details of the CIO What back office planning application are you using? What Enterprise content management software are you using? Please can you provide an org chart showing all Directors of Business within your organisation.13/04/201618/03/2016Information supplied

Service: Multiple Services

FOI03160Request concerns New Forest District Council's policies and procedures in regard to the electrical work it commissions.31/03/201622/03/2016Information supplied

Service: Not NFDC

FOI03159I am looking for data on home owners that are behind on their mortgage payments. They may have had a court hearing and have fallen into arrears. We buy houses quickly so we want to offer the vendors solution to this and offer our service.29/03/201601/03/2016Info not held.
FOI03165a) The number of children (under-18s) referred to the local authority due to concerns that they are vulnerable to extremism. I would like this information to be broken down by the following years: 2014-15, 2013-14, 2012-13, 2011-12 b) How many Prevent coordinators work for the authority? If this number has increased over the past 4 years, please indicate when and how many additional coordinators were recruited.01/04/201604/03/2016Info not held.
FOI03167Un-adopted Highways05/04/2016-Information not held.
FOI032101. The total number of speed cameras. 2. The total amount of money made from speed cameras. 3. The two highest grossing speed cameras in 2015 - and what they grossed. I would like the information for part one and two given annually from January 2013 until the time my request is dealt with.25/04/201629/03/2016Info not held.
FOI03212Can you provide answers for the financial years 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2015-2015 and 2015-2016 please. 1.How many children were taken into care in your council area during each financial year? 2.How many of these children were taken into care for substance misuse by a parent as a contributing factor? 3.How many referrals were there for unborn children to be taken into care because of the mother being on drugs when pregnant/substance misuse by a parent as a contributing factor?25/04/201629/03/2016Info not held.
FOI03213We are currently doing some research around health and social care and require information that relates to the organisation's live contracts around health and social care which could include Adult Services and Children Services. Can you please provide me the full version of your contracts register (Excel) that lists all the contract the organisation has around health and social care?25/04/201629/03/2016Info not held.
FOI032141.Please can you disclose the names of every care home run by your council or that receives any money from your council where residents do chores? 2.For each of the homes named in point 1, please provide a full list of the chores that residents do. 3.For each of the homes named in point 1, please state the length of time - in years or months - that residents have been used to do chores at the home.26/04/201629/03/2016Info not held.

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI03124List (in Excel format) of all planning applications submitted on or after 1st October 2013 where no decision was made within 26 weeks (unless a longer period has been agreed in writing between the applicant and the local planning authority) and NO refund of fees has been made to date. information should be provided in the following format/columns.10/03/201610/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03147A.If this Authority has not yet adopted a CIL please indicate the current estimated date for adoption. B. However, if this Authority has already adopted a CIL please answer the following queries: 1.Please set out the current process used by this Local Planning Authority (LPA) for assessing and then deciding what amount of CIL-based funds will be allocated to the Local Education Authority (LEA). 2.Who is the officer responsible for leading this process for this LPA?24/03/201610/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03156The number of searches of the Local Land Charges Register that were completed financial year 2014 -2015. Please could you send the year end statement for 2014 -2015 as per Statutory Instrument 2008 No, 3248.25/03/201616/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03192Please can you advise the full price of the Construction Project advertised to build the Beach Huts and associated Sea defences at Milford on Sea.15/04/201617/03/2016Info not held.

Service: Property Services

FOI03126How much your organisation did spends annually basis and over last five years on the cleaning services?Is Soft Facility Management (FM) service provided in-house or out sourced, if it out sourced who are the provider of this service, length of the contract and termination date?If the soft FM services are provided in-house please provide cost analysis of all chemical cleaning detergent used to clean the commercially and domestically properties and suppliers name.11/03/201610/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03138construction procurement activities over the past 12 months. 1. Let us know if you use PAS 91 un amended as your pre qualification questionnaire for suppliers 2. Do you insist on the use of PAS 91 along the supply chain? 3. How do you assess the technical competence of suppliers?  4. What proportion of contracts by value are let using JCT/NEC respectively? 5. Do you insist that lead contractors use the standard subcontract versions of NEC/JCT contracts? 6. Are you using project bank accounts (PBAs)? 7. If you16/03/201601/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03141Shooting Rights on New Forest NPA Land disclosure of any information held by New Forest NPA ("the Public Authority") relating to Sporting Rights, or any other permissions granted, which allow the driving or shooting of game (as defined by Section 2, Game Act 1831) or snipe, woodcock and waterfowl (as defined by Schedule 2, Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981) over its land or land it leases for such a purpose.23/03/201607/03/2016Information supplied
FOI031551. A copy of, or link to, the Authority's social value policy, strategy, framework or similar document if there is one. 2.How and whether the Authority has applied the concept of social value more widely than is required. 3. The percentage of the Authority's tenders over the past 12 months where the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 has been applied (that is to say, how much use does the Authority make of the Act).24/03/201622/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03162How many drones is your council in ownership of?31/03/201604/03/2016Information supplied

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI03107Details of the Local authority licensed campsites in your area.02/03/201601/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03161The number of public health funerals (pauper funerals) paid for by the council, the cost of these funerals, and the number of these funerals provided for migrants, for the following periods: i) 2011/12 ii)2012/13 iii) 2013/14 iv) 2014/15 v)2015/present31/03/201615/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03168Please supply the details of any deceased persons you have dealt with which you were unable to find the next of kin from 1st January 2016 to the present time. Could you also please provide the last known address, the date of death and the date of birth, the date the case was passed onto The Duchy Solicitor or TSOL or any pending and finally the value of the estate (if known).06/04/201615/03/2016Information supplied
FOI03170Please provide me with a copy of any food safety inspection report carried out on any branch of (i) Dominos Pizza, (ii) Nandos, or (iii) Jamie's Italian where the date of inspection was any time in the 2015 calendar year and the establishment was NOT given a five-star or four-star rating.05/04/201607/03/2016Info not held.
FOI031731. Provide the name and address of all licensed pet shops. (Please also include any that are currently in application for a licence). 2. For each licensed pet shop, please return a copy of the schedule to the licence. 3. Please provide details of any conditions attached to the licence. 4. Please provide a list of the wild/non-domesticated mammal, bird, reptile and amphibian species that each pet shop is licensed to sell.07/04/201615/03/2016Information supplied
FOI031881) How many DWA licences are currently issued in your area? 2) How many of these DWA licences are issued for primates (monkeys, apes or pro simians such as lemurs)? 3) How many applications for licences to keep primates under the DWA Act have been refused in your area in the last 12 months?On what grounds were they refused? 4) What is the cost of obtaining a DWA licence in your area (please indicate whether this includes any veterinary fees incurred)? 5) What is the cost of "renewing" a DW14/04/201617/03/2016Information supplied
FOI031901/ Can you please confirm how many of the below applications you process each year? Hackney carriage (taxi) drivers licence Hackney carriage (taxi) licence Private hire drivers licence Private hire operators licence Private hire vehicle (minicab) licence 2/ Can you please confirm if you share/ validate any of the information supplied as part of this process with external parties other than the applicant?15/04/201621/03/2016Information supplied
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