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FOI Disclosure Log - October 2015

Requests responded to during October 2015

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Housing and Customer Services

FOI02868Any ratepayers in the past 6 months who are now currently (i.e. the debt has not yet been recovered) involved in recovery action for unpaid business rates, please note that the information requested only relates to Limited companies and any information in relation to individuals is not required.08/10/201508/10/2015Refused - Section 43
FOI02887following the announcement by the Prime Minister the Rt Hon David Cameron MP that the UK would take 20,000 refugees from Syria over the 5 year term of this current Parliament until 2020.Could I enquire to how many Refugees your local authority is able to take in during the first year and over the full term period as described above?20/10/201514/10/2015Information provided
FOI02893How much did your organisation spend on equipment used in lifting, handling, showering and bathing of the elderly and disabled in 2014/15 (or most recent annual period)?2) What provider(s) did your organisation use to supply the equipment used in lifting, handling, showering and bathing of the elderly and disabled in 2014/15 (or most recent annual period)?3) What is the duration of your existing contracts for the supply of the equipment used in lifting, handling, showering and bathing of the e22/10/201505/10/2015Information provided
FOI02894The process that the Council undertakes for discounted Council Tax, I am sure this is clearly defined otherwise the system is arbitrary and inherently unfair and open to official mal-administration. You will ensure that the process refers or can be referred to the appropriate legislation and require definitions of those items referred to in the process.22/10/201515/10/2015Information provided
FOI02895Can you please send me a full list of businesses and charities that have become responsible for business rates on a property between the 14th Sept 15 to the 30th September 15. I would like to know the business/charity name, address they became liable for, the rateable value and the date they became liable.23/10/201519/10/2015Information provided - Sec 40
FOI02898This is a request for Business Rates information Please provide the ratepayer's name(s) in respect of the properties listed below: Address Postcode Period Start Period End Property Reference CELLNET AT BALLARD LAKE PREPARATORY SCHOOL, FERNHILL LANE, NEW MILTON, HANTS BH25 5ST 01/04/2010 26/04/2015 692471500 VODAFONE SITE 22116 AT THE BURLEY MANOR HOTEL, RINGWOOD ROAD, BURLEY, RINGWOOD, HANTS BH24 4BS 01/04/2010 25/03/2015 32951120023/10/201519/10/2015Information provided
FOI02900many cases have there been of the council charging businesses separate rates in relation to ATMs within or attached to their premises?How many times since 2013 have you granted discretionary rate relief to such (a) ATMs within and attached to businesses and (b) more generally across all businesses?How much in total revenue has the council received due to charging businesses a separate rate for having an ATM within or attached to their premises? provide a year-on-year breakdown since 2013 (include27/10/201521/10/2015Information provided
FOI02905information in relation to business rates accounts in your area : (we are not requesting data of any companies that are a sole trader or an individual and only require information relating to Limited companies). (a) Addresses of all commercial properties that currently have a credit on their account above £1,000.(b) The names and addresses of the ratepayer of the property referred to in (a) if they are NOT a sole trader or individual.30/10/201521/10/2015Information provided
FOI02912Mandatory and Discretionary Rate Relief for Business Rates Please could you provide a list of all ratepayers* in receipt of the following business rates reliefs:1.andatory Charitable Relief (granted under S.43 and S.45 of the Local Government Finance Act 1988) 2.Discretionary Rate Relief (granted under S.47 of the Local Government Finance Act 1988)a. Where this is granted and if your systems allow, advise the type of relief granted whether retail relief, reoccupation relief, new build relief, f03/11/201521/10/2015Information provided - Section 40
FOI02913advise if the local authority is offering a 'local discount' to business ratepayers under Section 47 of the Local Government Finance Act 1988. As you will be aware, these powers were introduced via Section 69 of the Localism Act which enabled Council's to award a locally determined discretionary discount/relief on business rates.For any scheme that exists, please advise:1.The criteria that must be fulfilled03/11/201522/10/2015Information provided
FOI02917All companies that have a Business Rates Credit on their account, this should include both active, inactive accounts/closed accounts. I would also like any add on's/ Write Ons/ Write offs for both active, inactive and closed accounts. I would like this to go back as far as 1990. Company Name, Property Address, Start Date, Property Ref, Credit or Write on Amount, Date that credit or write on refers to. Account Status / Closed / Active05/11/201522/10/2015Information provided
FOI02920A list of all properties that have any credit balance on their business rates account06/11/201522/10/2015Information provided
FOI02935How many homeless single adults has your council been asked by other councils to provide housing for? And which councils made those requests? Please specify for each of the last five years (to October 2015).2) Please provide the same information, but with homeless families.16/11/201523/10/2015Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI02877workforce compliance around the recruitment of non-agency staff on a contract or permanent basis in the last two complete financial years.1. How many such staff were appointed during the period.2. The total number of candidates that were submitted for consideration for the roles you were recruiting for.3. The proportion of all candidates rejected for reasons of non-compliance (whether regulatory or otherwise)4. The number and proportion of such staff on whom you carried out additional regulatory15/10/201508/10/2015Information provided
FOI02880information regarding all compensation claims made against the local authority in 2013-14 and 2014-15.14/10/201513/10/2015Information provided
FOI02899Information on your senior management structure including the names and contact details for the following areas within your organisation. HR, Recruitment23/10/201521/10/2015Information provided
FOI02908GovMetric feedback, where utilized, on the customer satisfaction of services provided either face-to-face, on the web, telephone, email or by post. The information should include the number of responses received in each customer satisfaction category for each service rated, as well as any comments provided. Provide this data over the time it was collected.04/11/201512/10/2015Information not held

