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FOI Disclosure Log - July 2015

Requests responded to during July 2015

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Executive Management Team

FOI02497Information with regard to council facilities for accepting payments by credit and debit cards.09/03/201530/07/2015Request expired

Service: Housing and Customer Services

FOI02683Pursuant to the recent "Request for Information" sent out by the Valuation Office Agency to all Non-Domestic Ratepayers,  I would like to request the following via the Freedom of Information Act:For each hereditament I would like the following: a) The tenure type (Freehold/Leasehold) b) Annual Rental amount if applicable c) Lease Start Date d) Lease Length e) Rent Review Date--No clarification received
FOI02717Regarding the Selective Licensing scheme for privately rented properties in your Local Authority.07/07/201508/07/2015Information provided
FOI02719How many properties have been sold under "Right To Buy" since April 2012? How many of these were sold to applicants who were in receipt of Housing Benefit at the point of application?09/07/201506/07/2015Information provided
FOI02729Total number of households on your local authority housing waiting list on:01 April 2011.01 April 2012.01 April 2013.01 April 2014.01 April 2015.How many households on your local authority housing waiting list included at least one disabled person for same period.On 01 April 15 what was longest that a household including at least one disabled person had been on your housing waiting list?On 01 April 15 what was longest that any household had been on your housing waiting list?16/07/201513/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02735for certain properties: •the ratepayer(s) originally held liable for business rates prior to the split of the assessment for the period 31/03/05-31/03/10; •the original notional charge for each year or part year; •the original transitional adjustment for each year or part year; •any exempt or void periods within the specified period of liability; •the amount of relief granted in respect of exempt or void periods; and •any refunds issued to the ratepayer(s) in respect of these periods.20/07/201501/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02749The voice recordings of a complaint regarding benefit claim.24/07/201507/07/2015Partial response - Section 40
FOI02756A list of every business or charity that have just become responsible for the business rates in your council are. Could you send the details of any new liabilities from the 15th June 15 to the 30th June 15.28/07/201517/07/2015Partial information supplied - S40
FOI027581. A snapshot of the number of households currently considered statutorily overcrowded in your authority as of June 30, 2015 or the nearest available date. 2. A snapshot or estimate of the number of households in your authority as of June 30, 2015 or the nearest available date. 3 a) The figures for the top ten households in your authority with the highest absolute numbers of people in them b) For these ten households, the first half of the postcode (e.g. CR3, M4) where they are situated29/07/201515/07/2015Information provided
FOI02759The amount paid to the council in exchange for the large scale voluntary transfer of housing association homes and the date of the transfer.The amount of this cash which remains in council reserves30/07/201527/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02765in relation to the contract to recover funds on behalf of the Council.03/08/201527/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02770non-domestic rate payers within the council area with a rateable value between £0 - £50,000.1. Billing reference number2. Address3. Post code4. Ratable value5. Company name (if available)6. Account start date7. Property description (including type of business if available)04/08/201517/07/2015Partial information supplied - S40
FOI02771List all Commercial properties and their addresses. The names and addresses of the Rate payers referred to above for each property and their correspondence address (if different from the property address). The billing authority property reference for each property04/08/201517/07/2015Partial information supplied - S40
FOI02774Information about Business Rates Accounts.10/08/201517/07/2015Partial information supplied - S31 and S40
FOI027811) How can people apply for a DHP from your council? Please send any application forms and links to relevant DHP pages on your council website 2) Do people have to complete an application form to apply? Please note if there are any other means by which people can apply (for example, can they just send an email detailing their requirements). 3) Please send contact email address(s) such as the benefits section email, and telephone numbers for people wanting to make DHP applications and to find14/08/201517/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02784Business Rate Accounts in Credit.include those relating to this year or any previous year on current or closed accounts. include the following, preferably on an emailed Excel spreadsheet: •Ratepayer •Rate Account Number •Billing Authority Reference• Full Address of Property Concerned •Amount of Overpayment •Period that the Overpayment Relates to, Start and End Date Where Relevant •The date the Overpayment was Created on the Account •Account Closure Date if Relevant.18/08/201524/07/2015Partial disclosure - Section 31 and Section 40
FOI02785information regarding youth homelessness prevention in your area. These questions relate to services offered by you (the local authority) which are targeted at young people living in families at risk of family breakdown, who would subsequently become homeless. Please provide information for the financial year 2014-15 but also note any emerging information you have for this current financial year. Please include details of age ranges where possible.18/08/201529/07/2015Information not held

