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FOI Disclosure Log - January 2016

Requests responded to during January 2016

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Communities & Employment

FOI03099Confirmation of whether or not the council has provided funding to any of the following organisations since November 2008: a) IENGAGE(Company number 06743280) b) IENGAGE MUSLIMS LTD (Company number 08820152) c) MEND UK LTD (Company number 09094528), also known as MEND d) CAGEPRISONERS (business number GRIC0730), also known as CAGE e) Cage UK (website:, also known as CAGE f) The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC)22/02/201626/01/2016Information supplied

Service: Environment Services

FOI03033systems the council is currently using to manage its tree (as in Oak trees etc.) assets.• Does the council use an electronic (IT system) to manage its tree assets? • What is the name of the software the council uses to manage its tree assets? • How many trees does the council managing?• Does the council pay for the electronic system on an annual basis? If so how much?•15/01/201608/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03054In the past five years, have you cancelled, curtailed, or introduced charging for any rubbish uplift service including, but not limited to Christmas Trees and bulky items? If so please provide details?2.For each of the past five years, please provide an estimate for how many Christmas Trees the council or its contractors have had to remove from streets and other public spaces and the cost associated with said removals.3.02/02/201618/01/2016Information supplied

Service: Executive Management Team

FOI030261.How much irrecoverable debt has the council written off so far in 2015/16 and in 2014/15 and 2013/14.If you collate this information by calendar year rather than financial year, please can you supply 2015 so far, 2014 and 2013.2. Who owed the debts to the council and for what.11/01/201607/01/2016Information provided
FOI03048The name of the contractor who currently provides your income management system (collecting/ processing card and cash payments). The date this contract started The date this contract ends The one off capital costs of the software The annual support charges associated with this contract01/02/201625/01/2016Information supplied

Service: Housing and Customer Services

FOI03024Please could you provide me with the following information for every year for the last 20 years (or as far as your records go back): a) The number of evictions made of squatters and occupiers from vacant and unoccupied residential properties across the borough. b) The number of evictions made of squatters and occupiers from vacant and unoccupied commercial properties across the borough.13/01/201608/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03037Please can you provide me with the following information/direct me on your website to available information under the Freedom Of Information Act 2000: The company name, address, account number, date liability commenced, description, and rateable value of industrial properties within your council on an excel spreadsheet.21/01/201618/01/2016Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI03044Full up to date list of businesses that have become responsible for paying business rates between the 15th December to the 31st December 2015. I would like you to include the business name, address, date of liability and the rateable value if possible.28/01/201618/01/2016Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI03047A list of business rates accounts where a credit exists for the account holder, including ended accounts. •Property Reference Number (also known as Billing Authority Reference Number) of the property to which the credit applies. •Property address •The account holder name •Credit amount •Financial year the credit sits in.01/02/201618/01/2016Full disclosure
FOI03050current Rateable Value assessments and which accounts are, and which are not, subject to some form rate relief (eg. Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR), charitable, empty relief, retail relief). Please include the following columns insofar possible. •Full Postal Address•Rating Description (e.g. offices, workshop etc.)01/02/201625/01/2016Part disclosure - section 40
FOI03051a provider of Social Housing?(2)If the answer to (1) is yes please confirm a)The number of houses that you own b)The post codes of those houses c)Of those houses the number of notices of disrepair received by you in the last 12 months d) The average time taken by you to undertake those repairs e)Confirmation if any notices have remained outstanding for more than 3 months01/02/201606/01/2016Information provided
FOI03055All properties within your Billing Authority area where there is a credit currently held on the account.The fields required are all non-personal; Primary Liable Party Name (Business Name) Full Property Address Postcode Billing Authority Reference Number (Assessment Number) Current Rateable Value Credit Amount Date Credit Applies To02/02/201618/01/2016Full disclosure
FOI030621.Does your local authority intend to change its current council tax support scheme in April 2016? (yes/no/undecided )2.If yes, please outline if and how any of the following components of the scheme will change in 2016/17:03/02/201607/01/2016Information provided
FOI03076Information about ALL premises that incur a Business Rates liability within the Billing Authority area.09/02/201618/01/2016Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI03078Business rates accounts that are currently in credit, to include the following details:- • Account name • Address of property • Correspondence address • Amount of credit • Period for which the credit relates • Date on which the credit was raised on your system09/02/201625/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03081I would like a full list of businesses and charities that are or just have become liable for paying for business rates within your council area between 01/01/2016-15/01/2016. Could you include the dates, business name and address, liable company and the rateable value.12/02/201618/01/2016Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI03082All Companies/Organisations that have a Business Rates Credit/Overpayment and/or any Write On/Write Offs on their account. Could I as that you please include both open/active and closed/inactive accounts. Can I also ask that you detail whether the account is open/active and closed/inactive accounts and if the account is in Administration/Liquidation etc.12/02/201625/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03085Please will you kindly tell me how many (A) men, (B) women & (C) children who were accepted to be homeless by your council in each of the last 5 years have since committed suicide or died in each of those years?15/02/201620/01/2016Information not held
FOI03087Council Tax information.15/02/201618/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03088A list of all Non-Domestic Rate accounts in credit within your authority.15/02/201618/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03097A list of all properties that have any credit balance on their business rates account 2. The account number3. The account holder4. The property address including postcode5. Billing Authority Reference Number6. The current balance7. Account Start Date8. Account End Date18/02/201625/01/2016Information supplied