Service: ICT Services

FOI02886Q1 What budget has been allocated for ICT technical training from April 2015 to March 2016? Q2 Are there any ICT technical training required to be purchased in the future if so please provide information?Q3 Can I have a list of any ICT software Upgrades planned for the new financial year?19/10/201506/10/2015Information provided
FOI02891The information I require is in relation the organisation's software contract specifically for: Enterprise Content Management. Asset Management Software. Data Management and Reporting Systems (DMRS) Software. Mobile Application Solutions21/10/201528/10/2015Information provided

Service: Leisure Services

FOI02911The number of all leisure assets held by the Council or controlled by them. The type of leisure facilities held.The age of all swimming pools operated or controlled by the Council or their appointed agents (Leisure Provider).The size of swimming pools and spa facilities.Planned replacement of these facilities.Running costs including all energy and repair costs for each facility.Capacity and user numbers of each swimming pool.03/11/201516/10/2015Information supplied

Service: Multiple Services

FOI02890To provide any detailed documentation of an agreement between NFDC and Crest Homes regarding ownership arrangements for the strip of land, situated between the rear of properties in Doe Copse Way BH25 5GN and Hazelwood Avenue BH25 5LH, that was left in Crest's ownership following completion of the above development in 1997.19/10/201513/10/2015Information provided
FOI02904Please can you send me an electronic copy of the following which your organisation may hold;1)equivalent to Corporate/ Strategic risk register/log/matrix. 2)equivalent to Departmental/Team/Section risk register/log/matrix 3) equivalent risk register/log/matrix pre and post procurement, for any external expenditure above £200k per annum, where the document has been produced and or reviewed beyond April 2013 (inclusive). I do not require more than 10 risk registers for this sub-request.30/10/201528/10/2015Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI02909The number of Female Genital Mutilation Protection Orders the local authority have attempted to secure since the law came into effect on 17 July 2015 and on what dates they were requested.The number of Female Genital Mutilation Protection Orders the local authority have successfully secured since the law came into effect on 17 July 2015 and on what dates they were secured.The numbers and ages of the girls who were made subject of the Female Genital Mutilation Protection Orders and their location04/11/201507/10/2015Information not held
FOI02910For each of the calendar years 2013, 2014 and 2015 to date. 1) How many home care visits did you commission? 2) How many local authority commissioned home care visits were delivered in: a. An hour or more b. 0 minutes or less c. 5 minutes or less d. 0 minutes or less e. 5 minutes or less05/11/201508/10/2015Info not held
FOI02947Does the Local Authority's Director of Public Health have an estimate for the number of:a) Dependent drinkers within your local authority area?b) Hazardous drinkers within your local authority area?2) have an estimate for the number of children in your local authority area in;a) Families with a dependent drinker(s)b) Families with a hazardous drinker(s)3) estimates referenced in request 1 and 2?24/11/201528/10/2015Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI02879Cycle Event - New Forest/closure of Gorley Road. the following information and copies of related documents:1.Who authorised the Traffic Regulation Order and on what date. May I have a copy of the signed order.2.Who (by name, rank and/or employment position) was consulted and may I see all correspondence relating to the consultation and consents given.3.May I have copies of all correspondence relating to the question of danger to the public necessitating the closure.09/10/201507/10/2015Information provided
FOI02903A copy of planning permission, building regs and completion paperwork in regards to planning application number 070028929/10/201507/10/2015Information provided
FOI02930Correspondence regarding Hampshire County Council's "Developers' Contributions towards Children's Services Facilities" Document dated October 201513/11/201526/10/2015Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI028691. Whether your council holds, or had held, an eBay account from which it sells or has sold (or listed) items; 2. If the council does hold, or has held, an eBay account from which it sells or has sold (or listed) items, the account username and when this account was created.09/10/201502/10/2015Information supplied
FOI02902Has the contract for the refurbishment to provide a Breakout Area at Appletree Court, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst tendered 31 July 2015 been awarded and if so, are you able to tell me who to?28/10/201522/10/2015Information provided
FOI02915Between 1st June 2014 - 31st May 2015:1. How many electric vehicle charging points did your council install?2a. What was the total cost of installing these charging points?2b. What was the total number of charging points under your council's control at the end of 31st May 2015?3. How many times have the charging points been used in total (within the specified date range)?4. How much did the council spend on promoting electric vehicles and charging points (during the specified date range)?05/11/201514/10/2015Information provided
FOI029311) Please can you advise me how and where information is stored about the purchasers of council interests in land and buildings, in particular the names of any IT databases or paper-based filing systems used and how they can be filtered or searched to reveal direct disposals to an overseas company? 2) Please can you tell me how many land and property interests have been directly disposed of to an overseas company? 3) Please can you provide me with brief details of each disposal.13/11/201523/10/2015Information supplied

