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FOI Disclosure Log - August 2015

Requests responded to during August 2015

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Environment Services

FOI027731) How many incidents of fly-tipping were reported to the council in: a) the year 2012/2013? b) 2013/2014? c) 2014/2015? 2) How much did the council spend on clearing up fly-tipping in the area in:a) 2012/2013? b) 2013/2014? c) 2014/2015?) How many people were successfully prosecuted for fly-tipping in:a) 2012/2013? b) 2013/2014? c) 2014/2015?07/08/201504/08/2015Information provided
FOI02792copies of communication with a company.13/08/201527/07/2015Part refused section 40
FOI02813The exact status of a space at Bath Road Car Park. Specifically is the space part of the Bath Road car park and is it subject to the parking regulations in force in Bath Road car park?04/09/201514/08/2015Information supplied
FOI02839name and contact information of the manager / supervisor responsible within New Forest District Council for street cleaning services / the purchase of replacement road sweeping brushes?17/09/201519/08/2015Information provided

Service: Executive Management Team

FOI02807Amount your organisation pays to the Confederation of British Industry and its subsidiaries. (a) in membership fees (b) fees for one off conferences or other events and (c) fees paid to the CBI for any other services. make clear if the response includes payments from any Non-Departmental Public Bodies, Executive Agencies etc which fall under the department and provide breakdown of what payments came from which agency/body. period 2009-2015 set out by calendar or financial year.02/09/201505/08/2015Information provided

Service: Housing and Customer Services

FOI027771. Has the local authority signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant, as of July 16, 2015? If the answer to Q1 is yes, when did this take place? If the answer to Q1 is yes, how many servicemen and women and their families have been given priority status in applying for Government-sponsored affordable housing schemes since your authority's introduction of the Armed Forces Covenant?13/08/201505/08/2015Information provided - part refused sec 12
FOI02778Total of Newbuild Completions in 2014/15. 2. Did your 2014/15 completions include any of the following? Social Rent,Affordable Rent,Intermediate Rent,Market Rent,Affordable Home Ownership,Market Sale,Not Known. 3. How many newbuild homes do you estimate you will build between 2015/16 to 2019/20? 4.Of thes, how many have land or secured sites already?13/08/201512/08/2015Information provided
FOI02801list of businesses (inc charities) that have just become liable for the business rates on a property between to 14th July 2015 to the 31st July 2015. Could you please include the following* Business name/liable party* Address* liable date/move in date28/08/201525/08/2015Provided - Section 40
FOI02804What are the number of individuals and statutory homeless households that have presented themselves to your services within New Forest District Council? Please give an annual figure for each for the last 5 years where records are available. How many of these individuals and households were housed within social housing owned by the council, and how many had to be housed in privately-owned accommodation paid for by the council? How many of these individuals and households were offered temporar01/09/201526/08/2015Information provided
FOI02805Details of the credits held on your records for ratepayers in respect of payment of Business Rates. The information I require would be the Ratepayer name, address, credit amount and the financial year the credit sits in. This would only be for Limited Companies (corporate) and Government Bodies and not for individuals (sole traders, partnerships).02/09/201525/08/2015Information provided
FOI02806Voids (this first question is for stock owning local authorities only, but the others are for all councils)a. How many empty council homes (voids) did you have on 1 August 2015? 2014? 2013?b. What was the average void time taken to re-let a property on 1 August 2015? 2014? 2013?2. Bedroom tax a. How many social tenants in your local authority were experiencing a reduction to their housing benefit because of the removal of the spare room subsidy on 1 August 2015? 2014? 2015?b. How many tenants ha02/09/201519/08/2015Information provided
FOI02809A list of all live business rates accounts with a 2010 list Rateable Value greater than or equal to £5,000. •Property Reference Number (also known as Billing Authority Reference Number) of the property on which the charge is made. Please note that this is not the Rate Demand or Rate Account Number. •Current rateable value •Account holder name •Property address•The billing address (where different to the property address), the contact telephone number and email address04/09/201525/08/2015Provided - Section 40
FOI02810Whether the council has acquired property (either purchased or rented) outside of the council area in order to house homeless people the council has a statutory obligation to house, either on a temporary or permanent basis.If yes, please can you provide me with a list of council areas where such property has been acquired, the number of properties in each of these council areas and the number of households currently living in these properties.04/09/201518/08/2015Information provided
FOI02812(a) addresses and rateable values of Commercial properties that are within your District Council up to a rateable value of £11,000 who are not receiving any sort of Small Business rate relief.(b) the names of the businesses of those properties referred to in (a), or if information is covered by section 40 data protection act leave business name blank and provide the address only.(c) please advise as to whether they are currently receiving any discretionary or mandatory relief.04/09/201525/08/2015Provided - Section 40
FOI02816How many council houses were built and sold in the financial years of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.08/09/201511/08/2015Information provided
FOI02817All companies that have a Business Rates Credit on there account, this should include both active, inactive accounts/closed accounts. any add on's/ Write Ons/ Write offs for both active, inactive and closed accounts. go back as far as 1990. provided in excel format and include the following information.Company Name, Property Address, Start Date, Property Ref, Credit or Write on Amount, Date that credit or write on refers to. Account Status / Closed / Active08/09/201525/08/2015Provided - Section 40
FOI02818List of all Commercial properties and their addresses within your Billing Authority b) - The names of the Rate Payers c) - Billing Authority Reference d) - Rateable value e) - The date the rate payer first became liable08/09/201525/08/2015Provided - Section 40
FOI02819Has your Authority set up a wholly owned Housing Company? 2.What is the company name and registration number? Company Name,Registration Number. 3. When was this company registered? Date registered 4. Please provide a copy of or link to the committee papers for the meeting where this was approved by Council/Cabinet/Executive Board?09/09/201512/08/2015Information provided
FOI02820Copy of your Section 44a Policy, under Section 44A of the Local Government Finance Act 198810/09/201525/08/2015Information provided
FOI02824Please advise on your progress in providing replacement properties with funds from right to buy sales since the new rules applied in April 2012. How many homes have been sold under the right to buy, by your Council, and how many replacement homes have been provided with those funds in:1. 2012/13.2. 2013/14.3. 2014/15. 4. Since April 2015. advise how many more replacement properties are currently planned with funds earmarked from RTB sales.14/09/201520/08/2015Information provided
FOI02826How many households on your housing waiting list have been successfully nominated by the council to housing association properties in the financial year a. 2014/15 b. 2013/14 c. 2012/13 d. 2011/12 e. 2010/1114/09/201521/08/2015Information supplied
FOI02827A full list of businesses and charities that have recently become responsible for paying business rates on a property.-26/08/2015Email sent asking for dates, error received reporting problem with email address - Closed
FOI02829A full list of businesses and charities that have become liable for the non domestic rates on a property between the 01/08/2015-15/08/2015. Can you include the business name, business address and the date they became liable please and also the liable party and type of property.14/09/201526/08/2015Provided - Section 40
FOI02837list of the Property Address, Rateable Value, Ratepayer Name and Correspondence Address for all properties paying Non-Domestic Rates calculated using the Standard Non-Domestic Rating Multiplier of 49.3 pence (0.493).The relevant date of the information should be the date you reply to this email.17/09/201526/08/2015Provided - Section 40
FOI02838provide a list of Independent schools which are awarded business rate relief in your area because they are listed charities.For each school please provide: The full amount that this business rate relief amounted to in 2014/15 The full amount that this business rate relief amounted to in 2009/10 and 2014/1517/09/201526/08/2015Provided
FOI02842Copy of the contract between NFDC and Ross & Roberts with regard to the enforcement of council tax.18/09/201526/08/2015Provided - Section 43