Service: Human Resources

FOI03021Does your organisation hire ICT Apprenticeships under the Government Apprenticeship Scheme?2.How many ICT Apprenticeships have you hired in the last financial year? 3.Which companies place the ICT apprenticeships into your company?4.Are you looking to hire any ICT Apprenticeships and who would hire them?07/01/201604/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03032Please can you provide the contact names and email addresses for the following within the council: - A detailed organizational chart for IT / Communications and Marketing. - The council funds spent on Communication services including digital, email and print communications - Details of contract dates and external suppliers / providers for the above14/01/201613/01/2016Information provided
FOI03040For each of the last five financial years (10/11 - 14/15) what was the total number of employees who signed compromise agreements when they left the council? For each of the last five financial years how much was paid in total to departing employees as part of the compromise agreements? I would like separate entries for each financial year rather than one set of data covering the five-year period.25/01/201614/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03042Please can I have an electronic copy of the previous Head of IT Job Description.26/01/201613/01/2016Information provided
FOI03052Over the last four years, how many persons employed directly by your council have/have been: i) Dismissed from employment/terminated employment/sacked ii) Suspended on full/part pay - please include the number of weeks or days spent off work on full pay for each individual.02/02/201628/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03073full organisation chart covering Repairs and Maintenance including all job titles and names where possible.08/02/201627/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03089HR and Payroll service provider information15/02/201627/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03091How many staff work at New Forest District Council.16/02/201620/01/2016Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI03036The organisation's Local Area Network (LAN) contract15/01/201611/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03057How many desktop PC's and laptops do you own?Of those many of these run the operating system Window's XP?In which areas, offices or departments are those machines that still run Windows XP being used?Is there any plan or policy to upgrade or change any existing Windows XP machines?03/02/201611/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03066Please could you supply the following information with regard to council facilities for accepting payments by credit and debit cards: 1.At the time of receiving this request, are all of your merchant accounts (the facilities for accepting payments from the public by credit / debit cards) fully compliant with the PCI DSS requirements?04/02/201612/01/2016Information provided
FOI03069Information Request regarding Financial Management/ERP system.08/02/201619/01/2016Information supplied

