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FOI Disclosure Log - December 2014

Requests responded to during December 2014

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Communities & Employment

FOI02378How many theatres and arts centres are in your area? Could you please also email me their names.29/12/201423/12/2014Information supplied

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI02336Details of the credits held on your records for ratepayers in respect of payment of Business Rates.02/12/201401/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02340A list of all live business rates accounts with a 2010 list Rateable Value greater than or equal to £25,000.04/12/201401/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02348An up to date list of companies and also charities that have become liable for the business rates in your council area between the 1st Nov-15th Nov 2014.08/12/201401/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02352Name of ratepayer. Address of property. VOA Billing Authority Reference Number (BA reference).2010 rating list rateable value. Type of relief granted i e none, Mandatory, Discretional, Empty property, SBRR etc. Occupancy date for current ratepayer. Local Authority Account Number.09/12/201401/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02359List of all Commercial properties and their addresses.12/12/201401/12/2014information supplied
FOI02363A list of un presented (i.e. un cashed) cheques and unsuccessful BACS transfers pertaining to Business Rates re-funds (NNDR), where they haven't subsequently been refunded successfully. For the avoidance of doubt, this would include a) all cheques which have been issued and haven't yet expired, and b) expired refunds which have been written back on to the ratepayer's NNDR account15/12/201415/12/2014partial disclosure.
FOI02373An up to date list of companies and charities that have become liable for the non domestic rates between the 15th November 2014 to the 30th November 2014. Can you include the business name, address and postcode, and date that they became responsible for it please and also property type. I am requesting this information under the freedom of information act.22/12/201402/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02382All properties within your Billing Authority area where there is a credit currently held on the account.30/12/201401/12/2014information supplied
FOI02385list of business addresses and their occupiers with rateable values between £2,000 and £12,000 that are NOT in receipt of small business rate relief.31/12/201416/12/2014Information provided
FOI02387A list of all 'closed' or 'ended' Council Tax accounts with credits (overpaid Council tax) from 1993 to 2014 (or from earliest records that exist) where the liable party in question is now deceased.31/12/201429/12/2014Part disclosure - section 31, 40 and 41
FOI02389In cases of taxpayers with council tax arrears, how many times has the council has applied for: 1. Charging orders 2. Bankruptcy orders This data broken down by tax years (1 April - 31 March) for each of the last five years (end date 31 March 2014).02/01/201516/12/2014Information provided
FOI02392ratepayers in the past 6 months who are now currently (i.e. the debt has not yet been recovered) involved in recovery action for unpaid business rates, information requested only relates to Limited companies :-- Ratepayer Name - Property Address - Property Reference Number - Rateable Value- Recovery action taking place - Amount in arrears - date recovery action began07/01/201516/12/2014Information provided
FOI02393Ratepayer and the Rates payable for the financial year 1995/96, including any transitional relief or surcharge, for the hereditament below. •PARKER BATH DEVELOPMENTS, QUEENSWAY, NEW MILTON, HANTS - BA Reference: 68462170008/01/201515/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02394Ratepayer and the Rates payable for the financial year 1995/96, including any transitional relief or surcharge, for the hereditament below. • UNIT 16, QUEENSWAY, NEW MILTON, HANTS - BA Reference: 68422160808/01/201515/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02396Various questions re the collection of council tax arrears and the impact of council tax collection policies on children.09/01/201522/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02403An up to date list of companies that have become liable for the non domestic rates between the 1st Dec 2014 to the 15th December 2014. Please give me the business name/company responsible, address, date of liability and type of property12/01/201518/12/2014information supplied
FOI02405provide on one spreadsheet (if possible) the following information in relation to ratepayers in your area : (a) Addresses of all hereditaments in the area(b) The ratepayer of the property (if a LTD company)(c) The property reference for the addresses (d) Any relief the property is currently receiving including, but not limited to : mandatory, discretionary, small business rates relief, empty rates relief etc (e) The current rateable value of the property (f) The date the current ratepayer to14/01/201518/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02410(a)List all Commercial properties and their addresses (b) The names and addresses of the Rate payers referred to above for each property and their correspondence address (if different from the property address) (c) The billing authority reference for each property (d) The current liability payable for the year 2014/15. (e) The date the rateable occupier first became liable for the business rates14/01/201518/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02412The Ratepayer name and periods of any empty rate charges where the billing authority have levied a rates charge following the expiry of the initial 3 months empty exemption since 1st April 2005, for the hereditament below. AREA C1, NORTH ROAD, MARCHWOOD INDUSTRIAL PARK, MARCHWOOD, SOUTHAMPTON, SO40 4BL - BA Reference: 232920002AREA C2, EAST ROAD, MARCHWOOD INDUSTRIAL PARK, MARCHWOOD, SOUTHAMPTON, SO40 4BP - BA Reference: 232920163AREA E1, EAST ROAD, MARCHWOOD INDUSTRIAL PARK16/01/201517/12/2014Information provided
FOI02418All commercial properties within your billing authority, currently RECEIVING any types of business rates relief.21/01/201522/12/2014Information provided

