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FOI Disclosure Log - January 2015

Requests responded to during January 2015

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI02399Information below for every open/live account within your charging authority•Current account holder/ratepayer•Account number•Property reference number•Account start date•Address and postal code•Correspondence or billing address• Rateable value (RV)• indicator as to whether the property is occupied or empty any applied exemptions where applicable•Details of any relief applied.12/01/201518/12/2014Part refused - Section 31
FOI02407A list of all Limited Businesses/Organisations, that you have recorded as going into Administration, Liquidation or Receivership since 2010 to present day.14/01/201516/12/2014Refused Section 12
FOI02411All commercial properties within your billing authority, currently NOT RECEIVING any types of business rates relief. i.e. Small Business Rate Relief, Mandatory Relief, Charitable Rate Relief, Rural Rate Relief, Enterprise Area Relief, Empty Property Relief etc. please provide this in excel format to include:- Company Name/Liable Party,- Rateable Value,- Property Address,- Property Reference Number,- Account Start Date,- Property Description16/01/201518/12/2014Information provided

Service: Environment Services

FOI02428Procurement for external litter bins in street and park litter bins.02/02/201527/01/2015Information provided

Service: Exec. Mgmt. Team

FOI02241name of the Council's Auditors.--No further info received
FOI02390How much money has your council spent on translating documents, web pages and leaflets in 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14? How much money has your council spent on interpreters in 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14? If possible please state which languages your council translates most commonly?05/01/201506/01/2015Information provided
FOI02417In relation to charging of LLC1 and Environmental Information Fees.21/01/201519/01/2015Information provided - Section 21

Service: Housing

FOI02429Number of NFDC owned garages available for residents to rent in January 2005 & January 2010. Number of garages currently available for residents to rent. Details of sales by NFDC of garages previously owned by the Council. Details of decisions by NFDC authorising the demolition of rentable garages owned by the Council02/02/201515/01/2015Information provided

Service: Housing and Customer Services

FOI02425An up to date list of companies that have become responsible for paying business rates between the 15th December 2014 to the 31st December 2014.27/01/201526/01/2015Information provided
FOI02427Number of dwellings rented from your Authority. The number of dwellings rented from social landlords in your Authority. The number of private rented sector dwellings in your Authority.The number of housing enforcement officers in your Authority. The number of housing enforcement officers which have been specifically trained to carry out inspections for dampness. The number or private sector housing condition complaints received during 2013/1429/01/201529/01/2015Information provided
FOI02431Council Tax Support scheme for 2015/1602/02/201528/01/2015Information provided
FOI02432Information concerning the effectiveness of local authorities' enforcement activities in the private rented sector.03/02/201528/01/2015Information partly held and provided
FOI02434Council spending on temporary accommodation in each financial year from 2009/10 to present04/02/201528/01/2015Information provided and clarification requested for Q 1 & 3
FOI02442Up to date information to the current situation re number of approved current applications by people for inclusion on the waiting list for social housing in Burley. Explain why no information is kept regarding the waiting times from agreed application to allocation?09/02/201522/01/2015Information supplied
FOI02449Up to date list of companies that have recently become liable for business rates between the 30th Dec 2014 to the 15th Jan 2015. Could you supply the business name, address, type of property and the date they became liable if possible please10/02/201526/01/2015Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI02409what type of advertising and sponsorship schemes you have running in the council's region, ie sites where you generate revenue by allowing companies to sponsor them or other Council departments to advertise events, etc?14/01/201506/01/2015Information provided
FOI02413What is the total communications/ public relations budget for your council? Please provide figures for each of the last six financial years, i.e. 2014/15, 13/14, 12/13, 11/12, 10/11 and 09/10.How many staff are employed in your council's communications department? provide job titles.Does your council have a budget for external communications work?19/01/201513/01/2015Information provided
FOI02452How much do you spend on training per year?2) list the top three suppliers of training.3) How are the suppliers selected and against what criteria? 4) How can we (the taxpayers) be sure that the most cost effective training provider was selected?5) Who is responsible for purchasing Council's training?6) At what points during the year does the Council make decisions to purchase training throughout the year?7) How much of the training budget remains for this financial year12/02/201527/01/2015Information provided
FOI02458How many incidents per annum have occurred where you have paid out compensation due to poor road conditions for 2010/11, 2011/12, 20212/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 so far? (including financial settlements). For each incident provide the cash amount? same information for footpaths?13/02/201521/01/2015Information partly held

