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FOI Disclosure Log - February 2016

Requests responded to during February 2016

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Environment Services

FOI03095How many parking charge notices have been issued by NFDC Parking office during the period 01/01/2015 - 31/12/2015 inclusive within Lyndhurst? 2. How many PCN have been issued, for the same period, on the pay and display car park in Lyndhurst? 3. How many PCN have been issued, for the same period, on Wellands Road, Lyndhurst? 4. How many PCN have been issued, for the same period, on Empress Road, Lyndhurst?16/02/201602/02/2016Information provided
FOI03108The time frame for my request is from 00:01 1 January 2010 up until 23:59 31 December 2015.1) How many fines has your authority issued for littering in each month of each of the past five calendar years?2) What was the standard fine for an individual littering offence in each month of each of the past five calendar years?3) What was the income from fines for littering in each month of each of the past five years?01/03/201626/02/2016Information supplied
FOI03121The number of infant cremations carried out in the last twenty years for babies ranging from non-viable foetuses (pre 24 weeks) up to one year old. In how many of those cases were ashes/remains recovered and returned to parents or scattered/strewn with their consent.07/03/201609/02/2016Information provided

Service: Executive Management Team

FOI03086Please provide me with a current organisation chart for this division, including the names of the individuals within each post?15/02/201612/02/2016Information provided - Part refused section 40
FOI03100Does your Council own and operate any limited companies for commercial trading purposes? 2. Do you have any plans to launch a limited company/companies in the next 12 months? 3. If so, what are they called and what do they do/planned to do (i e. what goods or services do they provide)?22/02/201608/02/2016Information provided

Service: Housing and Customer Services

FOI03056Temporary Accommodation02/02/201602/02/2016Information provided
FOI03068How many housing complaints did the council receive? How many of these complaints were regarding properties owned or run by private companies or housing associations by council tenants? If logged can you provide the complaint log and which companies/providers they were about? 3. How much did the council pay private companies and landlords to provide housing provision? Can this number be provided for the past 3 years.08/02/201605/02/2016Information supplied
FOI031031.a) What proportion of local authority dwellings under your authority have kitchen amenities that are 30 years old or more? b) What proportion of local authority dwellings under your authority have kitchen amenities that are 20 years old or more? 2. How many local authority dwellings under your authority have kitchens that are equipped with a microwave only (not an individual hob and stove unit)?25/02/201601/02/2016Information supplied
FOI03109full list of companies and charities within your council area that have recently become liable for business rates between the 14/1/2016-01/02/2016. I would like The business name The liable party Address they became liable for Date of liability RV02/03/201629/02/2016Partial response - Section 40
FOI03110The number of Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) applications in 2014/15 made by household type: Household type broken down by: Single, single parent, couple parent, pensioner and other household types; if this isn't possible, then by: Single parent and other household types2.03/03/201629/02/2016Information supplied
FOI03113List of all Non-Domestic rate accounts that are currently overpaid or in credit. This should include those relating to this year or any previous year on current or closed accounts.04/03/201629/02/2016Information supplied
FOI03117Please can you tell me if the local authority has offered any council housing tenants a cash payment in place of a Right to Buy discount and how many residents received this? This is known as the Right to Buy Social Mobility Fund. Please can you also tell me if the local authority applied for the Right to Buy Social Mobility Fund, how much it received if successful, or if it was unsuccessful.07/03/201608/02/2016Information supplied
FOI03125List (in Excel format) of all schools in your council area that are liable to pay business rates. Please include the following information Ratepayer whether it be the Local Education Authority, Rateable Value, VOA Reference Number, any reliefs they may be currently receiving i.e. Mandatory or SBRR.10/03/201629/02/2016Partial response - Section 40
FOI03131A complete list of all properties within your authority including - Valuation Office Reference Code - Valuation Office Property Description - Full Property Address - Occupier Business Name (where applicable) - Current Rateable Value - Occupation / Liability Start Date15/03/201629/02/2016Partial response - Section 40
FOI03132Please can you provide me with the following under the Freedom of Information Act 2000; with regards to Business Rates: a. All properties in your Billing Authority b. Rate Payer c. Billing Authority Reference d. Rateable value e. Liability Date14/03/201629/02/2016information supplied
FOI03142A list of all live business rates accounts with a 2010 list Rateable Value greater than or equal to £5,000. •Property Reference Number (also known as Billing Authority Reference Number) of the property on which the charge is made. Please note that this is not the Rate Demand or Rate Account Number. •Current rateable value.21/03/201629/02/2016Partial response - Section 40
FOI03144in relation to ratepayers in your area: (a) Addresses of all hereditaments in the area (b) The ratepayer of the property (if a LTD company) (c) The property reference for the addresses (d) Any relief the property is currently receiving including, but not limited to: mandatory, discretionary, small business rates relief, empty rates relief etc21/03/201629/02/2016Partial response - Section 40
FOI03153A list of all commercial properties for your Local Authority and include the following information: 1. Property Address; 2. BA Reference Number; 3. Rateable Value; 4. Ratepayer Name; 5. Correspondence Address; 6. Account/Liability Start Date; 7. Whether the property is Occupied or Empty;24/03/201629/02/2016Partial response - Section 40
FOI03154regarding the data your authority gathers, as part of the Council Tax registration process. It would be helpful if you could provide the information in the table below. Q1.As part of the authority's Council Tax registration process, do you collect data on property tenure? Yes, for all tenures, Yes, for rental property only , No (Please give the reasons why not).24/03/201629/02/2016Information supplied