Service: Environment Services

FOI02377Information detailing the organisation's vehicle, leasing and maintenance contracts. I'm aware that not all organisations will have this particular contract but can you please send the information with regards to these contracts. Contract Type: Maintenance, Leased, Hire.29/12/201423/12/2014Information provided
FOI02379How may public toilets do you have in the local authority area, either under direct control of the council or contracted out, (a) right now and (b) in May 2010.29/12/201401/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02408A list of the following all from the 01/01/14 to 12/12/14: Vehicle Purchases; In order of TOTAL spend, Where they were purchased from (which company (branch where applicable/available)) Top 10 Parts/Repairs/Maintenance Purchases; In order of TOTAL spend, Where they were purchased from (which company (branch where applicable/available)) Top 30 Vehicle Hires (external); In order of TOTAL spend, Where they were hired from (which company (branch where applicable/available)) Top 1014/01/201530/12/2014Information supplied

Service: Executive Management Team

FOI02342How much did you spend in each of the last four financial years (2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14) and have you budgeted for the current financial year (2014/15) on each of the following: (a) Consultants (b) Agency staff (c) Street cleaning (d) Children's services (e) Child protection/ safeguarding08/12/201402/12/2014Information supplied
FOI023701.Does the leader of the council and or mayor send out official, (provided by the local authority) Christmas cards to following groups: a) residents? b) council staff? c) voluntary groups, LEA teachers, charities and members of the council?2. If the answer is yes to any or all of the groups above, please could you provide me details of the message on the card, i.e. "seasons greetings"?22/12/201417/12/2014Information provided

Service: Housing

FOI02360Ex offenders and B&Bs11/12/201409/12/2014Information partly held and provided
FOI02362Which Asset Management Software is used within the council, in regards to your housing stock? Which Housing Management Software is used within the Council? If the above are on a contractual basis, when is the software up for renewal?15/12/201425/11/2014Information provided
FOI02375The number of local authority-commissioned refuge places in your local authority area in each of the following financial years: 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14. The total number of refuge accommodation places available at any one time (whether commissioned by the local authority or funded from elsewhere) in your local authority, in each of the following financial years: 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14.I would prefer to receive this information electronically.23/12/201416/12/2014Information provided
FOI02383a list of HMO licensed properties and landlord details29/12/201423/12/2014information supplied
FOI024161. The total number of households that are/were part of a sanctuary scheme in your area in each of the following years: 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14. 2. The total number of sanctuary scheme properties affected by the spare room subsidy in your area in: 2012/13 and 2013/14.22/01/201530/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02424Please will you kindly tell me (A) how many people in total were registered as being homeless by your local authority over the last 4 years which figures are available & (B) how many were turned away each year?26/01/201530/12/2014Information supplied

Service: Human Resources

FOI02366Following data for each of the last five years. 1.The average number of employees within your organisation 2.The total number of sickness days reported by all your employees 3.The total number of sickness days which have been classified as due to either stress, anxiety, depression or any combination thereof.Can you then provide the same information but limited to staff whose employment is specifically Information Technology related.18/12/201411/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02374number of FTE staff employed by the organisation. number of staff members who paid trade union subscriptions via payroll, to each of the following trade unions, in October 2014:Unite; Unison; and GMB. In relation to the industrial action that took place in October 2014.number of members that each of the unions stated paid their trade union membership fees by direct debit in their letter notifying you of the members they would be balloting for industrial action.23/12/201411/12/2014Information provided
FOI02397for each financial year from 2010/2011 to 2014/2015: 1. How many people your council hired on a consultancy basis who were previously directly employed by your local authority on a salary of £70,000 or more in the last 12 months. How much your council spends annually on agency staff - for each year mentioned above. How many people your council has employed directly earning £70,000 or more who were made redundant (including those who took voluntary redundancy or left by mutual agreement)09/01/201523/12/2014Information provided
FOI02404I would like to know if you outsource/purchase or use external recruitment or staffing services .If yes, list by any category which recruitment or staffing services are outsourced/purchased or provided externally.12/01/201523/12/2014Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI02338Information concerning any IT server, storage and maintenance support contracts (including any care packs)04/12/201402/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02349Details of IT disposal for redundant IT equipment10/12/201411/12/2014Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI023371) How many Council employees have the power to authorise the use of RIPA, and what is their designated grade? 2) How many times had RIPA powers been used in the years i) April 2012- March 2013 ii) April 2013 - March 2014 iii) 2014 to date of this request. On what dates were the requests made and by whom (for example which departments)? 3) For what purposes was RIPA used, what type of investigation was being undertaken?Please provide details for the years requested.04/12/201401/12/2014Information supplied