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI02884A copy of the 16 July 2015 food hygiene inspection report for the following premises:Costa Coffee 22 HIGH STREET HYTHE SOUTHAMPTON SO45 6AH19/10/201512/10/2015Information provided
FOI02888How many CCTV cameras are owned by your council to catch drivers breaking traffic laws, and how many are currently in use? Please specify where these cameras are placed and their intended use on-site? (E.g. to catch drivers making U-turns / illegal right turns / using a bus lane / yellow-box junction offenses) How many fines have been issued and what revenue has your council gained over the past four years as a result of these cameras? Please provide a breakdown for 2012, 2013, 2014, and so fa20/10/201508/10/2015Information provided
FOI028891. A copy of the data you displayed to us in our meeting 16th July - this is to enable them to compare data readings they have gained over a 24 hour period. 2. Can we also have a detailed list of all the complaints over the last two months.19/10/201519/10/2015Information provided
FOI02896Regarding the seizure of sick/stray dogs.1. provide the following information for each of the last three years: 2013(1 Jan to 31 Dec). 2014(1 Jan to 31 Dec). 2015 (1 Jan to 31 Aug). How many stray/sick dogs have you seized? How many dogs have been surrendered to you by their owners? How many dogs have you returned to their original owners? How many dogs have you re-homed with a new owner? How many dogs have you had to put to sleep/dispose of?23/10/201521/10/2015Information provided
FOI02897Regarding the seizure of sick/stray dogs.1. Please provide the following information for each of the last three years:2013 (1 Jan to 31 Dec). 2014 (1 Jan to 31 Dec) 2015 (1 Jan to 31 Aug). Which were the top five most seized dog breeds? What were the top five dog breeds surrendered to you by their owners? Which breeds were the top five most re-homed dog breeds? Which were the top five most put to sleep/disposed of dog breeds?23/10/201522/10/2015Information provided
FOI02901for 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015.1)How many public health funerals has this local authority arranged each year?2)How much money has this local authority spent on public health funerals each year?3)What was the most expensive, and cheapest, public health funeral this local authority arranged from 2010-2015? How much did each cost?4)What was the age and gender of the youngest person and oldest person to be given a public health funeral from 2010-2015?28/10/201528/10/2015Information provided
FOI02906a list of all Private hire base operators licenses within your area.30/10/201506/10/2015Information provided
FOI02907How much money NFDC spends on maintaining their public space CCTV. Please break down as follows Annual basic contracted maintenance cost (please also identify type of contract, basic or comprehensive) Annual cost of repairs Annual spend on additional work When is the system due to be re-tendered.30/10/201529/10/2015Information supplied
FOI02924How many Domestic Homicide Reviews has your authority completed between April 2011 and May 1st 2015 2. In how many of your authority's Domestic Homicide Reviews completed since April 2011 was the victim aged 60 years or older (but the perpetrator aged below 60 years of age)?3. In how many of your authority's Domestic Homicide Reviews completed since April 2011 was the perpetrator or alleged perpetrator aged 60 years or older (but the victim aged below 60 years of age)?10/11/201521/10/2015Information provided
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