Service: Human Resources

FOI03067The total amount of money spent by the council on advertising and marketing per financial year from 2010/11 to 2014/15 inclusive; The total amount of money spent by the council on Facebook advertising and marketing per financial year from 2010/11 to 2014/15 inclusive; and The total amount of money spent by the council on Twitter advertising and marketing per financial year from 2010/11 to 2014/15 inclusive.05/02/201603/02/2016Information provided
FOI03119•Did the New Forest District Council pay for a NLA (Newspaper Licensing Agency) or CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) media license in 2013-2014? •If so, how much did the New Forest District Council pay for the licenses in 2013-2014 (please provide the figures separately)? •Did the New Forest District Council pay for other media licenses in 2013-2014? Please list any other media licenses the council subscribed to and how much was paid for them in 2013-2014.04/03/201608/02/2016information supplied
FOI031222006 to 2015 inclusive: How much revenue has been received for services rendered to film and television productions? This could include location rental, permits and all other services related to film productions using your personnel or resources. 2.outline the type of work or service rendered, in each case and disclose the revenue received for each type of service.10/03/201611/02/2016Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI03102Please can you send me the following contract information? 1.Wi-Fi Provider- Who is the contracted supplier for the Wi-Fi contract. 2.Average Annual Spend - Please state the annual average spend over three years for each supplier. If this is a new contract please state the estimate annual average spends. If there is more than one Wi-Fi provider please split annual for each individual provider. 3. Number of Wi-Fi Users- Please state the number of users the Wi-Fi contract is in place for.26/02/201622/02/2016Information provided
FOI03116Over the last 5 years how many of your employees have been dismissed or disciplined for trying to access or accessing websites that are blocked or inappropriate at work? Can you give a breakdown of how many have lost their jobs as a result & why, what their job title was and how many have had warnings and what they were for i.e. pornography, also including their job titles. Can you please provide a year by year breakdown2.In the last 12 months in order of popularity can you provide a full04/03/201618/02/2016Information provided
FOI03139Planning IT Software Back Office¬ Name of your ICT Supplier for Planning IT Software Back Office System¬ Name of Software and version number¬ Contract Award Date¬ Length of Contract¬ Length of Any Contract Extension Options Building Control IT Software Back Office¬ Name of your ICT Supplier for Building Control IT Software Back Office System¬ Name of Software and version number¬ Contract Award Date¬ Length of Contract¬ Length of Any Contract Extension Options17/03/201623/02/2016Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI03114From the financial year 2011/12 to the current financial year, for each occasion that an external organisation was commissioned to undertake surveillance, please provide the following information:name of the external organisation and a description as to why they were commissioned to undertake surveillance.04/03/201629/02/2016Information supplied

