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Surrender a Burial Plot with an Exclusive Right of Burial

If you wish to Surrender the Exclusive Right of Burial to your unused cremated remains plot or grave, New Forest District Council may be able to buy back the plot and issue you with a refund of the original purchase payment, less the years of ownership.

You will need to provide the Cemeteries Office with paperwork in support of your Surrender request. These include:

A completed Deed of Surrender of Right of Burial form adobe icon EROB_Tr007 [297kb] for each grave you wish to Surrender;

The original Deed of Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial for each grave you wish to Surrender; and

A short letter outlining your Surrender instruction.


The formal date of Surrender is when the Cemeteries Office receives your letter of Surrender instruction, the Deed of Grant(s) and completed Deed of Surrender of Right of Burial form(s). When received, the Cemeteries Office will calculate the refund owing for purchased remaining years on the Exclusive Right of Burial. Any calculations prior to the formal date of Surrender will be approximate refund figures only.

Please contact the Cemeteries Office to discuss the Surrender further and to ensure you have the correct paperwork in place for your request.

Updated: 11 Mar 2016
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