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Purchasing an Exclusive Right of Burial

If you wish to pre-purchase a grave or cremated remains burial plot within any of New Forest District Council's cemeteries would you please contact the Cemeteries Office for advice and further information.

Up to a maximum of three people may be joint Holders of the Exclusive Right of Burial; please note Holders must all agree to give consent with future interments and memorial applications on the purchased plot.

If you wish to secure a preferred choice and select a specific burial plot, this will incur a selection fee additional to the purchase fee. Please consult the current  list for more information.

When your purchase request has been processed, all elected Holders will receive an Exclusive Right of Burial Deed of Grant for your burial plot.  Once received, please ensure you keep the Deed of Grant in a safe place as it is evidence of your ownership of the Exclusive Right of Burial and will be required as proof of ownership with all prospective burials and memorial applications. Re-issuing the Exclusive Right of Burial Deed of Grant through loss or misplacement will incur an  .

Would you please ensure the Cemeteries Office are aware of any future changes to your details as outlined on your Deed of Grant; a new Deed of Grant will need to be reissued with the correct information. Re-issuing the Exclusive Right of Burial Deed of Grant through a change of contact details will not incur an . Up-to-date details are required to ensure the Registers are accurate and correctly maintained.

All prospective burials and memorial applications are only permissible on purchased graves and cremated remains plots. Existing, historical family plots, which were not purchased upon interment, will need to be purchased prior to any prospective interment and memorial application. Burial plots will also need to be repurchased if the existing Exclusive Right of Burial has expired prior to a prospective burial and / or memorial application.


When you are ready to purchase a burial plot please complete an Application to Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial for 30 years (adobe icon APP_003_2016 [791kb]), and return it to the Cemeteries Office at:

New Forest District Council, Town Hall, Lymington, Hants SO41 9ZG.

Please include a short letter outlining your purchase requirements and the purchase fee in full.



Updated: 22 Mar 2016
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