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FOI Disclosure Log - July 2014

Requests responded to during July 2014

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Communities & Employment

FOI02173How much you charged per hour for the hire of a council-owned conventional grass football pitch in each year from 2009/10 - 2014/15 and what is the estimated charge for the next two financial years?27/08/201430/07/2014Information supplied

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI02120A full list of businesses (Ltd companies and PLCs) that have just become liable for the non domestic rates between the 16/6/14 to 30/6/2014. Whether they are a new business or just recently moved into a new unit etc.25/07/201408/07/2014Information provided.
FOI02123The Business rates with a value of £10,000 or over within your control The names, address and rateable value of the above.25/07/201403/07/2014information supplied
FOI02134information in relation to housing benefits, paid by the council to letting agencies. For each calendar year since January 1, 2009 : 1.) In total, for each of the past five calendar years, how much has the council paid to letting agencies in housing benefits? 2.How many complaints has the authority had from landlords about private letting agencies not passing on housing benefit payments from the council?04/08/201431/07/2014Part disclosure - section 12
FOI02144A full list of companies, whether LTD or PLC that have become responsible for the NDR within your council area between 1st July to the 15th July 2014.07/08/201416/07/2014Information supplied

Service: Environment Services

FOI02084how many parking fines/ PCNs have been issued between April 2013 to April 2014? How many were paid? How many were cancelled or written off? How many remain unpaid? How much income was generated? How much expenditure?07/07/201401/07/2014information supplied
FOI02086following information regarding your Penalty Charge Notices. 1.What computer system do you use to record and issue Penalty Charge Notices? This is by traffic wardens and office based staff. 2.How many staff's sole job is recording and issuing Penalty Charge Notices? Numbers only please, separated this by traffic wardens and office based staff.07/07/201401/07/2014information supplied.
FOI021081) How often the council cuts grass verges, and how much this costs. 2) Has the council, in the last five years, reduced or increased the number of times it cuts its grass verges.14/07/201409/07/2014information supplied
FOI02111The total amount of money overpaid (as a result of the parking machines/meters not being configured to return change - also known as "over-vending") into car parking meters in the authority's control, in the last two financial years (2011/12 & 2012/13).18/07/201409/07/2014info not held.
FOI02114•How many parking tickets / penalty charge notices (PCNs) were issued to non-UK registered vehicles and drivers.•Of the number of parking tickets issued to non-UK vehicles/drivers, please state how many were paid - and provide an overall revenue figure per calendar year for the said tickets.•Provide figures for the number of tickets given to foreign vehicles which were not paid.21/07/201416/07/2014information supplied
FOI021251)How many vehicles does the council operate? 2)Are these vehicles leased or owned outright by the council? 3)How many employees do you reimburse for using their own vehicle for work purposes - so-called grey fleet drivers? 4)Do you pay a lump sum (an essential user allowance) to any of the employees who drive their own vehicle for work purposes?28/07/201423/07/2014Information supplied
FOI021431.Please provide details of the kerbside and HWRC recycling service the Council provides including; aWho collects and/or owns the recyclables;b.How the recyclables are collected (including the type of the container they are collected in);c.What happens to them after collection, including details of any bulking stations, and end re-processors;d.How many households are using the current scheme; e.How often is collection (both residual and dry scheme); 2.Please provided details of the contracts08/08/201428/07/2014Information supplied

Service: Executive Management Team

FOI02107The average time taken for the council to pay invoices submitted to it by suppliers. I would like this data broken down in to 12-month periods ending March 31.14/07/201426/06/2014information supplied
FOI02152the figure for your financial reserves for: The end of the financial year 2013/14. The end of the financial year 2012/13. The end of the financial year 2009/10.08/08/201415/07/2014Information supplied