Service: ICT Services

FOI02769information on the organisation's Analysis, Reporting and Data Quality Practices, namely;Relevant to the above, does the organisation have any Frameworks / Preferred Supplier Lists in place?If yes to Q1 - How can these be applied to? (i.e. GCloud/Achilles/etc.)Which department(s) within the organisation (if any) are responsible for Business Intelligence?Which department(s) within the organisation are responsible for Data Quality?Which Tools / Software are currently being utilised by the organisa03/08/201511/08/2015Information provided
FOI02800Contract information relating to the following corporate software/applications: 1. Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solutions (ERP) 2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions 3. Human Resources (HR) and Payroll Software Solutions 4. Finance Software Solutions. Along with the actual contract information for the above can you also provide the maintenance and support contract associated with each of the categories above if it not already within the existing contract.26/08/201520/08/2015Information provided
FOI028151.List of corporate and enterprise software applications used and under the process of acquisition2.Name, Telephone Numbers and Email addresses of officers esponsible for system administration of the above applications.3.Your IT Strategy Policy document4.Your Information Security Policy document5.Name, Telephone Numbers and Email addresses of the following officersAll Chief Officers Head of IT, HR, Legal & Committee Services08/09/201524/08/2015Information supplied

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI02798Ahead of the 2015 General Election, did the local authority give training to polling station staff around supporting people with a learning disability to vote? 2.Ahead of the 2015 General Election, a) was the local authority aware of Mencap's 'Easy guides to voting and registering to vote'; and b) if so, did the local authority distribute this to relevant local organisations/groups/services?25/08/201519/08/2015Information provided
FOI02814Annual reports on Corporate complaints for the last five years.04/09/201519/08/2015Information provided

Service: Leisure Services

FOI02825For each of the last three financial years (2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15) and this financial year to date, what is the total number of outdoor football pitches available to hire from the council (please break this down into grass, 3G or other artificial pitches).14/09/201525/08/2015Information supplied