Service: Human Resources

FOI02746confirm if your Council has a lone working policy. Are risk assessments conducted for employees when working alone? How many of your employees have reported assaults/attacks whilst working alone for the year 2014?27/07/201523/07/2015Information supplied
FOI027471.Who is your authority's public liability insurance provider? 2.Does your authority's insurance provider handle claims on your behalf? Yes/No 3.Does your authority handle any claims in-house? Yes/No - if yes, please provide a contact name and email address27/07/201502/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02748A copy of your current Bullying and Harassment Policy for staff.27/07/201522/07/2015Information provided
FOI02752A list of the current staff salary grades for your organisation which includes the lower and upper limits for each grade.28/07/201528/07/2015Information provided
FOI02772What contract/s do you have in place as regards your senior/director level recruitment? When does this come up for renewal? How might my company be considered when this process comes around again?05/08/201523/07/2015Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI02687What budget has been allocated for ICT technical training from 1st April 2015 to the 31st of March 2016?provide details of the ICT Managers/Mangers that will purchase ICT technical training? list RFQ (Request for Quotes) for any training that will be purchased in the coming 12 months? Is the ICT technical training required to be purchased within a certain timeframe?23/06/201509/07/2015Information provided
FOI02716Questions regarding your current MFD / Managed Print Service contract07/07/201502/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02718How many desktops are in your total IT estate? How many laptops are in your total IT estate? How many servers are in your total IT estate? Who currently provides IT disposal for you? Which re-seller provides your IT hardware? Are you tied into a time bound contract with your incumbent IT Disposal Company? When is your current contract due for review? Who is responsible for ICT hardware disposal in the organisation and what are their contact details?08/07/201502/07/2015Information supplied
FOI027201. What storage equipment does the council currently use? 2. How old is that system? 3. Who currently supports that equipment and when does the contract run out? 4. What is the capacity of the system and how much is currently full? 5. When will the system be refreshed / replaced? 6. How many virtual and physical servers are there at the council? 7. Who is responsible for IT infrastructure at the Council?09/07/201509/07/2015Information provided
FOI02726list of suppliers providing outsourced ICT Services to your organisation at the current time. detailing for each supplier (where more than one is engaged):- Name of supplier- Service(s) provided by supplier- Renewal date for provided service(s)14/07/201513/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02753How many Laptops, Mobile Phones and Tablets/iPads have been provided by your organisation to staff members as of 1st January 2015.28/07/201515/07/2015Information provided
FOI02757When your current contract with HR and Payroll software expires. When your current contract with BACS payment software expires. Where/if these services will be tendered.27/07/201522/07/2015Information provided
FOI02761What ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) or Finance system is currently used at the council? When does your contract expire? Do you have any planned upgrades of the software? If so, when? Are you planning to go to market for a different ERP/ Finance system? If so, when? How many users / licenses of the system do you have at the council? Who is the person responsible for your ERP / Finance system? Please provide full name, title and contact information if possible.30/07/201515/07/2015Information provided
FOI02783The departmental structure of the IT / Information Security Department within the council. Where there isn't a dedicated IT / Information Security Department, the details of IT Department will suffice. Confirm Names, Email addresses and where possible Telephone numbers of The Senior Management within the directorate (CISO, "Head of" or Manager).18/08/201522/07/2015Information provided
FOI02791FOI questions regarding contracts for technology20/08/201530/07/2015Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI02570The number of people who are registered to vote in the 2015 general election in your area, broken down by specific lower super output area. For example (please note this is a generic example, and do not relate to a specific area, or postcode within your area)--Clarification not received
FOI02744Information pertaining to efforts to improve electoral registration, New Forest District Council.24/07/201524/07/2015Information supplied

Service: Multiple Services

FOI02730The number of times between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015, or the nearest available twelve month period, that private bailiffs have been instructed to enforce debts to the local authority relating to each of the following; a.Council Tax b.Parking c.Housing Benefit overpayments d.Business Rates e.Commercial Rents f.Any other debt types, including any other overpayments16/07/201510/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02767contact details of senior members and officers within the Council.03/08/201508/07/2015Information provided
FOI02768How many complaints have been received since the licence was granted in 2012, What action the council have taken to resolve the complaint, What the complaint has been about? What investigation was under taken by the council? Did the council confirm that the licence holder had conformed with the council policy and government legislation after the complaint was received?What department was the complaint reported to, and how, email, phone, letter.28/07/201528/07/2015Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI02763All contracts awarded through the commissioning of sexual violence/abuse services or sexual violence/abuse related services in 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15. Please include the following details:.1.Names of organisations awarded contracts 1.2.Financial amounts awarded1.3.The duration of the contracts (including breakdown of amount awarded per year)31/07/201529/07/2015Information not held
FOI02775Provide all communications and documentation (eg. including emails and guidance) received by all staff within Children's Services departments from Stephen Bishop and Joanne Harker of the Department for Education's Independent and Boarding Team from April 1st 2014 up until July 1st 2015. Please include all attachments.12/08/201515/07/2015Information not held
FOI02779named person responsible within your organisation under the Freedom of Information Act.Job Role: Lead School Improvement Adviser OR Head of Education where applicable.Contact details: Email Address and Telephone number.13/08/201517/07/2015info not held.
FOI02787Annual figures of children placed in foster care and adopted. Along with failed adoptions. the budget given to each Local Authority in relation to adoption and fostering funds granted by the Government every year.19/08/201522/07/2015Information not held
FOI027931.The software that each school in your authority use to manage school finance e.g. Capita FMS, PS Financial's, etc. 2.Do you have a licence / contractual arrangement with a finance supplier? a.Please provide the name of the supplier. b.Please provide the nature of the duration of this contract. c.Please provide the cost to the LA for this contract. d.How is the pricing structure for each school calculated?21/08/201527/07/2015Info not held.
FOI027941.The software that each school in your authority use to manage school finance e.g. Capita FMS, PS Financials, etc. 2.Do you have a licence / contractual arrangement with a finance supplier? a.Please provide the name of the supplier. b.Please provide the nature of the duration of this contract. c.Please provide the cost to the LA for this contract. d.How is the pricing structure for each school calculated?21/08/201527/07/2015Info not held.