Service: Housing

FOI02069For the years 2010/2011, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/2014 1. How many single person households, and how many households with children, have been in: Bed and Breakfast accommodation, Annexes, Hostels and other accommodation 2. How many households with children, and how many single person households, have been placed in 'interim or emergency' accommodation overall, and in each local authority area outside of the host borough?01/07/201425/06/2014Information supplied
FOI020901.the type of previous accommodation of affordable housing tenants in the District/Borough (i.e. the number of affordable housing tenants who previously lived in hostels, B&Bs, hotels, sharing with family, etc). 2.the previous approximate residential location of affordable housing tenants in the District/Borough (i.e. the numbers of tenants who lived inside/outside of the District/Borough; or outside of Hampshire).09/07/201425/06/2014refusal - Section 12
FOI02099Regarding inspection carried out by the Council of houses of multiple occupation in the last five years.10/07/201409/07/2014information supplied
FOI02102Regarding transfers of housing stock transfers into community ownership that have occurred within the last 6 years.14/07/201404/07/2014Information not held.
FOI02124Information request regarding Disabled Facilities Grant28/07/201418/07/2014Information supplied
FOI02132In the last 6 months (or latest 6 months for which figures are available) please advise the following re the temporary housing provided by Hartman Homes Limited. How many people have been provided with "temporary" housing during this period by your council at these premises?01/08/201430/07/2014Information supplied
FOI02133Housing management structure chart and homeless management structure chart.01/08/201407/07/2014information supplied
FOI02135Details of the number of complaints relating to breaches of multiple occupancy licences.05/08/201428/07/2014Information supplied
FOI021461. Does your council offer a "landlord's incentive scheme" to letting agents and agencies? 2. If so, on how many occasions and how much money has the council paid letting agents and agencies though such schemes? Please provide a breakdown of the figures, by calendar year, since January 2009.06/08/201414/07/2014Information supplied
FOI021511.The total amount the council has paid in loans to commercial and residential property developers for development schemes within its jurisdiction, broken down over the past five financial years (2009/10, 10/11, 11/12, 12/13, 13/14). 2.The total number of loans, broken down over the same years as above. 3.Returns on the loans/expected returns. 4.Details on each individual loan - size of loan; what scheme it applied to; type of scheme (residential, retail, office, industrial, mixed-use); the d08/08/201421/07/2014information supplied

Service: Human Resources

FOI021031. what is your council policy on the use of social media? 2. do you provide guidance for employees regarding the use of social media outside of work? what is this guidance? 3. how many conduct issues did you have in 2011, 2012 and 2013 relating to the use of social media? 4. How many of these cases resulted in the employees dismissal? How many received written warnings?14/07/201409/07/2014Information provided.
FOI02104The information relates to property insurance currently held with Zurich Municipal. Property cover is provided under the Material Damage - Part A of the Select property module. Can you confirm that you have historically only disclosed property values under this section as per the instructions on Zurich Municipals pre-renewal document. Can you confirm when you started to send property excel spreadsheet details to Zurich Municipal?14/07/201425/06/2014Information supplied
FOI021101) How many job share contracts are there are NFDC? 2) how many of the above include a clause that requires the employee to cover planned absences of their job share partner?18/07/201414/07/2014Partial information supplied - section 12
FOI02119The number of staff you employed on 26th June 2014 on zero hours contracts24/07/201403/07/2014Information supplied
FOI02137The full organisational structure charts of your following departments (along with names, job titles and direct telephone numbers). Legal, Human Resources, Finance and Housing.05/08/201431/07/2014Information supplied
FOI02150In relation to banner advertising on lamp posts.11/08/201416/07/2014Info not held.

Service: ICT Services

FOI02100information request regarding external/3rd- party hosting contract.10/07/201403/07/2014information supplied
FOI02121The name, job title, phone number and email address of the person who holds the role of 'Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO)' within your organisation?25/07/201402/07/2014information supplied
FOI02131information relating to IT infrastructure of the Council31/07/201428/07/2014Information supplied
FOI02136A list of the models of the physical servers, storage devices, tape libraries, network switches and routers under support contracts; as well as the cost and duration of said contracts, with start and end dates and service level associated with the equipment.05/08/201431/07/2014information supplied
FOI02149Who supplies your multifunctional devices (main printer fleet)? How many devices do they supply? What BRAND device/s do they supply (Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Kyocera, Dell, Samsung, HP, Epson, Toshiba, Konica Minolta, etc)? Do they also supply print management software? Do they also supply any additional scanning software? When does the contract for your print fleet expire?11/08/201428/07/2014Information supplied
FOI02155Who supplies your multifunctional devices (main printer fleet)? How many devices do they supply? What BRAND device/s do they supply (Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Kyocera, Dell, Samsung, HP, Epson, Toshiba, Konica Minolta etc)?13/08/201428/07/2014Information supplied

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI02089the amount of money the council spent on the services of external law firms and barristers over the last five years (years ending March 31).09/07/201407/07/2014Partial disclosure - section 12
FOI02106Please provide a copy of the gift and hospitality register or its contents for the past two years.16/07/201414/07/2014Partial disclosure - section 40
FOI02130Relates to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).30/07/201403/07/2014Information not held.

Service: Multiple Services

FOI02095Please provide the monetary value of debt outstanding for Council Tax and Sundry Debts since 2005 for each of the last five financial year.09/07/2014information supplied
FOI02116Information relating to disability-friendly housing.22/07/201417/07/2014partial response - section 12
FOI02122questions relating to disability friendly housing.24/07/201404/07/2014Part disclosure- section 12
FOI02129Any policy documents concerning beach huts and The District Councils published Supplementary Planning Guidance on the design of new and replacement beach huts.28/07/201404/07/2014Information supplied.