Service: Leisure Services

FOI02361During the financial years 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14. What was the council's budget for sport and fitness facilities, including public leisure centres? For the maintenance of parks and public play areas? How many public leisure centres were owned by the council? How many were maintained by the council? How many public swimming pools were owned by the council?15/12/201417/12/2014Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI02398Relating to residents with SEN who are 16+ and moving to further education I would like to know about the Council's capacity, use and spending on F.E places for young people with Autism and learning difficulties, who present challenging behaviour.09/01/201512/12/2014Info not held.
FOI02400How much the council spent on the following services for the financial years 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014, and has budgeted for 2014-15. 1. Sexual violence and domestic violence in total2. Broken down into specialist violence against women services12/01/201512/12/2014Info not held.
FOI024211)If you fund weight management programmes for children? 2)If you do tender these services, (a) how much money do you provide and (b) how many children are the services intended to cater for?20/01/201523/12/2014Info not held
FOI02422Volume- number of people in your Local Authority who are recorded as being diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis [MG] (where possible, please break down by Age and Gender)27/01/201529/12/2014Info not held.

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI023531. (a) How many dwellings (houses/flats) have been built in the district in each of the last 15 years from 1999, or for as many years you are able to provide the information for, and the figures for the current year (2014)? (b) Also a breakdown of the figures (if available) between Private and Affordable Local Housing? (a) How many of these dwellings (houses/flats) built in question 1 were subject to a Section 106 order11/12/201427/11/2014Information provided
FOI023581)How many new homes is the council aiming to build under its current local plan - what year does that local plan go up to? 2)How many of those is the council aiming to be "affordable"? How many social housing? 3)How many new homes, in total, have applications been submitted for, each year, since 2010? 4)How many of those each year in 3) have been approved? 5)Of those in 4, how many have so far been built or has building work begun on?11/12/201408/12/2014Information provided
FOI023671. On how many occasions have you refused planning permission for housing developments in the past two years that have resulted in planning appeals? 2. How many of these appeals have you lost? 3. What were the dates of the appeal hearings, the site and size of each proposed development, and the name of the developer? 4. What costs, if any, were awarded against the council in each case?19/12/201417/12/2014Information supplied
FOI023691.How many applications have you received for the conversion of office space into residential accommodation since May 2013 ancillary to the exercising of the permitted development right?2.How many applications have been approved for the conversion of office space into residential accommodation since May 2013 ancillary to the exercising of the permitted development right?3What is the total loss of both (a) units and (b) square foot of such office space to date?22/12/201417/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02372All planning files relating to the site known as HYDI Fawley Road Hythe SO45 3NJ including relating to any pre-applications, planning applications and informal discussions between all interested parties and NFDC since 29 September 2014 to date.19/12/201416/12/2014Information provided. Information being made available to view
FOI02386How much your council spent in pounds sterling on subsidising local bus services in the following financial years: 2009/10 (actual) 2010/11 (actual) 2011/12 (actual) 2012/13 (actual) 2013/14 (actual) 2014/15 (budgeted)31/12/201403/12/2014Information provided
FOI02401View original records re the working file(s) for policy HYD1 - land at Forest Lodge Farm, Fawley Road, Hythe. To include any informal and formal pre-application notes of discussions and or meetings already held, or being planned between the Council officers and the potential developer, together with any other parties involved.12/01/201516/12/2014Information provided. Available to view

Service: Property Services

FOI02371Do you employ a direct labour organisation for building maintenance? 2. Do you have a direct labour organisation that maintains the authority's buildings outside of social housing? 3. Do you have a direct labour organisation that maintains highways within the local authority? 4. Do you have a direct labour organisation that maintains parks and grounds within the local authority?19/12/201416/12/2014Information provided

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI02344A copy of Abatement Notice served to a business by the Council and related information.08/12/201428/11/2014Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI02368How many staff are employed in pest control by the council or through contractors? What is the average time between a pest being reported and the case being closed? How much was spent on pest control by your local authority in the last full financial year (2013/14) and in each financial year since and including 2009/10?21/01/201518/12/2014Information supplied
FOI023811. How many DWAA (Dangerous Wild Animal Act) licenses are currently issued in your area? 2. For what species where the licences obtained and how many of each species?30/12/201401/12/2014Information supplied
FOI02384A list of licensed tattoo studios with names, postcodes and the name of the license holder/s of the tattoo studios currently listed within your borough.30/12/201404/12/2014Information provided
FOI02395Provide details of all current licences issued under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. For each licence, list all the species and the number of individual animals covered. In each case, we will require as much information as possible to enable the species to be identified. Note that we do not require personal information such as names of licensees, addresses etc.08/01/201511/12/2014Information provided
FOI02415Farm animal welfare law enforcement and inspections 201319/01/201519/12/2014Info not held
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