Service: ICT Services

FOI02406How much 'official' (IL2, IL3) data, as a percentage and total capacity of all data your organisation holds, do you store? How much of that 'official' data, as a percentage and total capacity is stored onsite (in one of your buildings) versus 3rd party offsite*(Colocation or any type of Cloud such as public, private & hybrid).14/01/201506/01/2015Information provided
FOI02420Which software and /or hardware does the council use for Filtering / Blocking / Monitoring access to the Internet for council staff and Education users?21/01/201513/01/2015Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI02391I would like to know the name and contact details of the chairperson of the committee that deals with the New Forest's dog breeding licensing.06/01/201504/12/2014Information provided
FOI02435Your local authority's target for voter registration that you made for each of the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Please also disclose the actual voter registration figures for each of the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.05/02/201527/01/2015Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI02423Regarding a point-to-point horse race held in the New Forest.27/01/201506/01/2015Information provided
FOI02438Full name and e-mail addresses of the people in various positions06/02/201523/01/2015Information supplied.

Service: Not NFDC

FOI02294Does/did your council provide meal services for elderly and disabled adults (so-called 'meals on wheels') in each of the last 6 years? 2.How much does/did the Council charge adults for meal services per meal? 3.How many people receive/ed meal services in each of the following years?03/11/201406/10/2014Info not held.
FOI02443Copies of all food testing certificates carried out on behalf of your authority by public analysts or food testers in the calendar year 2014. I am only interested in chemical and species tests on food.10/02/201514/01/2015Information not held
FOI02447Information about children and young people from outside the EU (and also within the EU who are not British) cared for by your council.09/02/201514/01/2015Info not held.
FOI02448statistics for 2014: Number of adults currently receiving some form of health/social care at home (mental health services, elderly care, end of life/palliative care etc.).The number of adults who are in receipt of a personal budget to pay for these services. The most appropriate person within the council to discuss personal managed budget services.10/02/201514/01/2015Info not held.
FOI02454How many street trees were cut down between 01 January 2006 and the end of 2014? What kinds of trees were cut down and the reason. How many replacement trees were planted. What kinds of trees were planted and if one was planted in the same location. How much money is allocated to the maintenance of street trees annually?12/02/201516/01/2015Info not held.
FOI02456Information on asylum-seeking children and young people cared for the council.13/02/201516/01/2015Info not held.
FOI02459Highway Insurance Claims13/02/201516/01/2015Info not held.

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI02388Who made the complaint about the installation of the PV system at Harvest House.05/01/201517/12/2014Refused - Section 40
FOI02426The date on which the foundations of a property extension were inspected by the Council.28/01/201521/01/2015Information provided
FOI02436Drawings, relating to the construction of a property. Any information you may hold, particularly drawings, relating to the construction of a single garage, double car port and garden room.05/02/201513/01/2015Information provided
FOI02445Regarding a residential property, please would it be possible to have a copy of the plans submitted to NFDC by ChiversPartnership Hythe on behalf of the then owners06/02/201515/01/2015Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI02199if you have a knowledge test based on the local area.--No further info received

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI02402Do you sanction the act of your dog warden/s (or any person contracted to deal with stray dogs) to collect unwanted dogs from the owners property (hand overs) as opposed to when they are actually in the act of straying? 2, What was the cost of everything that covers dealing with stray dogs for the financial year 2013 or (2013/2014)? 3, How much will the budget be for 2015? (or 2014/2015)? 4, If the service is contracted out, what is the cost and how long is the contract?13/01/201513/01/2015Information provided
FOI02414Entries on public register for contaminated land under part 11A of the Env Protection Act (1990). Any Part A and Part B2 activities you regulate with regards to Environmental Permitting Regs, with details of enforcements. Historic landfill sites you hold info on prior to the implementation of the Control of Pollution Act 197420/01/201516/01/2015Information provided
FOI02419Inspector's report from a visit made to Pebble Beach Restaurant, Barton on Sea, on 4 November 201421/01/201515/01/2015Partial response section 40
FOI02430A list of Licensed premises within the new forest.02/02/201506/01/2015Information provided
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