Service: Not NFDC

FOI02118The email addresses of all the practice managers within the borough and the relevant GP surgeries they manage?25/07/201427/06/2014Info not held.
FOI02138Impact of the reductions on trading standards or consumer protection budgets over the last 5 years.04/08/201409/07/2014Info not held.
FOI021561. How many Involuntary Tranquilliser Addict referrals have there been to drug and alcohol services in your local authority since April 2013 for treatment for addiction to benzodiazepine and z drug tranquillisers prescribed by their GPs? 2. How many Involuntary Tranquilliser Addicts are currently in treatment provided by your local authority's drug and alcohol services for addiction to benzodiazepine and z drug tranquillisers prescribed by their GPs?13/08/201416/07/2014info not held.
FOI021581.a) For each of the last 3 financial years (2013/14, 2012/13, 2011/12) please can you supply the number of referrals to social services because of concerns over dogs in the household b)In each case please state whether the referral was due to concerns over: i) the aggressive nature of the dog ii) dog filth iii) other health concerns associated with the dog(s)14/08/201417/07/2014info not held.
FOI02166Broadband services provided to schools by the Council.20/08/201424/07/2014Info not held.
FOI02171In each of the last four years, how much did your Local Authority spend on funding specifically for teenage pregnancy prevention?28/08/201430/07/2014Info not held.
FOI021771) Can you please provide the Name, Phone Number, Address and E-mail Address details for the Commissioning Manager of Care Homes for your council. 2) Do you use a computerised system to monitor compliance across your governed area? 3) If you do use a computerised system to monitor compliance, please could you provide details of the product/software, costs, and the company who supply this?22/08/201430/07/2014info not held.
FOI02179information in relation to your local authority or health and social care trust.28/08/201430/07/2014Info not held.

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI02082minutes of the planning meetings that led to this decision being made about Totton McDonalds.02/07/201430/06/2014information supplied
FOI02128Information about a Tree Preservation order30/07/201429/07/2014Part disclosure - Section 12 and 40
FOI02170a written report prepared by the Council's Planning team about an enforcement action.08/08/201431/07/2014Refused - Regulation 12 (5) (b)

Service: Property Services

FOI02097• Yearly water consumption in cubic metres per year (m3/yr) for the local authority each year for the last 3 years. • Yearly water spend in pounds (£/yr) for the local authority each year for the last 3 years. • The total number of water accounts paid by the local authority each year for the last 3 years. • The total number of water accounts which have a water meter that are payable by the local authority each year for the last 3 years.10/07/201409/07/2014Information supplied
FOI02127details of land and property owned by your local authority which is vacant or not currently in use by the local authority - split by the number of sites and the cumulative land area the sites cover.29/07/201407/07/2014information supplied
FOI02160addresses of all empty commercial properties that are owned by the Council.18/08/201429/07/2014Information supplied
FOI021681.How much did your organisation spend on printer toner and inkjet cartridges in 2013/14? (if 2013/14 is not yet available please provide for 2012/13) 2.What provider(s) did your organisation use for the supply of printer toner and inkjet cartridges in 2013/14? (if 2013/14 is not yet available please provide for 2012/13)21/08/201425/07/2014Information supplied

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI02055information held by Public Health team regarding an incident11/09/201421/07/2014refused - personal data
FOI02087How many complaints have the NFDC received about noise nuisance from dogs barking at a property in Totton and how the Council has responded?07/07/201404/07/2014information supplied
FOI02112Local authority name and authority population, Number of dwellings in the borough, Number of noise complaints received and s.80 EPA noise notices served, Number of noise enforcement officers.21/07/201421/07/2014Information supplied
FOI021131.The number of CCTV cameras your council has operated in each calendar year from 2008 to 2014. 2.The year that your council installed its first CCTV camera(s).21/07/201417/07/2014info supplied
FOI02126Full details of the number of taxi driver licences issued to individuals with previous criminal convictions in the past 7 years.28/07/201404/07/2014information not held.
FOI02142Dispensation granted to zoos in the area.08/08/201431/07/2014partial response - section 40
FOI02145I. All history of pest problems, disturbances and removal of waste at a property and dates of any enforcement or action to include all documentation received by the council. 2. Information regarding any instruction of work to be carried out at the property to eliminate pest problems, disturbances or waste and dates. 3. Copies of all pest reports received by the council in respect of this property.06/08/201431/07/2014part disclosure - section 40
FOI02148Information on licences issued under the Dangerous Wild Animals (DWA) Act.11/08/201414/07/2014Information supplied
FOI021541)How many DWAA licenses are currently issued in your area? 2)What species of animals were these licenses obtained for and how many of each species? 3)If any, which of these animals are housed indoors at the property where they are licensed? 4)Would anyone in the licensing department be willing to talk about their experiences licensing animals under the DWAA?11/08/201417/07/2014Information supplied
FOI02159Regarding a noise complaint received by the council: 1.Who undertook the noise assessment, were they an independent company? 2.When was the noise study undertaken? 3.Please provide a copy of the assessment. 4. Please provide examples of container stacking operations that use resilient matting between containers. 5.Please identify the incidents of reversing alarms recorded in the assessment.14/08/201429/07/2014Information supplied
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