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What do the PAR (Parish/Town Council) Codes mean?

When the District Council consults with a Town or Parish Council we encourage them to respond using our standard response sheets.  These set out five PAR Categories which identify the strength of the Parish/Town Council view and define the actions the District Council can then follow. 

  • PAR 1 and 2 identify when the Town/Parish recommend permission or refusal but they are happy that the District Council can reach an alternative view.  This would allow a decision to be made at Officer level either for or against the development unless other delegation triggers apply.
  • PAR 3 and 4 identify when the Town/Parish recommend permission or refusal and would not accept another decision which means the matter is referred to the District Council Planning Committee (if Officers have a contrary view).
  • PAR 5 means the decision is up to the District Council.



Updated: 2 Jan 2018
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