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI030411.Confirmation that you have a publication scheme under FOI and the web address where this can be found;2.Contact details (name, job title, email and telephone) of the person(s) responsible for your Freedom of Information process;3.Confirmation whether you have an open data portal and the web address of where the open source data is published26/01/201608/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03070Team Structure of your legal department including all divisions and different disciplines. Names of the Head of Legal and Legal managers in the team05/02/201620/01/2016Information provided
FOI03094Has your local council approved a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014? If so, has any final, voted on, version of a PSPO made by your council made reference to any of the following: i) Rough sleeping ii)Lying down iii)Begging iv)Aggressive begging v) Busking vi)Laying of bedding16/02/201620/01/2016Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI03017How many former council owned properties sold under the right to buy scheme has the council bought back under 'buyback' annually from 2012 to date? Please could you provide the figures broken down per year? How many former council owned properties sold under the right to buy scheme from 2012 to date, have been rented back by the council? Please could you provide the figures broken down per year?05/01/201605/01/2016Information provided
FOI03045The names of your current providers of Enforcement (Bailiff) Services for Revenues (Council Tax and NNDR) and/or Parking services? state whether this work is let through a contract or an SLA?What was the start date for the contract or SLA for each of these providers and services and when is it due to end?Is there any provision to extend the contract, and if so, for how long?How many warrants and/or liability orders were sent to Enforcement Agencies for each of these services in the financial28/01/201606/01/2016Information provided
FOI03046The number of homeless people's tents (or similar makeshift accommodation, e.g. boxes) that were confiscated or cleared by the council during 2015.2. Any information on how the homeless people referred to in response to q1 were rehoused by the council3. Details of any Public Space Protection Orders the council currently has in place, including the dates they were implemented, the areas they cover, the activities they regulate or prohibit, and the reasons for their introduction28/01/201614/01/2016Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI03060How many times have looked-after children been logged as missing from care over the last three years? This relates to the number of cases logged, including in the total, cases where children may have gone missing more than once03/02/201607/01/2016Information not held
FOI03061provide figures for the number of unaccompanied asylum seeker children that were in your local authority's care in the following years - 2015, 2014, 2013 2a) Please provide figures for the number of unaccompanied asylum seeker children who have gone missing from your local authority care in the following years - 2015, 2014, 201303/02/201607/01/2016Information not held
FOI03065Can you tell me how many parents assessed by the Phycologist's That was appointed by the Local Authority in court proceedings was diagnosed with a personality disorder ?05/02/201608/01/2016Info not held.
FOI03072Funding the council has allocated to activities related to human trafficking (for example, but not limited to prevention, victim identification and support, awareness campaigns) for the years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17.08/02/201612/01/2016Information not held
FOI03077Special educational needs provision09/02/201612/01/2016Information not held
FOI03080Can the Local Authority's Director of Public Health provide an estimate for the number of referrals made to drug and alcohol treatment services in your area for the following financial years:a. 2009/2010b. 2010/2011c. 2011/2012 d. 2012/2013e. 2013/2014f. 2014/20152) Can the Local Authority's Director of Public Health provide an estimate for the number of referrals made to alcohol treatment services in your area for the following financial years:11/02/201618/01/2016Information not held.
FOI03090We would be grateful if you could confirm the number of charging orders your body placed on your residents properties relating to care home charges in 2014 and separately for 2015?15/02/201619/01/2016Info not held.
FOI030921.How many Council-run libraries were open at the start of each financial year from 2010 to date and how many hours they were open each week at the beginning of each financial year? Please count mobile libraries separately. 2. How many library staff were employed by the Council in each financial year from 2010 to date? (please include both headcount and FTE figures) If possible, please provide a breakdown by job title.16/02/201619/01/2016Not held
FOI03098The number of people who have died awaiting the start of an initial package of social care in a) 2013, b) 2014 and c) 2015.18/02/201621/01/2016Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI03035How many of the 128 planning permission proposals containing the work container on your website related to a shipping container and confirm how many were granted.15/01/201604/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03043Of The numbers of cases referred to NFDC in the past 3 year period where a breach of planning law was alleged ,I would like to know how 1)Of the '263 cases resolved' if they did not cease and if you did not receive a planning application for them, how were they resolved?29/01/201615/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03059The total number of planning applications you received in each of the following calendar years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. In each of the above years I would also like to know the following information: 1, The number of applications that were major developments and the number that were ordinary applications 2, The number of major development applications that received a formal decision within the statutory 13 week time limit03/02/201620/01/2016Information provided
FOI03063How many planning refusals were made by the planning committee in the 12 months of 2015 contrary to positive planning officer recommendation? 2.How many of these refusals then ended up being appealed? 3.How many of the appeals also considered a costs application? 4.Where a costs application was successful by the appellant how much was awarded (in £)?03/02/201618/01/2016Information supplied
FOI03064information about the sea wall constructed during the development of the former Dreamland Site (land off Shore Road Hythe) which was developed during the period 1998 - 2006. The Authority requested the Environment Agency to inspect and confirm that the sea wall was constructed to the agreed specification contained within the planning application process for this site. There are 2 letters that apparently confirm to the Authority that the Environment Agency are satisfied with the construction03/02/201614/01/2016Information provided
FOI03084Copy of any drawings detailing the construction of the property to include details of the new party wall to the adjoining building.12/02/201625/01/2016Information supplied

Service: Property Services

FOI030271. How many freehold properties does the council have? 2. How many of these properties are leasehold (i.e. are not occupied by council tenants)?3. a) How many of the leasehold properties have an 'away address' (i.e. one that is different to the leasehold property in question) for correspondence purposes?b) Of these leasehold properties, how many are held by housing associations?12/01/201613/01/2016Information provided

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI02999Investigation report for an incident21/12/201513/01/2016Refused - Section 31
FOI03006Registered food businesses in the New Forest District and their hygiene ratings. provide your database (electronically) of all the premises registered to sell food within your catchment and managed by NFDC. information include the following; • Premises and business Name • Address and Postcode • Contact • Food hygiene Rating • Type of business - eg. food retail, restaurant, hotel etc.24/12/201522/12/2015Refused section 40 and 21
FOI03029The details of any deceased persons you have dealt with which you were unable to find the next of kin from 1st October 2015 to the present time. Could you also please provide the last known address, the date of death and the date of birth, the date the case was passed onto The Duchy Solicitor or TSOL or any pending and finally the value of the estate (if known).14/01/201620/01/2016Part refused - Section 31
FOI03049Any data the authority holds on (i) the prevalence of fuel poverty in the area and (ii) the characteristics of the households affected •Details of any local programmes or initiatives intended to address the problem of fuel poverty in the authority (links to relevant web pages would be sufficient)29/01/201613/01/2016Information provided
FOI03093We would like an electronic copy only of this information, and would like the following included: •Venue Name •Address •Owner name •Landlord name • Phone number15/02/201621/01/2016Information provided
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