Service: Multiple Services

FOI02799How many flood defence/ risk management projects are in place in the local area for which you are responsible- provide details of their location and what type of defence.2. For each year, how much was spent/ budgeted for:new construction of flood defence projects.asset maintenance of flood defence projectsWhat projects were implemented/completed and where (exact location- OS coordinates if possible) 3. How much did the local authority pay out in grants to flood damage victim in 2014, and so far04/09/201526/08/2015Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI02797Amount of expenditure you spent in 2014/2015 on road maintenance (just the road and pavement, excluding bridges, drainage etc), split between capital and revenue.your budget for 2015/2016 on road maintenance (just the road and pavement, excluding bridges, drainage etc - a comparable figure with 2014/2015), also split between capital and revenue. your expected levels of expenditure on road maintenance in 2016/2017 and 2017/20124/08/201504/08/2015Information not held
FOI02802What impact will the Living Wage have on local authorities within a. the care home sector? b. the home care sector?2. What impact does the discussion about paying carers for their travel time have in relation to home care sector?3. How do you plan to deal with the legislation that LA are obligated to organise the care for private payers if requested?28/08/201504/08/2015Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI02762About developments that have been built on the floodplain, including housing and industrial developments/retail parks, etc.27/07/201511/08/2015Information provided
FOI02776Planning Application 15/10784 / Tree Preservation Order 4 Brockhills Lane 1977 19. Sight of any application and approval for the removal of the trees the Tree Preservation Order clearly identifies31/07/201510/08/2015Information provided
FOI02788I have applied for planning application recently and have become aware that a pre-application was carried out by a previous owner of my property in 2013. Please provide 1. the name of the person who made the pre-planning application, 2. details of the scheme they proposed (including diagrams if available) and 3. the minutes or outcome of the meeting and/or the planning case officers report or comments or advice.19/08/201514/08/2015Information supplied
FOI02796details of all housing schemes in your area that are planned to be built, for over 500 dwellings, at one location, for the period of your current Plan. Please provide the following information:Site addressName of developer (if available)Total number of houses plannedTotal number of flats/apartments plannedCurrent stage of development (in Plan/LDF; with planning consent, at planning application stage.....)24/08/201506/08/2015Info not held
FOI02832In each of the last 5 calendar years and in the year to date (reporting each year separately):a) How many complaints has the Council received in respect of properties where one potential response to the complaint would be the issue of a section 215 notice or the issue of a warning letter prior to the issue of a section 215 noticeb) How many warning letters were the Council minded to issue c) How many warning letters were issuedd) How many section 215 notices has the Council issued.15/09/201526/08/2015Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI02782Please can you provide me with the organisation's existing contracts relating to facilities management for each of the categories below: A.Property and Building Services Maintenance B.Cleaning and Janitorial Services C.Security Services- From building and car park security to prisoner escorting services D.Catering Services17/08/201510/08/2015Information supplied
FOI02803How many vacant, unused, or underused plots of land*, greater in size than ¼ acre (1000m2), does New Forest District Council own within itself within its boundaries? o *By vacant, unused or underused, we mean land that is empty, has run-down or derelict buildings, or represents a poor use within a crowded urban area: i.e. garage courts, car parks etc. Please include any plots of land that the council plans to develop within the next 5 years.01/09/201526/08/2015Information provided
FOI02828Regarding the tender below: Lyndhurst: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services 2014/S 237-417324 Published 09/12/2014 Full names and addresses of all of the companies who submitted a PQQ and / or ITT for this tender and whether they were successful or not.11/09/201526/08/2015Information provided
FOI02841details of the standard payment terms your council employs in dealings with its suppliers, contractors and any other party supplying a service or product at a cost to your council. supply the most recent available figures showing, within a 12-month period: * The percentage of bills your council settled in 10 days or less;18/09/201526/08/2015Information provided

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI02780The amount spent by your authority on the installation of public-facing CCTV cameras and the purchase or lease of recording equipment and premises. The annual cost of your authority's public-facing CCTV operation and maintenance. The annual wage and salary cost of CCTV operators including pension liabilities to your authority. The total number of cameras controlled by your authority as of 1st March 2015.14/08/201514/08/2015Information supplied
FOI02789From June 2015 to any pending please provide details of any deceased persons you have dealt with who have no known next of kin (or you cannot find next of kin).2. Date of Death and Date of Birth. 3. Last known address. 4. The date passed onto TSOL or The Duchy Solicitor (plus any pending). 5. The approximate value of estate.20/08/201517/08/2015Information supplied
FOI028081) Does the council have any dealings with genealogical company, probate specialist or genealogy firms?2) What are the names of those companies?3) For what purpose are those companies used?4) Which department is in contact with that genealogical companies, probate specialists or genealogy firms?5) Who and/or which department makes the executive decision to contact the genealogical companies, probate specialists or genealogy firms?03/09/201517/08/2015Information supplied
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