Service: Not NFDC

FOI031181. How many unaccompanied asylum seeking children is the local authority currently responsible for? (as at 1 February 2016, or nearest marker) 2. How many Looked After children total is the local authority currently responsible for? If possible- how many of these are British natives?3. How many Looked After Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children went: a. missing permanently (i.e. they have not returned as of this date) b. missing temporarily (i.e. they were missing but returned)07/03/201608/02/2016Info not held.
FOI03129What is the total number of outstanding road works/road maintenance projects (i.e. ones that are not yet complete) in your council area? • What is the total distance (in miles) that these outstanding road works cover (e.g. 10 miles)? If possible, could you also provide the average length of the outstanding road works/road maintenance project?11/03/201623/02/2016Info not held.
FOI03135Details of all the companies who have a licence to supply fireworks within your region.16/03/201618/02/2016Information not held
FOI03145How many speed cameras are currently in operation in the area administered by the council?2. What was the total value of penalty fines issued to motorists from speed cameras by the council, over the last 2 years, 2013/2014 - 2014/2015?3. I would also like to examine the impact speed cameras have on road safety by comparing the number of road accidents that occurred before and after a speed camera has been installed, please could information be provided to address the following: How ma21/03/201623/02/2016Information not held
FOI03146How many permanent sets of traffic lights are maintained by the Council? How much did it cost per annum to maintain and repair the permanent traffic lights, 2013/2014 - 2014/2015? How many road signs and traffic signs are maintained by the council, including electronic road signals? How much was spent on the maintenance of road signage per annum over the last 2 years by the Council, 2013/2014 - 2014/2015?21/03/201623/02/2016Information not held
FOI03148For each of the last five calendar years, please can you release: - The number of places offered to children in a) primary schools and b) secondary schools which were subsequently withdrawn after it emerged that home addresses named on application forms were false or misleading. - Which schools this applied to. - How many parents has the council prosecuted for "fraud by false representation" for including false or misleading home addresses on school application forms.23/03/201626/02/2016Info not held.

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI03079Details of local Article 4 Direction and Conservation areas within your local authority, and the list of properties which fall under each.-22/02/2016Information provided
FOI03106In each of the past ten years:1. How many applications for planning permission have you received (and how many of these were granted/refused) to build a new: •Church (please cite denomination)• Mosque/Masjid• Synagogue• Gurdwara or Sikh Temple• Mandir or Hindu Temple• Buddhist Temple01/03/201623/02/2016Information supplied
FOI03115How many Traffic Light systems are currently owned and operated by your council? provide a breakdown of how many traffic light systems were owned and operated by your council in 2013, 2014, and 2015. specify where these Traffic Light systems are placed.07/03/201624/02/2016Info not held.
FOI03128Charity land north of Loperwood lane. Who instigated/proposed the adoption of Calmore Crescent. Any documentation surrounding the adoption. A previous planning application was rejected by the secretary of state over ten years ago. Please can i have a copy of that report.11/03/201617/02/2016Request withdrawn
FOI03134how many section 106 negotiations have resulted in off-site payments in lieu from developers for 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15.• how much in off-site payments the council has received for each of the above years• how much the council has spent using off-site payments for affordable housing, including where this money has partly but not fully funded a development.15/03/201625/02/2016Information supplied
FOI03137How much has the Section 106 builders contribution which were agreed as part of planning permission in a legal document signed agreeing to pay a financial contribution, or provision of free social houses? 1. Cash 2. Houses 3. 106 Funds used by NFDC to build social houses 4. Balance in section 106 still held by NFDC 5. How much of the 106 fund been diverted to none social housing projects like rangers work on the coastline, with list of other funding which were not for social housing.16/03/201625/02/2016Information supplied
FOI03140Copy of planning consent for Polwmans, Park Lane, Milford on Sea18/03/201623/02/2016Information supplied