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI02704Information on Pre-planning discussions with NFDC and HCC regarding the Barker-Mills Estates proposal for construction of an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plant and Industrial Estate on the green fields of Corks Farm in Marchwood.22/07/201530/07/2015Information provided
FOI02724What processes/arrangements does your Authority have in place to review first stage planning decisions such that unplanned and unbudgeted expenditure through planning appeals is reduced? How do planning and legal officers work with Council Members (primarily concerning large scale planning applications) to minimise the likelihood of an officer decision being overturned by members at Planning Committee meetings? How many planning appeals has your Authority had taken to a public enquiry and what w06/08/201518/06/2015Information provided in part - advised and assisted
FOI02764Re: The Old Sir Walter Tyrrel House - to whether the sewage works have been completed and meets with Building Regulations standards. Provide all documentation.31/07/201509/07/2015Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI02675Details of all commercial property that the council owns, not for it's own occupation but for investment or other purposes. These to include single shops and retail parades, industrial units or estates and offices premises.15/06/201519/06/2015Partial response - section 21
FOI02754how much your organisation spent on stationery between 1st April 2013 - 31st March 201428/07/201514/07/2015Information provided
FOI02766Please give the extent of the council's property maintenance responsibilities, ie. The buildings which the council either owns or manages, where it employs either its own workforce or contractors to carry out maintenance. Please include all building types, ranging from public toilets to pavilions, housing, offices (including its own) and any other building types. Please give numbers of buildings for each type.03/08/201527/07/2015Information supplied

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI02727Notes of a site visit and any photos taken15/07/201526/06/2015information supplied
FOI02728How many hygiene inspections in restaurant premises were carried out by the council in the following years? 2010? 2011? 2012? 2013? 2014? 2015 (so far) How many premises are overdue for inspection as of 18 June 201516/07/201508/07/2015Information provided
FOI02736How many primary/junior schools (up to and including 11 years old) in the New Forest District Council area have applied for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) between 01 April 2013 and 31 March 2014 to sell/serve alcohol to adults at events where children will be present? Of those who applied during that time period, how many schools were granted TEN licences and how many were rejected?21/07/201507/07/2015Information provided
FOI02739I have recently been researching the audio evidence I was given in 2006, I have found many irregularities that point to to multiple anomalies which suggest heavy editing has taken place and this is the reason that I am requesting that I can attend the NFDC to listen to the original DAT tape and the original ISVR CDs particularly because I was told when I phoned Mr Vandyck that the NFDC canno edit the DAT or the CD's.There are many questions that need answers.21/07/201521/07/2015Information held in part and provided
FOI02742questionnaire on Taxi lincensing.21/07/201501/07/2015Information supplied
FOI027501.Do you currently have any dog breeding establishments licensed with your area If so:2.What breeds, and the numbers, of each breed of breeding females that are kept at the establishment.3.How many litters are intended to be bred over the coming 12 months4.How many puppies are expected of each breed.5.Name and address of Veterinary practise used6.Staffing levels7.How many stud dogs at the premises and what breed8.How many other dogs, and what breed27/07/201515/07/2015Information held in part and provided
FOI02751Data on a range of information regarding dog breeders in the area.27/07/201503/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02755number of noise complaints regarding the Fusion Inn29/07/201524/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02760Could you send me a list of all companies within your council area that are qualify for the ESOS Assessment if possible please.31/07/201506/07/2015Info not held.
FOI02786From 2013 to the current date,provide a yearly breakdown of 1.The number of a) taxi / Hackney Carriage and b) private hire licences issued in your licensing area. The number of certificates issued to a) hackney carriage / taxi and b) private hire licensees exempting drivers from carrying guide or assistance dogs3.In your licensing area, Is a GP's note considered sufficient evidence for the issue of an exemption certificate under S169 and S171 of the Equality Act 2010?19/08/201523/07/2015Information provided
FOI02790Cases of discrimination by Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle operators or drivers against people with assistance dogs, in particular refusing to carry an assistance dog owner or make an additional charge.20/08/201524/07/2015Information supplied
FOI02795how many Health and Safety investigations were carried out by Environmental Health into Aldi Stores Ltd at both shops and distribution centres, between 2012 and 2015.For each incident, please list the date, address of the store, details of the investigation and the outcome.I would also like to know how many food hygiene investigations Environmental Health carried out at Aldi Stores Ltd, both shops and distribution centres between 2012 and 2015.24/08/201528/07/2015Information not held
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