Service: Property Services

FOI03053What was the Local Authorities annual spend on domestic furniture for the last financial year?2. What was the Local Authorities annual spend on White goods for the last financial year?3. What is the predicted Local Authority spend for this financial year and the next financial year?4. Which organisation currently holds the contract with you to deliver the following goods:a. Residential/domestic furniture? b. White goods? 5. When is the contract for these respective provisions due for renewal?02/02/201601/02/2016Information provided
FOI03075Does your organisation or any sub organisations within your overall responsibility utilise external consultants for lighting design work for either street lighting, car park lighting, open/shared space lighting, sports lighting, amenity lighting or any other related external lighting situations?09/02/201604/02/2016Information provided
FOI03104I would like to know of all cases in which the council have used either a compulsory purchase order or an enforced sale from January 1st 1995 until current date. I would like to know the address of the property, the last known owner(s) and the amount of money paid into court.29/02/201609/02/2016Part refused - Section 40
FOI03105Has the contract for the minor repairs contract at Appletree Court, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst tendered 20 November 2015 been awarded and if so, are you able to tell me who to?29/02/201610/02/2016Request withdrawn

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI03058Zoo Licensing Act 1981 - A copy of the current licence for any premises licensed under the above act except those that benefit from an exemption under section 14 of the 1981 Act03/02/201603/02/2016Information provided
FOI03071We would like an extract from the Public Register of Food Businesses in the local authority's region with the following information on all food businesses: Business Name and Address Business Email address and Telephone number Type of food business / usage08/02/201603/02/2016Information provided
FOI030831. Has the council introduced any Public Space Protection Orders under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014? 2. Please provide details of any and all activities prohibited under a Public Space Protection Order in your jurisdiction.12/02/201616/02/2016Information provided
FOI03096From December 2015 to any pending please provide details of any deceased persons you have dealt with who have no known next of kin (or you cannot find next of kin).2. Date of Death and Date of Birth.3. Last known address. 4. The date passed onto TSOL or The Duchy Solicitor (plus any pending). 5. The approximate value of estate.6. Please email your response.17/02/201617/02/2016Part refused - Section 31
FOI03101This request relates to public health funerals in relation to Section 46 of the 1984 Public Health Act.1) how many public health funerals the council arranged and paid for in the last five years 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011. Also how many you arranged and paid for between 2000 and 2010.2) how much a public heath funeral costs on average or specifics for each funeral if practical.25/02/201617/02/2016Part refused - Section 31
FOI031201) The current total number of council owned public space CCTV and ANPR cameras in your district2) The names of the streets covered by both CCTV and ANPR cameras (i.e. camera locations and where possible what view they have) 3) How many days a year CCTV and ANPR cameras are actively monitored 4) How many hours a day CCTV and ANPR cameras are actively monitored and at what specific times5) How many days/hours a year these CCTV and ANPR cameras are recording footage for.07/03/201626/02/2016Information supplied
FOI03123How many Domestic Homicide Reviews carried by the council since January 2010 have identified stalking behaviour as being present in the behaviour of the perpetrator in the 12 months preceding the homicide?2.hat proportion of Domestic Homicides occurred after the relationship had ended?10/03/201626/02/2016refused - Section 22
FOI03127questionnaire on pet shop licensing.11/03/201616/02/2016Information provided
FOI03143From December 2015 to any pending please provide details of any deceased persons you have dealt with who have no known next of kin (or you cannot find next of kin).2. Date of Death and Date of Birth.3. Last known address.4. The date passed onto TSOL or The Duchy Solicitor (plus any pending).5. The approximate value of estate.6. Please email your response.22/03/201623/02/2016Information provided
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